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Theodore Robert Bundy – Serial Killer

Serial Killer

Ted Bundy

Words: 2749 (11 pages)

First is Ted Bundy childhood, and what it was like for him growing up. Ted Bundy was born by the name Theodore Robert Jewell on November 24, 1946, in Burlington Vermont his mother’s name was Louise Jewell age twenty-two. From birth Ted Bundy already fit the category with most serial and sexual killers the FBI…

Analysis of Ted Bundy’s Life and Crimes


Ted Bundy

Words: 4044 (17 pages)

Ted Bundy Cultured, handsome, charming – these were some of the adjectives used to describe Ted Bundy. In other words, he could have been a ladies’ man or even a lady-killer if he so desired. However, these descriptions pertained to only one side of him. The other, darker, side of Ted Bundy was described as…

Theodore (Ted) Bundy

Serial Killer

Ted Bundy

Words: 918 (4 pages)

The infamous Ted Bundy was born as Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1946 to Louise Cowell (Bell, 2008).  He was born after his mother had spent three months in a Vermont home for unwed mothers, and soon after his birth he was taken to his grandparent’s home to be raised as their child (Bell,…

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