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The Landlady Serial Killers

Serial Killer

Words: 1045 (5 pages)

The Landlady Serial Killers BY Claritin Introduction We are going to talk about serial killers, and how we can relate them with the main character of the short story The Landlady. We are going to focus mainly on woman killers, but also in serial killers in general. The information of our presentation is based mostly…

Serial Killers Commits a Series of Murders

Serial Killer

Words: 1563 (7 pages)

A serial killer: a person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and usually following a similar characteristic pattern or behavior. A popular argument that frequently arises is whether a serial killer is naturally born with the “serial killer” gene, or is a serial killer raised? In other words it’s an…

Are Serial Killers Born or Made?

Serial Killer

Words: 1542 (7 pages)

Evidence that was gathered from books such as “Inside the Minds of Mass Murderers” and “Inside the Minds of Serial Killers,” both written by Kathertine Ramsland, provide information and evidence that killers are in fact made, not born. Some of the reasons that people believe that killers are made and not born are due to…

Jeffery Dahmer: Life of Serial Killer

Serial Killer

Words: 415 (2 pages)

I am going to write about a serial killer. Serial killer’s are people who kill at least 3 people in a period of time at separate places. They usually kill someone then take a short break then kill again. Sometimes when a serial killer attacks they might do sexual acts on that person. Serial killers…

“Stone Cold” by Robert Swindells


Serial Killer

Words: 1347 (6 pages)

Robert Swindells novel ‘Stone Cold’ was published in 1993. There are two narrators what make the book more interesting than others. You get to know two different points of view and two different opinions. This story is about a boy called Link who ran away from home because of his Mum’s boyfriend (Vince). After his…

Smaller and Smaller Circles


Serial Killer

Sexual Abuse

Words: 4782 (20 pages)

4 Main Characters of the Story: Fr. Augusto Saenz (Gus) – The old priest who is an expert in autopsy and was the mentor of Fr. Jerome Lucero. He was asked by the Director to help him in dealing with the murder case in Payatas. Fr. Jerome Lucero – The companion of Fr. Saenz in…

Serial Killer Mind

Serial Killer

Words: 3826 (16 pages)

In the last three decades the USA has been troubled by an approaching problem,the serial killer. A serial killer is a person who kills a number of people,usually considered over five, with a cooling off period between each murder,usually one murder at one given time). Two murders at one time occasionallyhappen and these murders may…

Ted Bundy – Serial Killer, Necrophile and Rapist

Serial Killer

Words: 4630 (19 pages)

In the late seventies, Our Nation became shocked and outraged by the rape , multilation, and murder of a dozen young beautiful girls.The man who was mainly responsable for these murders, Ted Bundy, who was later apprehended and executed.During his detention in various penitentiaries,he was mentally probed and probbed by phycologist and phychoanalysts hoping to…

Theodore Robert Bundy – Serial Killer

Serial Killer

Words: 2749 (11 pages)

First is Ted Bundy childhood, and what it was like for him growing up. Ted Bundy was born by the name Theodore Robert Jewell on November 24, 1946, in Burlington Vermont his mother’s name was Louise Jewell age twenty-two. From birth Ted Bundy already fit the category with most serial and sexual killers the FBI…

Serial Killer H.H. Holmes

Serial Killer

Words: 3044 (13 pages)

H. H. Holmes Valerie Jones Theories of Criminal Behavior September 23, 2012 Phillip Neely Abstract The United States first known serial killer was named H. H. Holmes. H. H. Holmes would later be said to be an alias created by Herman Webster Mudgett who was a doctor. It was said that Herman as a child…

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