Theodore Robert Bundy – Serial Killer Short Summary

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First is Ted Bundy childhood, and what it was like for him growing up. Ted Bundy was born by the name Theodore Robert Jewell on November 24, 1946, in Burlington Vermont his mother’s name was Louise Jewell age twenty-two. From birth Ted Bundy already fit the category with most serial and sexual killers the FBI composed, because 43 percent of them were born too single parents like Ted Bundy.

When Ted Bundy was born, his mother left him for about three months to go to Philadelphia, and later returned and brought him to his grandfather, in Philadelphia who pretended to be is father, Sam Jewell acted like Ted had been adopted from some unknown orphanage as he grew up and claimed that his mother was his sister. So Ted grew up thinking unknowingly that his mother was really his sister, and he himself was Just an orphan.

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Ted Bundy loved his grandfather but he was reported to have a “volatile temper and a mild taste for pornography. “(Most Notorious 1) Ted Bundy was not very fond of his step father, but he never received any type of abuse from any of his family members growing up. Although, Ted Bundy reported being confused about the relationship with his mother, this was because she would alternately refer to resell as both his sister and mother on separate occasions, this possibly fueled some of his mental issues that developed in his later life.

In Public School Tee’s classmates that he was a happy, popular, and academically successful kid that showed little to no problems. This soon changed as time went on. Ted Bundy classmates said in Junior High they had a relatively cloudy memory of Bundy. They reported that he became withdrawn, his academics suffered, and that he was socially inept or awkward when interacting with others especially girls.

They also reported that he had an obvious loss of confidence in himself and was no longer he popular kid he once was. This leads to some of the precursors from his childhood that could have lead him to be the killer he turned out to be. One main precursor from his childhood that definitely affected him throughout his life was the fact his mother was said to be his sister, this probably confused him and lead him to doubt himself and his life as a whole.

Also it probably continued to fuel his hate for females due to the lack of trust he could instill in his mother after finding out in later years the truth about his birth. Another problem that could have lead him to a troubling true is the fact that he did grow up with a single parent, having no knowledge of who his father was at all. Fathers play an important role in a young boys life because they teach the son how to act and become what society would consider an everyday man.

Although, when Ted moved to Washington with his mother at the age of four, to be with his mother’s new lover Johnnie Clapper Bundy where he’d gain his future name, his stepfather did try to be a part of Tee’s life by taking him on camping trips, doing activities, and other things normal of a healthy childhood relationship, but Ted imply didn’t connect probably because he resented the fact he didn’t know his real father or also because they left his grandfather which he had thought of as his real father.

Ted also had a desire to be by himself and was uncomfortable with his stepfather, this probably lead to him being social awkward throughout school. In an article by Rachel Bell titled Ted Bundy in a section titled The Early years, she states, “As a youth, Ted was terribly shy, self-doubting and uncomfortable in social situations. He was often teased and made the butt of pranks by bullies in his Junior gig school.

Michael analyzed Tee’s behavior and decided that he was “not like other children, he looked and acted like them, but he was haunted by something else: a fear, a doubt -? sometimes only a vague uneasiness -? that inhabited his mind with the subtlety of a cat. “(Bell 1) This leads me to think that Tee’s inability to interact socially, his continuing want to be alone, and the large of amounts of bullying and teasing pushed Bundy mentally in a way not common for all, becoming a serial killer.

Although, over time Ted would continue his life by going through college where is grades would rise and eventually go to college at the University of Upset Sound and the University of Washington. Ted Bundy excelled in High School and kept a relatively high grade point average. He didn’t date much at all, but instead he was more interested in extracurricular activities such as skiing, politics, etc. Interest in politics would eventually fuel his flame later in life when he reached college where he would become involved significantly with the “political arena” as Rachel Bell would profess.

Following High School Ted attended both the University of Upset Sound and the University of Washington; he maintained a few low level Jobs in his early college years, which were a bus boy and a shoe cleaner. He didn’t maintain his Jobs very well though due to the fact his employers considered him to be unreliable when it came to work, but this was not the same attitude he held toward school. Ted made sure he worked hard and maintained a good GAP throughout school, he was not known as the type of guy too slack around when it came to his academics.

Tee’s focus changed in the spring of 1967 when he got into a relationship with a wealthy girl from California that he had met in college. She was supposedly very sophisticated and beautiful and Ted had a hard time believing that a girl of that upbringing would ever be interested in him at all. They apparently both loved to go skiing which eventually is what lead to their relationship, even with saying this they both were apparently different when it came to other spectrums of their interest though.

This was Ted Bundy first love and might have even been the first women he was ever sexually active with, which probably left him with quite a bit of affection and love for her. This is probably what eventually would push Ted over the edge and cause him to be Rachel Bell’s article she writes that Michael, a fellow author that he had won a scholarship to the prestigious Stanford Nun girlfriend from California.

Tee’s immaturity however was expo University and he didn’t understand why he had been dropped girlfriend dropped relations with him after graduating from the Washington, this is probably due to the fact she realized Ted and efficient person to consider a good husband for her in the understand why she had broken up with him and this events depression. His depression pushed him to lose interest in an and from that point he dropped out.

Ted Bundy managed to s through writing, but apparently she showed little interest in g with Ted and this probably made him even more distraught a stepfather apron situation in general causing him to spiral further into his deep Ted in 1969 then learned that his sister was actually his m him even more distressed and mentally unstable overall as an he concluded that his “parents” were actually his grandparent Although this news was probably fairly distressing, he held lilt his mother, but instead became deeply ill with Johnnie Bundy became a fairly dishonest person and ended up turning to pee sense of entitlement which is a common characteristic of as eventually the sense of entitlement will leave inanimate object living one such as a human being. He probably did this to gag excitement which is also commonly why psychopaths do it as though and Ted eventually me another women Elizabeth Keen Ted seemed to become normal and whole again and continue and politics and used many of his connections from the past t According to Elizabeth Ted was very good with her daughter, b wasn’t as attracted to her as much as she was him.

She was al was still keeping contact with his ex-girlfriend from California of it. Ted claimed not to want to marry her because he was no was still too much he wanted to accomplish beforehand. Their about five years. Even with this though Tees life seemed to still be going for to our,ark, tins USSR very active in school and worked hard and diligently once gaga hurt UNC renal he had lost it seemed. He was even commended by Seattle poll drowning in a lake. In 1973 Ted went on a Business trip to Call up with his old girlfriend on multiple occasions. This was nun Kendall, Ted continued to hang around his ex for the remainder apparently had been so shocked by his transformation and m back in love with him.

After a while his old lover then brought to Ted, but Ted then changed how he had previously acted t being the affectionate person he previously was. He began to distant to her in Just a matter of weeks, and then in February contact with her with no reason as to why. Apparently the who and Ted had only restarted a relationship with her again for spite and revenge, and apparently it had worked. This continues to show Bundy developing dishonesty, craving for control, and sense of entitlement because he literally wanted things to end on his own terms by his own hands, this is when Tee’s life of terror began. Ted was mentally unstable and was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.

There is a criterion it must meet and it can’t be diagnosed until the age of 18. Three criteria must also be met which is discussed in Antisocial Personality Disorder: The Case of Theodore Bundy written by Andrea Petrologic where she says the three criterion are, “Only people 18 years or older are diagnosed with ASPS. According to the ADSM, this diagnosis is made only when these three criteria are met. (1)There have been at least three behavioral problems occurring after age 15. (2) There were at least three instances of deviant behavior before age 15. 3) The antisocial behavior is not a symptom of another mental disorder such as schizophrenia or a manic episode. (Petrologic 1) Ted Bundy was also classified as a factor 1 psychopath which means that Bundy was very intelligent and it would have been difficult to detect these things when he was young. Some of the components of factor 1 psychopaths include chronic lying, lack of remorse, empathy, responsibility, and manipulative/conning nature which can be seen in many of Bundy murders over the years. The problem with Ted Bundy disorder is it’s very hard to treat and often has to receive cooperation from both parties which makes it easy to understand why it’s so hard because the type of personality and Disorder Ted had made him want complete control and have an unwillingness to cooperate with others wants or needs thus allowing him to deny responsibility for the issue.

Also sometimes factor 1 psychopaths have been proven to become worse after treatment rather than better. This is because they become irritated or enraged at someone trying to change their behavior, when someone like Bundy has no interest in doing so in the first place. Simply cognitive therapies wouldn’t help someone like Bundy instead the only logical was is prevention through something like Jail, because those types of people will never have the urge to stop. Although, Ted Bundy would likely never become the way he was, or at least not have been as bad, if he hadn’t experienced the traumatic events that preceded his hostile psychopathic breakdown that came after a long history of events and issues.

Also if he had received treatment earlier in his life he most likely would have been given a set of skills to help him cope with his feelings in a more responsible less aggressive way than he had. Tee’s personality disorder would lead to being the primary factor in why he was able to stay aloof for the time he did with little suspicion involved. Ted Bundy was study throughout the time he spent in prison and was considered to be sane in the aspect of mentally, but suffered from such as severe personality disorder that explains why many people believed Ted to be mentally corrupt, and not able to be considered a normal person or fit to stand trial. Even with this information, Ted Bundy was diagnosed as a Manic Depressive by Dorothy Town Lewis who concluded that his murders took place ruing depressive episodes.

Ted Bundy was a rare type of killer and criminal, as mentioned before he started with petty theft, fetish crimes, etc. And moved on to more violent and brutal crimes. The type of criminal Ted Bundy falls under is someone that is an organized lust killer, his Modus Operandi is varied, but all incidences were preceded by the raping of the victim. His pathology consisted of being a serial killer, a serial rapist, and involved in necrophilia. Ted Bundy Modus Operandi varied because sometimes he would burglarize his victims home and bludgeon them in their sleep, he would use some elaborate story to get his victims close enough to attack, or he would simply rely on his looks to complete his crime.

His face was also considered “unremarkable” by victims, by saying that I mean they considered him attractive but he simply had an unmemorable face making it easy for him to change little things about his facial features and distort the way he looked with relative ease. Typically his attacks involved some sort of blunt force trauma to the head causing his victims to become incapacitated instantly. Bundy first eight victims were in Seattle, Washington spanning from January 31, 1974 to July 14, 1974. His next four victims would all be in Salt Lake City Utah from October 2, 1974 to November 8, 1974, from this point he would continue to move again.

He continued to claim another female victim in Colorado on January 12, 1975 before he would be arrested on August 16, 1975, and stop for a brief period of three years, after breaking out in December 30, 1977, and kill three more in Tallahassee, Florida from January 15, 1978 to February 9, 1978 where he would claim his youngest victim yet, Kimberly Leach, who was only the age of twelve. All of his victims shared some similarities, which are young women, anywhere from their teens to twenties, with long brown hair split down the middle. Ted Bundy claimed anywhere from twenty-six to thirty-five victims overall, and all of his victims were mutilated and disposed of in specific location. Ted even would sometimes return to the disposal sites where he put his victims after killing them and have sex with them over and over.

When Ted Bundy first got caught in 1975 it was said that he was acting suspicious when getting pulled over because he quickly cut off his lights and sped down a road before being pulled over. From this point cops searched his car and found many teems which seemed would be involved with burglary such as: icepack, crowbar, mask, gloves, and also his passenger seat was removed which the officers found strange. Drench, one of Bundy victims who escaped, picked him out of a line-up and he was at that point charged with kidnapping. After being sentenced to fifteen years for kidnapping officers made a connection with Bundy and the killings in Colorado.

From this point Bundy would escape twice, once in Utah and the other time in Tallahassee where he would go on his final killing spree where he would kill girls in a sorority souse before being caught and sentenced on June 25, 1979 to two death sentences for the killings in Tallahassee, the later sentenced again on January 7, 1980 for the murder of Kimberly Leach. It was said Ted looked different this time in the court room he was anger, slouched in his chair, and his collegiate look was replaced with a haunting glare, at this point he received his third death sentence. In all trials Bundy was considered sane and fit to stand trial, on January 24, 1989 was Tee’s sentenced death day which came about after countless appeals and pleas of emotional instability where he claimed pornography lead him to commit all those crimes. Overall, Tee’s efforts failed and he was executed on January 24, 1989 at 7:13 a. M. With a giant crowd gathered outside.

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