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Essays on Titration

Acid-Base Titration

Abstract We have determined the weight of HCI that has reacted with antacid tablets and the weight of HCl/ gram of antacid tablets. In determining those we used the procedure and materials needed for the said experiment. In getting those we have used to trials to distinguish differences. The weight of HCL that has reacted …

Titration of Cola

Experiment TITRATION OF A COLA PRODUCT The CCLI Initiative Computers in Chemistry Laboratory Instruction LEARNING OBJECTIVES The objective of this laboratory experiment is to determine the molar concentration of phosphoric acid in a cola product. BACKGROUND Titration is an analytical technique used to find the concentration of a known volume of unknown substance by adding …

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Titration Laboratory

Objective * The purpose of this laboratory is to recreate and understand what titration is. Hypothesis * If the experiment works correctly, we should determine the amount of a substance by adding a carefully measured volume of a solution with known concentration until the reaction of both is complete. Materials * Computer Pre-lab 1. How …

Acid Base Titrations

Acid and Base Titrations: Preparing Standardized Solutions Introduction: This experiment focuses on titrations of acids and bases. A titration depends on addition of a known volume of solution and is a type of volumetric analysis. Many titrations involve either acid-base reactions or oxidation-reduction reactions. In this experiment we do one of each. We monitor the …

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