Kinetics of an Sn1 Reaction Sample

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An SN1 reaction of tert-butyl chloride takes topographic point in two stairss. First. the Alkyl Halide will go forth the molecule. In this measure the bond is interrupting. which takes a longer sum of clip. so it will find the rate of the reaction. As a consequence. it forms a third carbocation. since this is really stable. the nucleophile will rapidly assail doing the 2nd measure of this reaction proceed rapidly.


( 150 milliliter ) of stock. 04M NaOH was placed into an Erlenmyer flask and put aside to make full the burette as needed. A 50:50 mixture of propanone and H2O was put into a ( 100 milliliter ) Erlenmyer flask and sealed with parafilm to forestall vaporization. ( 1g ) of 2-chloro-2-methylpropane was weighed out and set into an Erlenmyer flask. The dissolver was added and the flask was sealed. The solution was shaken and the stop watch was started. Following. two eternity samples were created by adding ( 10 milliliter ) of the reaction mixture to each of two Erlenmyer flasks incorporating ( 10 milliliter ) of H2O. Both were sealed with parafilm and left to be tested subsequently.

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A clean dry pipette was so used to take ( 10 milliliter ) aliquots from the reaction mixture at 15 minute intervals up to 90 proceedingss and so a concluding aliquot was taken at 115 proceedingss. Each ( 10 milliliter ) aliquot was placed in the Erlenmyer flask that contained ( 15 milliliter ) of propanone. The exact clip was recorded and 3 beads of phenolphthalein index was added to the flask and so titrated with the standard NaOH solution. Finally. the 2 eternity samples were titrated in the same manner and the [ HCl ] was calculated. [ HCl ] T was calculated from each aliquot trying. Last. Excel package was used to plot ( [ HCl ] – [ HCl ] T ) vs. clip ( T ). The incline of the consecutive line through the points enabled the computation for the rate of the reaction.

Harmonizing to the informations chart. the Rate invariable for the hydrolysis of tertbutylchloride in 50/50 acetone/water ( volume ) is: k=4E-4/secondThe rate invariable for the hydrolysis of tertbutylchloride in 60/40 acetone/water is: K=7E-5/second

Discussion and DecisionThe more polar the dissolver the faster takes topographic point the nucleophilic permutation. The rate of hydrolysis is faster in a dissolver that has a higher per centum of H2O. Overall. this experiment was reasonably utile in finding the rate of hydrolysis in acetone/water. nevertheless the human oculus is non exact and the titration measurments could be a small off.

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