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An Explication of “Spellbound” by Emily Bronte Analysis






Words: 1463 (6 pages)

An Explication of “Spellbound” by Emily Bronte Have you ever found yourself knowing that you were in a predicament but had been incapable of finding the strength to leave it behind? The poem “Spellbound” by Emily Bronte relates to the idea of being unable to force oneself from a damaging situation. This can be seen…

How The Word “Cloud” Could Appear In a Child’s Vocabulary




Words: 827 (4 pages)

Explain how the word ‘cloud’ might appear in a child’s lexicon. The word “cloud” comes into a child’s lexicon in three sections. It begins with the sounds that contain the word, /c/ /l/ /o/ /u/ /d/, then the definition of the word, the big, white, and fluffy object in the sky, and lastly, the part…

Learners’ Language and Skills Needs


English Language





Words: 1189 (5 pages)

Note how these factors affect the students’ learning. Comment on the learners’ overall communicative ability and their language/skills needs. Background Most of the students studies in II . They have been previously exposed to teacher centered learning in big classes where they listen, take notes and are tested. This is supported by Jab’s statement as…

Fault Lines Analysis






Words: 704 (3 pages)

When the average person looks upon their past, they usually recall memories and facts that categorize them into a predefined group of people. Seldom can a person not find some sense of belonging in their lives, whether it be belonging to a culture, to a nation, or to a religion. The idea of not fitting…

A good process analysis



Words: 427 (2 pages)

Planning a good process analysis requires the writer to include all the essential steps. Be sure you have all the tools or ingredients needed. Arrange the steps in the correct sequence. Like all good writing, a process essay requires a thesis to tell the reader the significance of the process. The writer can tell the…

What factors influence how easily a particular spoken word is recognised?






Words: 1893 (8 pages)

How and when do these factors play a role in the process of spoken word recognition, according to the cohort model? Recognition is defined in the dictionary as “to know again from ones previous experience”. Spoken word recognition is an area of psychology that has had much research investigated into it, not only in recognising…

In The Literary Composition, “The Word Plum”




Words: 767 (4 pages)

By Helen Chasin, samples alliteration and rhetorical devices to bring the subject of a plum, to life. In the beginning line, Chasin begins with a basic description of the word plum: “The word plum is delicious” (line 1). The fascinating thing is, she is not even describing the fruit, but the word. The word delicious consist of the letter “L”, as does the word plum, and which creates a harmony between the…

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500 words is about 2.5-5 paragraphs for essays or 5-10 for easy reading. A paragraph typically has 100-200 words and 5-6 sentences.
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The good thing about one word essays is that you can write it as a narrative, as an inspirational essay or as an essay describing an attribute of life. Starting the essay: Add a quote relevant to the topic, it generally helps.

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