In The Literary Composition, “The Word Plum”

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By Helen Chasin, samples alliteration and rhetorical devices to bring the subject of a plum, to life. In the beginning line, Chasin begins with a basic description of the word plum: “The word plum is delicious” (line 1). The fascinating thing is, she is not even describing the fruit, but the word. The word delicious consist of the letter “L”, as does the word plum, and which creates a harmony between the noun and adjective. The letters “C” and “S” of the word delicious, creates somewhat of a juicy sound; just as a ripe plum, is being consumed, and is usually slurped with every bite. In the second line, onomatopoeia is introduced with the two verbs, ”pout and push” following the word delicious, produces a new sound, that explains why it is delicious. As the word luxury begins with an ’L”, the poem begins to spell the word plum. In the third line, without capitalization of the words, “self-love, and savoring murmur”, Chasin completes the writing system of plum.

Again, she uses the beginning rhyme scheme, with the letter “S”, to make that juicy sound, in the words self-love/savoring. Perhaps, also, murmur is employed to make somewhat of a “Mmm” sound, to show the deliciousness of the word. In the fourth line of the poem, Chasin replaces the beginning rhyme ”full within the mouth and falling” the f’s describe the soft, cacophonic sound of a plum flesh being bitten into. These sound effects place a plum into focus and that creates imagery of teeth sinking into the bare flesh of a plum. Within the following line, Chasin continues the “f” beginning rhyme, with the word fruit. In lines four and five, Chasin uses three words starting with the letter “f”, to exploit the word fruit because the last word of the text, the plum takes type and becomes over simply a word.

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Following the two-worded line before it, the seventh line starts out with two words, “taut skin”. They describe the tight, swish surface of a plum, and the word’s description continues onto the eighth line, that is stuffed with verbs describing the bite, pierced, bitten, angry into another time, exploitation rhetorical device for sound. The beginning rhyme of postscript additionally creates a sound of a tearing sound of the plums skin, however is additionally a letter that involves ones lips to satisfy with a brief breath eupneic for the sound; a mouth in motion sort of a bite. within the ninth line, it continues the textual matter of biting. it’s well-placed midway through the verse form, wherever action is expressed and also the peak of the verse form is reached.

Chasin then writes, juice, and tart flesh she uses the sound once more, that makes a slurping sound. exploitation the word tart, additionally reflects the start of that textual matter taut skin a piercing sound that makes a fast burst through the plums skin. within the tenth line, Chasin uses just one word, question. It’s a complete change of mood and atmosphere because of the image and sound of a plum being bitten into disappears; the word question is alone and provokes the concept that the plum has been consumed already. It then swings into the eleventh line, and reply, lip and tongue.  Exploitation the word question sparks a new thought, as will the brain when it acknowledges one thing that proceeds to the following line, like once one bites and the brain acknowledges what it’s by exploitation the lip and tongues sensors. The sensors reply to the brain, telling it what it’s tasting. The last line, of delight shows that the brain has replied to the sensors (lip and tongue) with delight.

Chasin finished the beginning rhyme of “P” with pleasure, and it even has the “pl” that plum will. This verse form describes a quick moment exploitation sounds of words; making action and imagery. Chasin broke this moment into film exploitation short, nevertheless tedious lines, and created an outline of the method once the brain recognizes one thing (by the senses). during this case, it had been juicy when bitten into, and the moment the tongue and lips tasted the fruity inside (as well because the tart skin), the brain recognized it had been a plum. exploitation rhetorical device and beginning rhyme additionally angry the transformation of the reader into initial person; not specifically, however once one breaks this moment down, one will hear, taste, feel, and see this plum being bitten into. However although Chasin used the word “Plum” she was actually referring to the beauty and deliciousness of all words.

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