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If you need to write a written assignment and have no knowledge how to create a Word Document, do not worry I will thoroughly explain to you how to open and format a document. My instructions are only for users with operating system Windows 7, your personal computer must have Microsoft Office 2013 with Word 2013 application installed. Please follow my directions step by and you will be able to write your paper in minutes!

Before continuing, you must have some equipment in order to open Word 2013. First you should have a QWERTY keyboard or a Dvorak keyboard, but either keyboard is fine. “The Dvorak keyboard is no more efficient than QWERTY” (HowStuffWorks). You will then need to have a mouse with standard functions such as right and left click.

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First press the power button on your personal computer, the power button turns on the computer. The power button looks like circle with a line cutting through the radius. When powering on your computer, if you have a separate monitor please remember to turn on it on. Please wait a ten to thirty seconds while Windows 7 starts up, loading duration for Windows 7 varies for different users.

Once the computer has started we will need access to desktop, if you do not have a password login you will automatically be prompted directly to your desktop. However, if do are required a password in order to login you must input your password using you your keyboard to login into your desktop. Finally, on the desktop screen select the Windows icon on the bottom left corner of your screen, the windows icon is circular and has four little rectangles with the colors red, green, blue, and yellow.

You will now learn how to find a specific application using the Windows taskbar. Select the Windows icon on the bottom left corner a taskbar will pop up, select the option the say “> All Programs” now a new window within the taskbar will show a list of shortcut, folders, and applications. Folders are recognized by having a small folder icon to the left of the text, find the “Microsoft Office 2013” folder on the taskbar, which will list new applications sorted by name. Left click “Word 2013” to open a new word document, or right click and select “Open” on the small window that pops out.

“Word 2013 mostly provide easier ways of doing things that you could do already” (PCMAG) When you open Word 2013 you are given different templates for you to use at ease! For educational purposes we will use the “Term Paper” Template. Click on the search bar right below the title “New” and input “Term Paper”. Now all at a click away your term paper is formatted to a term paper standard by Word 2013.

Formatting your term paper is incredibly easy once you learn the basics. For example, on the top you are given eight different tabs, the first one gives you simple options that involve changing the font, size, and alignment. If you want to further learn about the functions of Word 2013 please visit “″.

Finally, you have created a word document step by step and can easily open templates of your choice. Please remember this guide will only work if have are running windows 7 operating system and have Microsoft office 2013 with Word 2013 installed. If you have any questions on the steps above please email me and I will reply twenty four hours prior to the message being sent.

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