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Long Working Hours

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Working hours today are too long and people are not spending as much time as they should with their family or on leisure activities. What is your opinion on this? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Plan paragraphing 1. I agree that long working hours have negative effects on family life and leisure 2. Reasons for work hard and how it affects on our life * Firstly, the latest trend to work hard in order to be successful

* Secondly, the hope of living better As a result, people can miss important events of family life or leisure activities 3.

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Long Working Hours
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Summarising A few years ago, people believed that they, in the nearest future, would work less than they did and, as a result, there would have an opportunity to spend more time with family or leisure activities. Unfortunately, as we can see, their hopes have not come true. Moreover, at present, people have got work much more than they used to and, consequently, they have not any time to be with their family or to spend it on leisure.

The first point which I would like to make is that there is a trend which encourages people to work hard. In my opinion, people have got spend more time on work because they are afraid to become unnecessary or unemployed. They believe that in order to be successful they have to work as more as possible. Additionally, long working hours allow people to have better live, I mean a quality or level of life. In other words, working hard, people have an opportunity to buy something they dreamed about, maybe dreamed throughout their life like a big house at the seaside.

However, there are disadvantages of spending a lot of time on work. People, working more than 40 hours per week, very often miss very important events of family live or have not any facility to spend time on leisure. As a result, they suffer from stress which, in turn, can lead to illness. I can illustrate it from my own experience. I have set up my own business in the hope becoming a successful person in order to realise my plans. I thought that business lets me travel around the world with my wife and children. However, it is not true.

I have got spend almost all my time on working. This fact very upsets me because my children are growing up without me and I cannot attend to their school evening spectacles where they participate. To sum up, I would like to say that, although, working for long time you might to gain an opportunity to be in trend and to earn a lot of money, also at the same time you might to miss very important events of your family live. So, I think that work is not worth it so that you spend most your time on doing it rather than to be with your family.

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