Effects of Being a Workaholic

Nowadays, many men and women work in law, accounting, real estate, and business.These people are serious about becoming successful; they work long hours during the week and even on weekends, so they are called “Workaholics.” In addition, workaholics may not spend enough time in leisure activities.Therefore, workaholics’ lifestyles effect their families and health.

Firstly, workaholic’s lifestyle has an adverse effect on their families.Families need financial support but they also need emotional support as well Spouses need time alone to talk and be intimate with one another.When one person in a relationship is consumed by work the relationship is bound to suffer.Relationships need to be nurtured and couples need time together.An unhealthy obsession with work means workaholics find little time for hobbies, family and friends and therefore may be “at work” during family occasions, outings or just even everyday family time.The family may get so used to the workaholic being absent, that they learn to get along without him.This means workaholics have little time for hobbies and are generally distant towards people who are supposed to be closest to them.The children and spouses of workaholics are often neglected.This can negatively affect their children’s psychological development,and may result in separation or divorce in the case of spouses. Social life also disappears for the workaholic.The only socializing he does is work related, which further narrows his world and his outlook. Hobbies and pastimes do not feature at all in a workaholic’s life he has given them up in favour of work.

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In addition to the negative effect on their families,a workaholic’s lifestyle can have a harmful influence on their health.Workaholism can cause a person’s health to declinebeing a workaholic can take its toll by having difficulty falling asleep or interfering with sleep patterns.When the body does not wind down from work and can not relax enough to have quality sleep, not getting 7-9 hours of rest can negatively impact health.Losing sleep can increase hunger and slow down metabolism.When sleep-deprived, people tend to reach for higher-fat foods for energy, fast foods for comfort, or drink too much in order to relax; all the while these habits interfere with weight
maintenance or weight loss.Workaholics work long hours and think about work the whole time. They are exhausted, but they look on sleep as a waste of time.They sleep because they must but it is not quality sleep and they often get insufficient sleep for their needs. Insufficient or bad sleep alone can cause depression and illness.

In conclusion, there are a number of undesirable impact on not only their workaholic’s life but also the world around them. Hence, they should set a schedule to have more time to care for their families and to keep relationships as well.In order to have a healthly and well-balanced life.

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