Food heritage assignment

The safest way to cook ambuyat is cooked on pan. The process of “cooking” is also known as “spill”. So, some people do not say cook ambuyat but they will call spill ambuyat. There is a material to spill the ambuyat which consist of 1 kg of sago, hot water freshly cooked and 1 litter water. Therfore, how to spill ambuyat? First of all, by taking 4 cups of water that are already mixed with the sago and soak for 10 minutes then, by filtering the water to retain the sago it self thereby keep the sago into container.

Lastly, mix sago with hot water. Stir well and cook until the texture of sago looks clear and stickly like the texture of glue. Ambuyat is national dish of Brunei and become a delicacy in the malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak and also the federal teritory of Labuan. other than rice, Ambuyat is an alternative food to some tribe or race in Borneo. Ambuyat typically eaten by a tribe of Brunei, Bisaya, Bajau, Kadayan and etc . In Sabah ambuyat called Pinantung. Pinantung is very famous among Bisaya people of lias peninsular.

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In Sarawak, Ambuyat called Linut. These food also popular at Sarawak especially among the Melanau people. It is because they are like sago very much. Ambuyat is a uniquely bruneian delicacy. Normally ambuyat is eaten or rather swallowed using a two-pronged bamboo stick called a chandas. As the taste is tasteless, it is taken with a sauce made from sour local fruits like mango. The ambuyat is rolled around the cndas until about the size ofa small fist , then immerse it into the sauce and swallow the whole hing without chewing.

Ambuyat is also eaten with vegeTABLEs and dishes of fish, meat, pn. n. ran or depend on that person what their prefernces. ambuyat is originaly from Brunei . Locals tie of this food closely to their history and culture, but in the past its origin has been highly debated with Sarawak, our neighboring state of Malaysia, issues of claiming similar rights to this dish. Several hundred years ago, Brunei Sultanate expanded the empire across the entire island of Borneo and beyond, for this reason absorption of our ndividual national cultures is not unexpected.

On the other hand, despite of starting it all over again, Ambuyat is more widely known in Brunei than Sarawak or any other parts of Borneo. This delicacy may have lost its reputation elsewhere but here in Brunei, it remains popular over again. And maybe one day, many Bruneians aspire that this humble local dish may take its place amongst other customs to be safeguarded by Unesco as an intangible cultural heritage of the world.

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