Gender Roles in Pride and Prejudices Essay

Simon Langton’s TV series version of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”illustrates to the audience the gender roles that existed in 19th Century society and also depicts several individuals within the society that do not fully conform to society’s values. In Simon Langton’s “Pride and Prejudice” we see that the role of women was to marry and secure their own and their family’s social status. Elizabeth rejects this gender role by refusing to marry both Mr.

Collins and Mr. Darcy. A marriage to either one would have secured the family. Simon Langton illustrates to the audience that it is good to be an individual and go against this gender role as in the end Elizabeth marries for love and this makes her and her family very happy. On the other hand, we see Charlotte Lucas, who follows the society’s view and marries Mr. Collins to socially secure herself. Simon Langton makes the audience pity Charlotte through use of camera angles.

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Gender Roles in Pride and Prejudices
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In the scene where Elizabeth is leaving Hunsford Parsonage, the Collins’ home we see Mr. Collins give Charlotte this sickly wave. Then a close up on Charlotte’s face, showing her uncertainty and confusion at what he is doing, creating a sense of pity in the audience a sense of pity. Simon Langton is depicting that following the gender roles of the 19th century can have negative effects.In 19th Century society, it was seen as a man’s duty to marry a woman within the same social circle that would uphold the family status. Mr. Darcy says that by proposing to Elizabeth, it is gong “against the wishes of my family, my friends and my … own better judgment”, because she is below him. However, both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley marry someone below them, and both are very happy with this. This is highlighted particularly in Mr. Darcy who after marrying Elizabeth is seen smiling for the first time in the series. This shows how rebelling against society’s gender roles can lead to happiness. Women were also expec…

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