An Annotated Bibliography on the Switch in Gender Roles

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Willem Arrindell wrote his article about some roles that men play in the world that can cause them more stress than a woman. At the very least there are five components of masculinity that tend to cause more stress in a man than in a woman. These five components are; they have to be able to show that they can withstand more than a woman, they have to show that they are superior to women, they have to be the final decision maker, they need to be noticed for their external achievements, the last thing is that men have a hard time showing emotions. For many men if any of these components are missing or a woman has this personality, they cannot handle it. Stress levels are more common among men because they are taught that they are supposed to be the head of the household and many women are now doing what they are supposed to be doing. Arrindell has a PhD and has twelve different works in eighteen different publications that are in three different languages and most deal with some kind of psychology.

This article is useful because it portrays gender equalities among men and women. Batman and Catwoman are equal to each other; they have many of the same qualities. It almost seemed that Batman was threatened by Catwoman until he realized that they were stronger together. Barksdale, Martha. “How Are Men and Women Roles in Society Changing?” When people think of gender roles the automatic assumption is that men will go into work and women will stay home to take care of the children and the house. Today though, that is not necessarily true. By 2050 women will make up 47% of the workforce in the US. The reason for this is because many male-dominated jobs are beginning to disappear. The ones that females mainly work in are growing exponentially.

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Even though many men lose their jobs they still do not interact with the children as much as women do. Also, more children are attending daycares instead of the mother being the strict caretaker Men are also letting their feelings out a lot more than they used to. Martha Barksdale is an avid writer, not only does she write for Curiositycom but she also writes for howstuffworksicomi. She has also been editing papers in the Atlanta area for a long time. This article goes to show that women are no longer depending on men for anything. They can go out into the corporate world, get a job and make sure that the children and the house are taken care of This article demonstrates when Batman gave Catwoman one of his vehicles and he tried explaining it to her but she stopped him before he could even start and she straight up told him that she had it.

Butt, Anaami “‘How I Met Your Mother‘ and ‘Big Bang Theory’ Promote Gender Stereoglpes,‘ Anaam Butt’s article is about how in popular television shows today there are main female characters, but they struggle to get through life and the men in these shows are all accomplished and successful in life The only kind of successful female is from the ‘Big Bang Theory’ but she has to do part time waitressing just to get through college, Shows are successful because they are relatable but these shows are outdated because more women than men are now enrolled in college. She says that television today need more accomplished women on these shows to reflect what society is like today. Anaam Butt is a JD Candidate at Hofstra law school and she believes that social media is something that should be used for good She is very intellectual and most times she is where the books are in the library.

Today women are becoming more successful than men are now so this article helps represent that the views of women in the corporate world are different than what they once were Miranda Tate is just as successful as Bruce Wayne but instead of inheriting money she worked for her money She became a successful businesswoman who knew what to invest in. Lazaruk, Susan. “Engineer’s Toy Company Smashes Gender Roles in Inspiring Viral Wdeo.” The Province 20 Nov. 2013 Postmedia Network Inc. Web. 21 Nov. 2013 Susan Lazaruk’s article is about a toy company that has created a video that has gone viral, it is an advertisement for toys for girls that are not dolls or pink frilly toys. The goal of the company is to bring more girls into the stem fields, especially engineering. One female engineering student is absolutely excited about this advertisement. She says that when she was growing up her brother and she played with many of the same toys and that her parents did not differentiate the toys among them.

Unfortunately, many parents have specific toys for each of their children, some for the boys and some for the girls. Lazaruk is a reporter for the newspaper The Province, with over a hundred articles, which is based out of Vancouver, British Colombia, This is useful for the thought that women are becoming more independent and are not okay with the thought of just playing with dolls and being innocent, They know that they want to get out there. Catwoman and Miranda Tate are prime examples of this because they never let being a girl get in their way. Selina Kyle did not go to college but she is slick, intelligent and knows how to get what she wants Miranda Tate went off to college and became powerful and smart enough to create a nuclear reactor that makes clean energy possible Neely, James C MD. “Gender: The Myth of Equality” Simon and Schuster: New York, 1981i Print.

In the Book that James Neely wrote he talks about it is up to the woman to raise the Child as they want. In this particular case, the woman decided to raise her child in a neutral environment, the child’s name is Robyn which can be taken either way When children are about five months old they discover their gender and sometimes it is then that they distinguish themselves from others Men and women need each other to survive They need each other‘s counterparts, the man is supposed to protect them and the woman has enough warmth to love them both. When women are young they are very open to love and tenderness but when they get older they become more suspicious and it is vice versa for men. Growth is what makes men and women different from each other, James Neely has his doctorate in medicine and wrote this book based on the differences of the genders, that he has noticed, that have been tearing apart families.

His goal is to create a sense of healing This book is good for the argument that although men and women have their differences they are meant to fulfill the needs of their opposite, Catwoman and Batman are completely different but they fill the needs of the other. When they come together they are both stronger and more complete, they were meant for each others Rauch, Jessica “Gender Differences in Superhero Characters’Roles and Violence as Portrayed in Superhero Movies” Dissi U of Nevada at Reno, 2012. Reno: UMI, 2012 Proquesti Web 15 Nov 2013 Jessica Rauch’s article is about the differences between male and females and how more times than not the superhero that is chosen is normally a male, The reason for this is because it is mainly boys who watch the shows or movies. The girl is always represented as the damsel in distress In movies they are represented as these thin, beautiful people that keeps the hero fighting.

She continues with how gender roles are predetermined before children are born. When parents find out the gender of their child they buy things that are for that specific gendert They buy frilly clothes and dolls for the girls and for boys they buy clothes and toys that can withstand anything because they know that they will destroy anything that they can get their hands on, She also talks about how women are making advances in the workforce but they are often overlooked for managerial or supervisor positions because of men Men also make a higher salary and women are looked at as if they cannot take care of the family and have a job Jessica Rauch received her Master’s in criminal justice from the University of Nevada in 2012 and has many Doctors and the Dean of her school backing up her paper over gender roles in superheroes, This article will be useful in the argument that men are always given position over women.

Bruce Wayne was the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and had a lot of money while Selina Kyle made her living by stealing from others and having barely enough money to live. Scott, Bonnie Kime, and Mary Lynn. Broe. “Mutriurchy.” The Gender of Modernism: A Critical Anthologyt Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1990 224-27t Print. DH. Lawrence starts his essay out by talking about how today’s man is afraid of the woman because she is becoming more independent They are trying to take control back but how can they when these women go to work and are surrounded by lots of other women? The men are not necessarily afraid of the women but of the power that they are gaining. They know that they will not go back to what they once were. They are afraid of losing their power and how everything is now turning into a matriarch. He goes on to talk about the ancient matriarchies and how the woman was in control of everything.

The children and husband took her last name and she had the power in everything The men want to keep the power and the title of being the breadwinner for his family. DH Lawrence was a poet, essayist, literary critic, and a play write. He was criticized for his writings and earned many enemies in his time but he wrote about natural instinct and vitality This essay will be useful because it can be used for the fact that women are becoming part of corporate America more than ever and they are becoming CEOs of huge corporations. Miranda Tate was born into a poor family but she worked diligently until she had money and she funded her project the nuclear reactor by herself. She impressed Bruce Wayne so much that when his identity was stolen he made her CEO of his company. Torregrosa, Luisita Lopez. “Pop Culture Creates New Heroines.” The International Herald Tribune 22 Dec. 2010: Dir LexisNexis Academic. Web 7 Nov 2013 Torregrosa starts her article out by saying how the views of women have changed over the years.

Originally the ideal woman was someone who would be married off because she was completely innocent and perfect, but gender roles over the centuries have begun to change, Western pop culture has changed the views of women and has put them in the roles that most people would have imagined to be a man’s rolei Women used to be seen as where no person would expect that they could be a heroine or a bad guy but today‘s pop culture has changed that, The woman used to be looked upon as she was the person who was in charge of the house and the children. Many people think that Cleopatra is considered to be the ultimate woman because not only was she beautiful, but she was powerful and did not let anyone stand in her way, Women today are becoming more like Cleopatra, more independent and no longer depending on anyone.

Luisita Torregrosa has written articles for the New York Times, and International Herald Tribune, She is also a professor at the University of Columbia. This article will be useful in proving the point that women are not helpless creatures and that they can take care of themselves Selina Kyle is a woman and is just as capable of taking care of herself as Batman is. She grew up on the streets so she learned how to fight and defend herself to get what she needed Miranda Tate only used Bane because no man would listen to a woman who was trying to get an army put together. She too learned how to fight and take care of herself but is portrayed as an innocent do-good.

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