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Roles of a Parent Showing Pride & Love

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    Parent; Caregiver; Legal guardian these are the words used to describe the person providing for you. When I think of a parent, I believe they are the people who love and care for you. They support you, believe in you, and discipline you. In a regular household, there are two parents. There is a Mother and a Father. Along with however many children they have. The child(ren) may or may not receive the same amount of affection they may want or need. Most often times it’s because each parent works every day to help support the family and pay the bills. But they always make time on the weekends to spend with their child(ren). If each parent is impressed with their children’s performances, they will take pride in their child(ren). In addition to that, love comes by nature. The parents I am speaking of do everything they do because of their child(ren).

    There are different things that come to mind when you hear the word pride. Sometimes people may say that pride is feeling an excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance. Others may say it is the yearning to feel admired for something you have done. But, I believe its a physical and emotional state of joy and satisfaction with yourself. I also think pride overall has a positive and negative connotation.

    An example of a positive/negative way to show pride is when a student gets an exemplary grade on an assignment which his fellow peers didn’t understand so they failed. The positive part of this is if the teacher praises this student and their confidence gets boosted. Or a negative way to show pride in this situation is if the student goes around the classroom bragging and being a pain in the ass and making people feel bad.

    A second example of a pride could be a group of cats. They are the only animals that live in big families. These families can have up to three males, 12 females and their offsprings. Pride is led by one lion or the alpha who keeps the females and children safe.

    Thirdly, another case where someone can be prideful is when someone is showing their love for a country group or organization.Mr. Floyd is prideful about the U.S.A that is why he is in the Navy. Or I can be prideful about being in the Save the Earth Everyday Organization. All that really matters is that we each have our own definitions of the word pride. So we have to be optimistic and listen to each other because you never know what insights you can receive when you just listen to what someone else has to say.

    Lastly, Love is a fragile yet strong feeling. It can be given and received. Sometimes love can feel romantic or just sexual. For some people, it is the feeling of unconditional trust and cares for someone. Love can be shown to just about anything. It can range from family, friends to even inanimate objects. When it comes to people in a relationship married or not love is shown as a connection and a sign of happiness. Love can be found through ‘love at first sight’ or by discovering someone with similar interests as you. Like I said earlier, I believe they are the people who love and care for you. The reason is that when a baby is born the mother/father feel a sense of love at first sight. Then naturally an instinct is developed to care and protect their offspring. It can also be the other way around where the child loves the parent. I think it is the power of love that makes it such a strong feeling. Most people who feel it get overly excited or simply jittery when they see who or what they love. If a person is without something or someone they love for ample amounts of time, they start to feel very sad and anxious. The phrase’ love is stronger than hate’ is used often. Love can help save any situation from becoming a dreadful one.

    In the end, the role of a parent is to love and show pride towards their children. It may come in many different ways but affection is affection and those are the qualities of a good parent.

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