Foreign Relations, Finance, Judiciary

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Foreign Relations, Finance, Judiciary, etc. Subcommittees – smaller groups, more detailed subjects Special committees – temporary Joint committees – staffed by both Representatives & Senators Conference committee ? joint to resolve differences in legislation Committee Membership members want membership on committees to influence policy, help constituents Chairpersons have most power on committee same powers as Speaker of House within committee Selection is based on: party affiliation chairperson seniority expertise Us port for Congress Congressional staff drafts legislation, communication, research, elections

Library of Congress- Everett ins that’s ever been published. Congressional Budget Office(COB) – project how much should cost General Accounting Office(GAO) – what did it cost, how much was spent. Government Printing Office- print every copy and draft of a bill. Powers of Congress Expressed Powers ? directly stated in the Constitution To collect taxes To borrow money To regulate foreign and interstate commerce To establish naturalization & bankruptcy laws To coin money, regulate weights & measures To punish counterfeiters To establish post offices and post roads To grant patents and copyrights To create courts inferior to the Supreme Court

TO define and punish piracy To exercise jurisdiction of the District of Columbia To raise and support armies To provide and maintain a Ana To declare To provide for and maintain a militia All revenue bills must start in the House of Reps Senate ratifies treaties Senate confirms executive Implied Powers Elastic Clause make laws Congress deems “necessary & proper’ Denied Powers suspend the writ of habeas corpus “produce the body’ pass bills of attainder laws that can’t be followed ex. No left handed people ex post facto laws retroactive punishment Additional Powers Power to investigate – Legislative oversight u banana witnesses witnesses testify under oath grant immunity Contempt of Congress.

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