Moving Ahead to Reach My Goals in Finance

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 During college, I can at least recall four times that my family members had been the victim of private lending frauds. Each time, it strengthened my idea to pursue a career in wealth management, because I don’t want to hear that kind of stories anymore and by being in the industry that I am committed to, I can offer my professional opinions on their investments.

Meanwhile, after giving thoughts on those incidents, I recognized that to some point, our capital market system wasn’t perfect. And I felt I could contribute after my graduation of MSFWAM in US, where the capital market is more complete, and where I can gain an international perspective to integrate eastern and western cultures and mentalities. Moreover, those incidents presented a promising long-term outlook for investment research, for the rise of middle class that generates tremendous needs for investment.

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I firmly believed that striving my utmost to bring benefits to more people is how would I change the world for good. I want to broaden the options of middle class to invest. To deliver that, I plan to establish a more open and transparent platform, which enables investor to see the real-time investment returns and our overall capital allocation logic, and to set reasonable investment entrance thresholds. Hopefully, by expanding the platform’s influence, we might even stand to a chance to remedy SMES’ financing needs to some degree.

Decentralized finance, a system developed on blockchain, shall become one of the most active areas in the finance industry in the future. From currency stabilization, decentralized exchanges, payment networks, lending and insurance platforms, to key infrastructure construction, markets and investment institutions, the decentralized financial ecosystem is booming. Individual users will have more control over their wealth and stronger ability to optimize their allocation decision, since the system will transfer the power from central financial institutions to the users. This has a profound impact on wealth management industry, which I intend to contribute after graduation.

I plan to find a job as a buy-side investment research analyst, put great use of quantitative techniques that I learned in WUSTL such as Data Analysis, Forecasting & Risk Analysis and Database Structures & Algorithms, to assess my investment decisions. As the process of experience cumulating, I am better prepared to embrace the impact of decentralized finance, which sets a brand new and higher standard to the financial practitioners. In the long run, I aspire to become a new type of portfolio manager, who not only is capable of managing the portfolio with rigorous financial analysis as well as solid quantitative methods, but also plans to found a more open and transparent platform, enabling middle class investors to see the day to day investment returns, assuring them, and help them understand the fundamental logic of our integral asset allocation with adequate risk management measures.

In the short term, I plan to work as a buy-side investment research analyst. During college, I learned how companies realized value creations, in which cases we stand from an inside instead of an investor’s point of view. My latest internship with CSRF (the biggest PE firm in China), where I gained valuable experience on macroeconomic analysis, M&A, and equity investment, however, has truly sparkled my interest in buy-side research. I am eager to understand finance industry more thoroughly, and improve my quantitative abilities, thus to actively manage portfolio with higher ROI, delivering my professional value.

The MSFWAM programme at WUSTL is the fit for me, since it provides wonderful trainings including advanced corporate finance, data analysis, financial instruments and markets and programming, as well as trading strategies and case studies. All of those will extensively help me complete my knowledge system in wealth management along with my critical thinking.

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