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Movie Review: Clean and Sober Essay

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He went up to his friends and asked for some money so he could go far away, ut no one helped him. The problem of dealing with this is a stress for him, now he has got to think of a plan where he could go away and not spend any money, so he went to a hospital where they helped addicts. The patients in this hospital are the ones that can be considered as substance abusers, substance abuse is not good because it can interrupt your life.

These substance abusers also have substance dependence.

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Movie Review: Clean and Sober
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People that are usually in hospitals like these have high tolerance on the substance that they’re addicted to. His self-concept of himself was that he was innocent because it as the woman who offered him to take the cocaine with here,he also believed that he was just fooling the people in the hospital that he wasn’t truly an addict, which was of course a lie because he was.

Him believing that he was innocent because of this reasoning was his defense mechanism. Darryl has a type A personality meaning that he is impatient, operating at full speed, and filled with distress.

Whenever they have a group meeting in the hospital along with other group members, he always has to make up some excuse, so he could leave the meaning meaning that he does not want to eem emotional or would rather talk about it in a distant way or cooly way, this is intellectualization. He has many frustrations right now in his life and adding up to it was that he cant use the phone all the time he wants and whenever it was the other patient’s time to use the phone he ends up blasting them.

One time he ended up cursing Charlie, another patient, because he wasn’t done on using the phone, while it was her turn to use it, this can be considered as displacement. When his co-worker visited him on the hospital to discuss about his debt, Darryl explained to him what happened with the irl, and he defend himself saying that it was the girl who offered him the cocaine, this is rationalization. Through the time, Darryl was connecting with a girl named Charlie in the hospital.

By the end of their time in the hospital, Darryl was intended to straighten out his life. Along with Charlie because he might have fallen for her or it’s because he wants to help her. He went to Charlie’s house and he ended up taking dinner with her and with her partner. Her partner was not a help to Charlie because he was smoking marijuana (a psychedelic drug) in front of her. Darryl invited Charlie for a dinner and asked er to live with her and leave her partner.

When Charlie was talking to her partner over the phone, instead of saying that she will leave him because he was a bad influence, she ended up saying that she’ll go home immediately. This can be considered as reaction formation meaning that she didn’t mean what she said because maybe she was just threatened by her partner or maybe because she’s been with him for so long and she can’t imagine any other life without him in it. Darryl kept pursuing Charlie and eventually Charlie gave in. But then few days later, Charlie’s partner went to Daryl’s house to see his Charlie.

He said that he needed Charlie that he would really drown in drugs if she wasn’t there, as a result, Charlie made up her mind to go with him because she can see that Darryl didn’t need her because he can be sober all by himself. Charlie did not back down and kept calling Charlie, Charlie was so confused on whether to leave his partner or go with Charlie, , while she was driving and filled with these thoughts, she was ready to snort a cocaine, then a car crashed into hers and she died. Charlie with the help of his sponsor, Richard did not give in to the emotional stress and resisting any temptations and stayed sobered.

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