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Essay on Communication Barriers

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Peoples communicate mundane whether they realized it or non. It is done voluntarily or non-voluntarily as one still communicates in one manner or another. Communication is the sending or transmission of information to another individual via two ways, verbal and non-verbal or as defined by Papa M.

J. 2008, a procedure of making shared significance through the usage of marks and symbols. When a talker speaks, a message is transmitted to the hearer via a channel. The message so reaches the hearer and gives back a response called feedback.

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Essay on Communication Barriers
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For illustration, a adult male tells a kid that he is grounded, the adult male, talker, is conveying message, that he is grounded to the kid, hearer and the kid shows a frowning face as a feedback, an disquieted behavior. However in world, messages transmitted do n’t go through through swimmingly to the hearer. The intervention distorts and prevents messages from conveying through decently and may do misunderstanding of message. Intervention in communications known as communicating barriers is defined as any factor that interferes with the success of the communicating procedure ( Krizan et al 2005 ) .

Communication barriers exist due to much intervention in communicating such as civilization, faith, personalities, and perceptual experiences. In this essay, briefing on general causes of communicating barriers will be done and the sentiments to the statement of “Awareness and understanding barrier to communicating enables communicators to guarantee minimum intervention with the message” One of the most common communicating barriers would be the difference in civilization.Culture is defined as a set of erudite forms of idea and behavior shared and base on ballss down by a group of people and is of all time altering and dynamic. Suderman J 2007 ) Culture differs in every races, provinces and states.

Many states such as the eastern states and some western states have rich cultural values and are still normally practiced.Eastern civilization patterns such as in the Chinese civilization are the superstitious notion of the coloring material ruddy. The Chinese are really auspicious towards the coloring material red as it has about the similar pronunciation as ‘ong ‘ which meant prosperity. Western civilizations patterns such as the Australian people are more contact oriented and are people who would embrace and snog when recognizing another.

However, there are eastern and western civilizations that have different significance for the same belief. The Chinese people love the figure 13 which has about the same pronunciation as ‘Yatt Saang ‘ significance one time birth which shows the birth of a new life nevertheless the Americans have triskaidekaphobia, which is the fright of the figure 13 ( Medicine. net ) as the figure 13 is considered luckless since “on the twenty-four hours of Friday the 13th after the concluding Campaign, the Catholic Pope had sent out work forces to gaining control and burn alive the last 13 Templar knights in order to set an terminal to the Crusades” .Although consciousness of communicating barriers is at that place, it is n’t acknowledged by people to the extent that they understand that different people with different civilization, personality, perceptive and outlook make up the universe and because they do non accept each other ‘s civilization with an unfastened head, therefore Forth, much of misinterpretations happen frequently.

Some people refuse to accept or even seek to understand other people ‘s civilization. This may be due to the believe that their civilization is the more superior and the right 1.This political orientation is known as ethnocentrism which is defined by West R. et Al 2006 as the procedure of judging another civilization utilizing the criterion of your ain civilization.

Ethnocentrism was practiced widely amongst the Nipponese people during the World War II. Nipponese ethnocentrism is besides known as Japan moderatism which is the ethnocentric belief that Japan is, or should be, at the Centre of the universe. ( New World Encyclopedia n. d.

) This could besides be due to single barrier as a consequence of an person ‘s perceptual and personal uncomfortableness.Even when two individuals have experienced the same event their mental perceptual experience may/may non be indistinguishable which acts as a barrier. ( Ezine Articles n. d.

) One individual position does n’t needfully suit the other individual ‘s position. Another ground is the perceptual experience deformation done by the pigeonholing position of the community towards day-to-day facets which leads to another mislead premises. One of the ill-famed pigeonholing done is the stereotyping of Muslims.Due to some recent terrorist act done by some Muslims around the universe, the universe stereotypes that all Muslim people are violent and extremist.

It is a really unjust perceptual experience that has been forced on to these people as Islam is the faith of peace and love. “The amusement industries, particularly the film-makers in Hollywood, with really few exclusions, have shown deep prejudice showing Arabs or Muslims of the Third World states as uncouth, barbarian knaves. Therefore, ridicule is added to an already fuzz and blue perceptual experience of Islam in the west. ” ( Ahmad M.

n. d. )Even so, it does non intend that consciousness of communicating barriers does n’t assist people to understand each other at all. When there is an apprehension that a individual has a different sense of cultural apprehension and that we are different, similarities can be looked out for as all in all, we are still worlds and similarities are bound to be at that place.

An illustration of such similarities can be the cosmopolitan apprehension of gestural communicating such as yes or no, glowering or smiling and so forth.Gestural communicating is the messages expressed by non-linguistic agencies. ( Adler R. B.

t Al 2004 ) Communications through non-verbal ways are used more frequently than realized. An illustration cited by Andersen & A ; Andersen et Al. 1982 in Knapp et Al 2002 called the Classroom Behaviour where instructors are to see pupil ‘s gestural actions such as ;“1. The frenetic hand-waver who is certain he or she has the right reply2.

The pupil who is certain he or she does n’t cognize the reply and attempts to avoid oculus contact… ”As a decision, consciousness of communicating barriers does non needfully minimise the intervention of message because bulk of the universe community are still in the position point of a stereotype.

To minimise the illation, one must be unfastened minded and listen! It is the importance of listening and holding an unfastened head that helps to accept and construe a message good. “It requires a strong individual to be a good hearer, able to be patient and confident plenty to suspend opinion and yet non give one ‘s capacity to analyze and answer, ” ( Molvin ; A ; Molvin 2007 ) . Having an unfastened head is to accept the facts as they are and non inquiry or knock the facts.

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