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Scarlet Letter Literary Analysis

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The author emphasizes that no one is completely honest, even in the time of confession. Hawthorne interrogates the reader about whether they are ever fully honest. “Breathe not, to any human soul, that didst ever call me husband! ” states Chlorinating. (52) The novelist writes a conversation between the two to show secrets within secrets; even after making a confession Hester is not fully honest. Hawthorne gives emphasis to Hester keeping the secret of Timescale as Pearl’s father, but in addition the identity of Chlorinating as her husband.

Neither, by their report, has his dying words acknowledged, nor even remotely implied, any, the slightest connection, on his part, with the guilt for which Hester Prying had so long worn the scarlet letter. ” (1 77)’ Moreover, the writer highlights Timescale not recognizing Hester confession. Hester struggles with fully confiding with herself about what she wants Timescale to confess. Hawthorne writes “So said Hester Prying, and glanced her sad eyes downward at the scarlet letter. ” (180) He demonstrates the self-thought process

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Scarlet Letter Literary Analysis
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Hester endures as a result of her confession.

Not being completely honest about her sin follows her until she dies. “Hopefully, but a moment ago, as Hester had spoken of drowning it in the deep sea, there was a sense of inevitable doom upon her, as she thus received back this deadly symbol room the hand of fate. ” (145) To reveal Hester dishonestly with herself, the author describes the scarlet letter as a “deadly symbol”. She took it off at one point in the book, trying to feel relief by not having that bright, embroidered letter on herself.

She who has once been woman, and ceased to be so, might at any moment become a women again, if there were only the magic touch to effect the transfiguration. We shall see whether Hester Prying were ever afterwards so touched and so transfigured. ” (112) Mainly, he implies that with confession, transfigures themselves. Hawthorne poses a question for the reader: why confess fully? Hence, to endure a transfiguration of some sort, one must want that change. The scarlet letter. In the Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne reveals his take on a universal hem, confession and honesty.

He encourages the reader to analyze and question the deeper meaning behind confession and honesty. Descriptions of the torture and agony that Hester endured, and her want to protect herself and others, Hawthorne indicates his response to all his Why questions. One argues that Hawthorne feels one experiences clarity and relief from confession, and one only confesses for themselves. They claim Hawthorne feels confession is a necessity and any type of confession brings out honest, even the slightest one.

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