Prescription drug abuse argumentative

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More than 60% of teenagers said that drugs were sold, used or kept at their school. Which means more then of children have been around drugs or people who have drugs. What effects could such a thing have on the average Canadian family?

As defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, drug use is a negative pattern of using a substance that leads to a number of problems, which may include needing more of a drug to get intoxicated, difficulties that occur when the effects of the drug wear off (withdrawal), using more of a substance or for longer time than intended, and there life problems because of their use of a drug or drugs. After further reading more about teen drug abuse, it will clearly show the negative effect it could have on your children.

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The following will provide further understanding as to what the most common drugs are, ways to prevent your children from taking them, what the symptoms are, some Of the side effects and lastly some of the treatments. Drug ingredients have changed immensely since the time most modern day parents were experimenting with drugs. Not only the ingredients but the kind of drug as well. The most common drug known to teens right now would be Tobacco products. When hearing those words most people relate it to cigarettes, but unfortunately that’s not all we have to worry about, cigars and chewing tobacco have become almost like a trend.

Unfortunately to some teens this isn’t enough, and when the head buzz runs out they’ll do just about anything to get it back. That’s where Cannabises come in, such things as marijuana and hashish. When wanting that head buzz they had when they puffed on that first cigarette, teenagers have started mixing Tobacco with Cannabises to get it back. For a lot of other teens who want something more intense but have trouble getting there hands on it, they’ll turn to at home drugs. For some teens this would include Concoction or cold medications such as, cholinesterase and pseudoscience.

Teen depression is at its highest we’ve ever seen it, and a lot of the teenagers aren’t getting the help they truly need, so where else to turn then Antidepressants? Instead of finding the help they may need, a lot of teens would rather turn to anti-depressants such as Barbiturates, Painlessness’s, offices, yellows and reds. If the antidepressants don’t do the trick, they’ll often turn to Hallucinogens such as LSI, showrooms, acid. Last but not least are the common party drugs, these are the ones that the average teen would hear about at school, and see at parties.

On a Saturday night surrounded by people all wanting to feel something they’ve never felt before, teens will have their pick out of the favorite party drugs such as; Ecstasy, Molly (MADAM), cocaine, speed, crystal, morphine,heroin and many others. After hearing the longing list of all the possible drugs kids can be getting into TTS probably best to become more clear on ways to prevent teens from getting into them. Unfortunately pretending drugs don’t exist isn’t the best plan of action.

The best way to talk to them about it is to have clear communication about the negative, physical, emotional and functional role that they play on the child’s life. Not only is clear communication important for the child to have an understanding of the effects but also to know that they are TABLE to talk to there parents if they have any questions about experimenting with drugs. Clear communication is not only the parents role though, it is crucial for the parents to know where and with who the kids are socializing with.

One way to have control in this situation is to start children young on sports teams, art clubs, brownies/ girl guides and so many other activities. By enrolling your children in these you’ll be surrounding your child with team players and helping them to have something important to them that drugs would be taking away. Lastly is the best way to avoid drug overdoses would be to always be monitoring the amount of prescription drugs and alcohol pet in the house.

If kids are struggling to get there hands on stuff at school they’ll be thinking of every other possibility and if they can get free drugs at home, they will. As it Was said earlier that teen depression is becoming so popular and most of them who are looking for a way out will look for the easiest, quickest and least painful way, the last place any parent would want to see there child is lying on the ground in the bathroom in front of their medicine cabinet.

One of the most asked questions from parents is ‘How can we tell if our child has started using’. A lot of feedback from parents is that they didn’t know there children were using for days, months or sometimes even years before they found out, and after further researching it’s clear that it’s not difficult to see when drug use starts but that a lot parents don’t see it because of denial. The little girl that I used to push on the swings?

That girl would never hang around with those people, she’d but terrified to have that happen in front of her shiny blue eyes, and she would never ever put drugs in her body. Well in most cases, there wrong. Some symptoms to prove that drugs are being used re; breaking curfew, lying, making excuses, verbal and physical abuse, mood swings, sleepless nights, stealing and changes in friends. All these can be normal teenage mistakes but they can also be the start of a serious drug addiction.

What are with all the lighters gone missing in the house? Well the other way to see symptoms is finding drug paraphernalia. With the wide range of drugs comes a wide range of drug paraphernalia, the most common ones known to teens are pipes, pill bottles, pill capsules, needles, syringes, lighters, rolling papers, bongs, water bottles with burnt whole in them, and many more. What to do when finding your child using drugs? There is a quite huge variety of treatments and ways to get them away from the drugs.

Every drug addiction is different in ways such as how often they use, how much they use every session, the intensity of the drug and how the choose to inhale/inject/ swallow. So this means when getting treatment most doctors prefer to asses every patient individually. Depending on the drug of choice every treatment will be different. The only medication that is known to work is for preventing alcohol and nicotine addictions. Sometime medication will be given out to tenants with high blood pressure associated with stimulant intoxication and withdrawal from depressants.

Fluids are often administrated to those who have become dehydrated, and cooling blankets are given to those whose temperatures have became dangerously high, as it does with ecstasy. Its became very clear now that curing a drug addiction is much more difficult then simply doing little things such as making sure your children understands how big of an impact it could have on there life, by finding hobbies they enjoy doing and by being there for them during rough times, to prevent the start of drug use.

It would exhausting waking up everyday with the mindset of finding ways to eliminate your child’s drug habit. Parents will do anything for there children, so the hardest part of going through this is watching your child suffer, and watching them slowly loose there amazing personality and there healthy figure. The worst thing about teen drug abuse is the amount of parents who never got to say goodbye to there innocent angels, so next time your offered drug think about if that blue pill is really worth never seeing your parents again.

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