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What role did runners play in inca society?

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Emir would be scribed as a sensitive, caring man who was hard on himself in his childhood all the way up to his adult years. 2. Emir and Hessian’s relationship was extremely similar to Baby and Alias. Emir and Hosannas were the closest things to brothers or best friends that each other had, in just the same way that Baby and All were, but Hosannas and All were never called friends of Emir or Baby. The relationship between All and Hosannas was loyal and friendly from one side, but betraying and deceitful from the other.

They are so different in the ways they behave with each other, because Emir is jealous of Hosannas, but

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What role did runners play in inca society?
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Hosannas never wants to hurt anyone, especially Emir. Because of his jealousy towards Hosannas for being loved by Bar Emir inflects small cruelties onto him. No, had not already guessed the true relationship between Hosannas and Emir, but when learned of it, I was surprised, but it made sense.

3. Emir always wants to please his father, because he wants to impress Baby more than Hosannas does. Emir goes to the lengths of getting Hosannas and All to move out of his house, which in the end could have been the reason that Hosannas and his wife were killed, because he may have ended up in America tit Baby and Emir.

Baby is a man who stood up for his beliefs and would risk his life for them. Baby did not conform to the rules of the Afghan world in those days, but he did also have an important part in the Afghan society. He was an entertainer, and knew how to host parties everyone wanted to be at, but he did not know how to interact one on one with his son who just wanted a little of his attention. Abs’s relationship with Emir was troubled and strained, but his relationship with Hosannas was always caring, and Baby did not treat him like a typical servant.

When moving to America the allegations between Emir and Baby changes and Emir get much more attention creating a closer bond between Baby and Emir that had not been present before. 4. The descriptions that Chalked Hussein vividly gave to Afghanistan were different from my ideas of what it was like, because the country was much more developed as a whole before war tore their country apart. The cultural differences that were evident in the American passages of the story were the importance of family name in Afghanistan where as in America, you make your own way and Story and your past is less important.

For Baby and Emir settling in the U. S. Is not easy, but they had a strong work ethic so they would never go hungry or miss a bill payment, and they also had a support network of Afghans who were already living in the States to help them with the new lifestyle. Emir’s social structure’s of life in Afghanistan was like the analogy Baby gave; You could take two Afghans that didn’t know each other and put them in the same room for ten minutes and they would figure out how they were related, but in America you were able to marry whoever you wanted and your bloodline and where you came from was less of an issue.

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