Role Of Television Play In Society

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What function does telecasting play in society?

For decennaries we have seen many parts of our universe quickly traveling through alterations in engineering. Today ’ s society has been transformed by agencies of communicating and the available information through mass media. Most Americans rely on telecasting for intelligence, athleticss, and amusement. Television is merely one of the many illustrations of how engineering has changed our lives. Since the innovation of the telecasting in the early 1900 ’ s, it has played a really of import function in our lives.

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Having a telecasting set in the place has become really indispensable in today ’ s society. We depend on it to entertain us with its situation comedies and to inform us about current universe issues. The job is that sometimes what we hear or see on telecasting is non ever accurate or correct. Sometimes intelligence narratives give us the incorrect information and we believe that it is true because it is being said on telecasting. They may give you a narrative, but they may go forth out some inside informations to turn out their point or to do the narrative more interesting. Harmonizing to Neil Postman in “ Future Shlock, ” “ … Americans are among the most ill-informed people in the universe ” ( 676 ) . He goes on to state that “ Television, in other words, is non the great information machine. It is the great disinformation machine ” ( 677 ) . I agree with his statements because Television tends to misdirect us with its narratives. I besides believe he says that we are “ among the most ill-informed people ” because we tend to desire to watch the amusement shows and non tune it to the intelligence broadcasts so we are non informed about what is traveling on in our universe. We complain that there aren ’ t adequate intelligent people in the universe and yet we are being misinformed by what is supposed to be our chief beginning of info


Another manner telecasting misleads its viewing audiences is by the manner that they present campaigners for an election of politicians. They spend all their clip and money seeking to set together a commercial that merely puts down the other campaigner. How are electors supposed to cognize whom to vote for if all they are presented with is negative thoughts about each campaigner?

Television besides tries to carry us to vote for a certain proposition. Voters are besides lured into voting for or against a proposition by listening to the music being played in the background of the commercial. An illustration of this type of state of affairs may be the run on proposition 5 covering with the Indian Casinos. They play sad, and convincing, music in the background of their commercial so the viewing audiences can soften their Black Marias and ballot “ yes ” on their proposition.

Television is powerful plenty to do our shopping easier. Actually, it is doing us lazier. Television shows such as the Home Shopping Network make shopping every bit easy as dialing some Numberss on a touch tone phone.

Peoples are besides convinced to purchase a certain merchandise because a famous person is showing it. For illustration: if supermodel Cindy Crawford presents makeup, ladies will purchase it and have on it because they believe that it will do them look like her.

As a telecasting spectator myself, I believe that telecasting has us all trapped in a universe where we believe everything that is being said. As engineering keeps progressing there will be less undertakings for us to make. Television is one of the many progresss in engineering that has made our lives easier, or should I state it has made us lazier? Whether that is good or bad, I don ’ T know, but what I do cognize is that engineering is robbing us of our ability to believe for ourselves.

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