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Wicca Covenant of the Goddesss

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Wicca revolves around basic beliefs and spells.Witchcraft has along history that dates back to B.C.All together the back round of Wicca seems rough.They got tortured for their beliefs and now there are at least one million Wiccans in the world. (2a.) The history of Wicca dates back to 50,000 B.C.There is evidence of two original cults merging to form a single religion.(2b.) In 500 B.C anti-witch laws were passed by the Saxon King who, converted to Christianity, and were legalized until 1231.

He refused to have any other practice in his kingdom.There were at least 235,000 documented cases of witch burnings.(Some believe the number is as 9,000,000).Most of the accused were women and children because usually women and children couldn't defend themselves like a man would.Most witch burnings were by people who looked upon witches as being pale of descent, living creatures.Most people thought this because of all of the stories and false accusations of witches.

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Wicca Covenant of the Goddesss
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Some believed they were supernatural terrorists in all societies. Because no one could understand the point of the witches they look down on them like they didn't belong.(2c.) But in the early 1900's there were 100,000 witches in the United States.In 1950 witchcraft was legalized in England and in 1960 in North America.But what some people don't realize witchcraft is heredity.Usually if the parents or grandparents were involved in Wicca the kids will too.They learn the Wiccan way and practice it when they are older.(2d.) The religion is based on the ancient beliefs of the Druids. (3a.) The Covenant of the Goddess, a place like a church for Catholics but a cove for witches, started in 1975 to increase cooperation among witches.A national board of directors coordinates the Covenant.They have a code of ethics and are governed by a clergy.Two-thirds of the clergy are women.The board can perform legal marriages, handfastin…

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