Ethical Boundaries and Practices

Table of Content

Follow the waies below to compose a paper of 1. 500-1. 750 words on counsellor ethical boundaries and patterns. For this paper. write from the position that you are a professional counsellor in the field. Supply a thoughtful response to each of the undermentioned three subdivisions. including specific. concrete illustrations to exemplify your thoughts. Use the subdivision headers provided below to divide each subdivision of your paper. Your concluding deliverable should be one cohesive paper turn toing all three subdivisions along with an debut and decision.

Section 1: Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships

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Separate A – Decision-Making Model and Counseling Examples

How would you find if a boundary-crossing or double relationship is ethical and appropriate? What standard would you see when doing your determination? Present illustrations of how you would use this standard to at least four reding state of affairss in which you believe the double relationship issues are complex and equivocal. One of your illustrations should turn to the issues of physical attractive force between clients and counsellors.

Part B-Ethical Issues and Dimensions

In add-on. analyze these issues in footings of former clients. Address the followers: Do the ethical issues ( and your sentiment about rightness ) alteration. depending on how long after the expiration of therapy a double relationship is initiated? What are the cardinal ethical dimensions that might alter. after the expiration of therapy? Present an illustration of a state of affairs that you believe would represent a boundary misdemeanor with a current client but might be acceptable with a former client.

Section 2: Professional Collaboration in RedingSeparate A – Working with a Multidisciplinary Team

Explain why counsellors often collaborate with other stakeholders sing a client’s attention in order to keep professional and ethical boundaries and patterns. For illustration. professional counsellors often work with clients with dependence issues. Addiction counsellors may work with clients who besides have a co-occurring upset. The specific functions of each of these counsellors are good defined ; rolling into an country outside your range of pattern is unethical. How would you work independently as a counsellor within your range of pattern every bit good as collaboratively with other mental wellness professionals to guarantee quality client attention? What is the function of a counsellor in a multidisciplinary squad?

Part B –Relationships with Supervisors and Colleagues

Describe the ethical issues involved in the supervisor-counselor relationship. How is this relationship similar to the counselor-client relationship? How is it different? Sketch a series of standards and depict how you would incorporate the standard into an ethical decision-making theoretical account to react to issues of incompetency and/or unethical behavior by fellow counsellors.

Section 3: Development of Your Thinking about Ethical motives

Clearly depict what you consider to be the most of import developments in your thought about ethical pattern that have occurred during this class. This may include countries in which you have clarified your positions and beliefs. modified your thought on a given issue. gained new penetrations. or acquired a new position. It may include issues whose complexness you now appreciate more to the full or hard issues that you now understand you must cope with. as a counsellor. What have you most learned about yourself and/or about what constitutes going an ethical practician and how has your believing about moralss and legal issues changed? Be certain that you include specific illustrations to exemplify general statements.

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