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Ethical Practices of Computer and Internet Technology

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In the Work Place Computer and Internet technology use in the workplace gives rise to questionable ethical practices among employees as well as managers. For the last three (plus) decades the Increasing availability and advances In technology has Improved productivity; however the use of computers and Internet In the workplace leads to temptation to misuse the resource for personal gain. Employees and managers accessing private employee information for personal gain, improper data access to hose who are not privy to it and software copying were a few of the concerns discussed in the 30 year old article Computer Ethics: Questions Arise on Misuse in Business (Pollack, 1983).

The social media boom of the last decade has brought with it additional questionable ethical violations In the workplace. Time stealing is discussed In the New York Times online article Opting to Blow the Whistle or Choosing to Walk Away (Tugged, 2013).

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Ethical Practices of Computer and Internet Technology
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It states, “According to the Ethics Resource Center, a nonprofit research organization, the No. Misconduct observed -? by a third of 4,800 respondents -? was misuse of company time” (Tugged, 2013 Para.

4). Eric Swenson discusses the stealing of time through excessive personal use of Internet streaming and social media in his video Business Ethics & Stealing Time, by Eric Swenson, Demand Medal Video (Swenson, n. D. ). In the words of Eric Swenson, misuse of company time Is time stealing. According to a study conducted by Eric Swenson, “The average employee in a white collar business spends 3. Hours daily on personal internet usage” (Swenson, n. D. ) However, he broaches the question does this matter? He calls the workers of the present and future, 2020 to be exact, “millennial employees who want to be connected and be involved socially” (Swenson, n. D. ) Swenson states that employees now want to be online streaming videos, media, and music. Is this the way people work today? The consideration he gives Is that he Is more concerned about the productivity of the employee versus the exact method or use of time that it takes to get the work accomplished.

My conclusion is there is definitely an ethical line to be drawn in personal use of computers and Internet technology within the work place. I would ascertain that if privacy is violated for personal gain or technology or work product is stolen as stated in the first article, it is most definitely ethical violation. As far time stealing, where the line gets fuzzier, It should be Judged on whether the time spent on Internet or social media has any impact on the productivity of the employee or benefit to their specific job.

If the time pent, even if partially for personal social contact but does indirectly improve a business relationship then maybe that time spent is ethically k. Or if music boosts moral while the employee is at work and makes them more efficient it is a benefit and not stealing. But if it is ultimately draining the resources of the company and the employee Is unproductive due to the personal use of the computer or Internet.

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