Ethical Dilemmas Essay

Ethical Dilemmas are very common in the workplace.

Ethical Dilemmas can be seen as a controversial thing for the person who is right in the middle of it. I have two ethical dilemmas for situations in a profession. One situation is when a nurse has personal information about one of her friend’s daughter. The other situation is about an employee during his spare time at work created a new spreadsheet program.

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Ethical Dilemmas
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There are consequences dealing with some of these dilemmas.

The first situation that I chose was about a nurse.The nurse name is Jackie. Jackie works as a RN for a local hospital in her hometown.

Jackie, one day going through the files at work, finds some information about one of her friend’s daughter has an STD. Jackie is wondering should she tell her friend about her daughter ‘s infection or does she go by the patient’s confidentially agreement? In the next situation John has created a new program.

John is an employee an IT company. The company answers calls for customers and helps resolve their problems.

John was at work spending the spare time that he had left at work and he was working on a new spreadsheet program. The spreadsheet program is an easier to use spreadsheet than the company has and he is deciding whether he should market it on his own? There are consequences for both of these situations. The situation with Nurse Jackie is such a common issue in the healthcare field. A consequence she could face if she tells her friend is breaking the confidentially agreement.

Jackie could be possible fired and could face serious charges.The situation with John is one that I have seen many times with many people. If John decides to market the spreadsheet program on his own he would have to pay his company some of the profit because he used the company’s equipment to make the spreadsheet program. If John does not decide to give the company any of the profit they could fire him and sue for the copyright of it.

Ethical dilemmas are very common in the workplace. They could be in the range of morals and religions. I choose two situations about ethical dilemmas and they were Nurse Jackie and John the It technician.

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