Deontological ethics basis

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Ethical lens Inventory is used as a way to identify what values are more important to us as an individual. The inventory allows us to see ethical issues clearly whenever we have ethical dilemma without clear option/choice and it also helps to learn how to resolve them better. People have different priorities and different values helps to respect each others point of views. There are four primary ethical perspectives.

Two of them are to help us to determine using Rationality(critical thinking ) are: 1 )Rights&Responsibility Lens:you use your rationality to how to live with universal rules. 02)Reservations Lens:alts about equality of community so that everybody gets treated fairly. The Other two Of the ethical lenses are using your Sensibility (Intuition) which means using your intuition and emotions for our behavior to be ethical are : ODL )Rest Its Lens:using your sensibility to decide your decisions which will make you happy and adds more ha peppiness to your life.

CA)Reputation Lens:is to rely on your sensibility to Greer upon the character traits which are needed for good living . And these four primary ethical lenses also categorized into 2 types. I-Ethical Lenses for Individual decision a)Rights and Responsibilities lens b)Results lens 2-Ethical lenses for Community determining a)Reservations lens b)Reputation lens My preferred lens is : Rights and Responsibility lens Relationship lens I use my critical thinking(Rational) skill to determine general rules and equality of community so that everybody gets treated fairly equal.

I follow the universal rules and apply equally to everybody in the community. L look through the problem carefully and research different options to find the ethical one for me. That way I will be fair and responsible which helps me to get my ethical result. My goal is to make good decision to meet the needs of community so that I can be proud of myself. As learn to consider different four primary ethical perspectives in my decision making process,l will get my ideal ethical with care for all.

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