Biological Basis of Behavior

Each question is worth 2 points. Type your answers in the space adjacent to each question. Submit as an attachment in your assignment link. The brain’s ability to adapt to new environmental conditions is called: Neural plasticity 2. Severe damage to the hippocampus will result in what effect on a person’s memory? People with severe damage to this area can still remember names, faces, and events that they recorded in memory before they were injured, but they cannot remember anything new.

Rosenzweig’s research demonstrated the effect of a stimulating environment on rats’ brains, but we’re not rats in cages. What do the results of this research suggest is important for human beings? Enriched or Experience can actually affect the structure of the brain. 4. Parkinson’s disease has been traced to the loss of brain cells that produce which neurotransmitter? Dopamine. The part of the brain that controls bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure is:Medulla. The production of new brain cells is called: Neurogenesis

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The neurotransmitter known as the “mood molecule” is: Serotonin. What brain structure is involved in governing and regulating emotions? Hypothalamus. Marked personality change is a likely effect of injury to which part of the brain? Frontal lobe damage. The primary connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain is a band of fibers called: Corpus callosum. For the great majority of people, language ability is concentrated primarily in which hemisphere of the brain? Left . Imbalance in neurotransmitters appear to contribute to many types of:Mental illness.

What symptoms are experienced when the sympathetic division of the nervous system is triggered? Heart pounding, breathing quicker, pupils enlarge, and digestion stops. A breakdown in the brain cells that produce and respond to acetylcholine has been linked to what disease? Alzheimiers. An underactive thyroid gland can result in what symptoms? Tired and wanting to sleep. What neurotransmitter is released during strenuous exercise? Endorphines. Neurons that carry messages from the spinal cord or the brain to the muscles or glands are called:

Pheripheral nervous system 18. Which gland produces the largest number of hormones and has the widest range of effects on the body’s functions? Pituitary gland. Which glands release epinephrine and norepinephrine into the blood stream when we’re stressed? Adrenal glands. The pineal gland secretes what hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles? Melatonin. Why are researchers interested in studying identical twins when examining the influence of heredity vs. environment on behavior? To attempt to locate twins who were separated at birth to see how genes play a role.

A hormone that has been linked to aggressive behavior is: Testosterone. What have psychologists learned about schizophrenia by combining the results of twin, adoption, and family studies? Role of heredity 24. What do evolutionary psychologists propose is true about the human brain with respect to language? Have a built in program. People whose left frontal lobe is more active than the right frontal lobe tend to exhibit what characteristics? cheerful, sociable, ebullient, and self-confident Late Penalty 10% 1 day maximum Total Score:

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