Ethical practice in counseling

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Part A

What is ethical pattern in reding? How is this reflected in the accomplishments. competences and qualities of an effectual counsellor?

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Ethical pattern within guidance is pattern that adheres to a rigorous set of guidelines created for the intent of guaranting patient and client safety every bit good as maximising the overall result of the therapy Sessionss.

These guidelines are indispensable whether the reding taking topographic point is under a professional derestriction or between friends and familiarities.

This essay aims to sketch the importance of these ethical guidelines and the boundaries they create. It will besides take a expression at the accomplishments and patterns that counsellor’s usage and develop to keep theses boundaries safely and reasonably.

The ethical model s purpose and intent is to determine the pattern of reding into a safe. monitored and effectual intervention. Due to the trust in topographic point between client and practician. every bit good as the exposure of those seeking therapy. excess attention has to be taken to protect their mental and physically well-being. The model is besides used to assist with the clients understand of the intervention involved and let the counsellor to discourse session times and costs with easiness.

‘Ownership and duty to pattern ethically is an single process’ British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ( 2013 ) . Meaning that. although the ethical model is indispensable to all guidance and therapy. the patterns and accomplishments used by the professionals within these Sessionss are put in topographic point and used at their ain discretion depending on the single clients demands.

The first portion of this essay will concentrate on some of the chief points within the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s ethical model and how they are maintained utilizing peculiar patterns and qualities.


One of the chief ways that ethical guidance can be maintained is through the right usage of client counselor boundaries. This pattern can be relevant in professional and friendly guidance Sessionss. It is really of import that the counselor makes clear the boundaries between themselves and their client and besides precisely what they entail. This can be session times and costs every bit good as their purposes for the healing experience. This is indispensable to avoid confusion and disquieted subsequently on in therapy. McLeod. J ( 2008 ) These boundaries are by and large discussed and outlined during the first guidance session. although they may necessitate to be discussed and adjusted at a ulterior day of the month. It is of import to observe that these boundaries are and can be different for every client. For illustration some may profit from holding the extra support of cognizing they can reach their therapist outside of reding Sessionss. whereas in some state of affairss this may advance the person in going far excessively reliant on the healer and hence forbid them from doing positive stairss.

Another of import boundary to made clear is that of what is being offered. This could be particularly of import when the guidance is go oning between friends and nil more than a listening ear is being offered. It is hence necessary and common for a verbal understanding to take topographic point to protect those concerned and to organize a base for a trusting relationship to get down. McLeod. J ( 2008 ) Throughout clip these boundaries will be pushed and stretched as the client relies and connects more with their healer. It is hence of import that the healer is non merely sort and reassuring. but is self cognizant at both a personal and professional degree as they will be required to recognize when boundaries are being overstepped and guarantee that relationships do non happen or alter because of personal involvements.

In line with boundaries. at the terminal of each session a counselor may bespeak a statement of elucidation from the client. This every bit good as summarizing can assist corroborate the terminal of session boundary and besides guarantee the client that the counselor is seeking to understand the state of affairs as best they can.

Bing Trustworthy/Confidentiality

As with boundaries. being trusty and therefore confidentiality is indispensable to make and keep the client counselor relationship regardless of whether it is happening professionally or as friends.

Without the trust associated with confidentiality. successful therapy can non happen. as a client will non speak freely about personal issues without that reassurance.

Harmonizing to the model laid out by British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ( 2013 ) . all information shared in a guidance state of affairs. should be kept purely confidential at all times. except when the counselor has grounds to do them believe that the clients or person else’s safety is at hazard. The acting healer must nevertheless discourse the information with the person to seek and work out the issue without interrupting trust. The sharing of information is hence a last call motivation to forestall injury when all other efforts at ground have been unsuccessful. It is of import to observe that the client/patient must be informed beforehand that their information is being/will be disclosed to the relevant individuals.

Confidentiality is indispensable for making unity between the client and counselor and in order for trust to develop at its maximal possible. it is of import that the counselor appears to be trust worthy and treats the client with the topmost regard. One manner that a counselor might promote their patient to swear in them and experience at easiness is through the common verbal communicating called paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is a method used normally amongst healers that require the counselor to briefly reiterate the clients publish to acquire verification. reaffirm trust and besides to let the healer to corroborate sum the client that they are listening and seeking to understand wholly.


To maximise the consequences from therapy. counselors are deterred from giving their clients advice. The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ( 2013 ) model provinces that it is seldom appropriate or advisable as a counselor to give advice during curative Sessionss and that it is much more advisable to promote patients to develop their ain advise or programs. This links in with another ethical rule within reding that states that the clients should be encouraged to develop and utilize their ain enterprise and inherent aptitudes. By promoting this behaviour. over clip. the counselor will happen that the client’s assurance and reason will lift.

Counselors may utilize a assortment of verbal and non-verbal communicating accomplishments to assist their client/patient construct upon their enterprise and advancement with their intervention.

One manner that a healer might promote their patient to make their ain advice and come to their ain confusion is through the request of unfastened inquiries. Although it is of import to retrieve that inquiries should be kept to a lower limit throughout Sessionss. unfastened inquiries may be necessary to poke at a client into researching concerns and certain activities further. McLeod. J ( 2008 ) .

To be successful with inquiring the right unfastened inquiries. the counselor would hold to be really strong willed and honest to forestall them from inquiring inquiries to fulfill their ain personal wonder.

Non-maleficence/ Emotional and Mental Safety.

All of the ethical ushers mentioned combined guarantee the safety of the client and counselor whilst keeping their self-respect. Client safety is overriding and it is indispensable that the client feel they can full show their emotional demands and feelings without fright of judgement. treachery or ridicule. Two patterns have been mentioned that can assist construct the relationship and trust between the client and counselor. It is of import during reding Sessionss that the counselor has some sort of input. whether verbal ( Paraphrasing ) or non-verbal facets of listening such as oculus contact or caput motions. However. counselors must take great attention to accommodate these patterns and accomplishments to accommodate each clients individualism as every person’s demands are different. for illustration a unsighted client would necessitate more verbal s recognitions. whereas some people avoid direct oculus contact. Therefore the counselor should move with and promote earnestness.

To see how of import all of these ethical rules and patterns are it is necessary to see the damaging consequence that bad unethical guidance may hold on an person. From the D171 Developing Counselling Skills DVD it is obvious to see the injury that the counselors bad pattern is holding. From demoing a deficiency of empathy. involvement and earnestness. the counselor is destructing patients’ assurance and self-esteem whilst mistreating all trust. The consequence on the patient is immediate and shows how even merely the common courtesy of recognition or reassurance can truly do a difference to the mental stableness of person fighting. D171 Developing Counselling DVD ( 2008 )

In decision. by being cognizant of the negative impact that reding can so easy have upon a patient through carelessness. it is necessary for moralss to be reflected and maintained within process to let the effectual intervention and pattern of therapy. It is besides of import that counselors accomplishments and qualities reflect these moralss and are used in harmonizing with the ushers to maximise the intervention criterions.


British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ( 2013 ) . Ethical Model for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bacp. co. uk/admin/structure/files/pdf/9479_ethical % 20framework % 20jan2013. pdf ( Accessed 14/01/14 ) .

McLeod. J ( 2008 ) Introduction to Counselling [ Ed. D. Langdridge ] . Maidenhead/Milton Keynes. Open University Press/The Open University

The Open University ( 2008 ) D171 Developing Counselling Skills DVD. MiltonKeynes. The Open University.

Part B

Briefly set out how your ain ethical beliefs. behaviors and values have developed and why they are of import.

I think my behaviour towards boundaries may hold changed. It had ne’er occurred to me how of import boundaries are within reding and psychotherapeutics and realistically I frequently find myself being ‘friends’ with people who have sought my aid. when I may non hold needfully wanted to.

I will decidedly take to do my boundaries more clear in the hereafter to minimise the hazard of assorted signals. I think this is decidedly of import. as it is unjust to let person to believe they have closeness with an person when they may in fact non. It is hard nevertheless to keep that distance when soothing person who is clearly hard-pressed and disquieted and in demand of fondness and comfort.

Self Evaluation

1 ) I decidedly feel like I got to grips with the usage of some of the counselors patterns. Internet Explorer paraphrasing and unfastened inquiries and I feel I can easy recognize when these are being used and when it would be suited to utilize them. 2 ) I really much struggled with the chief text edition. I am an devouring reader and although I am used to reading really complex stuff. I found that the manner the text edition was written did non hold with me in the slightest. I found it really hard to absorb and pull out the content and found that it made me bask this faculty much less than I thought I would.

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