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Practice of Professional Counseling

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Understand what is meant by counseling. Counseling is time spent with qualified practitioner about experiences, difficulties, feelings and behaviors one maybe facing. It is a safe place for a client to be heard, in a confidential setting that is non-judgmental. Counseling is time for the client to feel they are valued. Their feelings, thoughts and behaviors are empathetic with and through working with different theories and being open and honest the practitioner and client can do their best to find way that best helps the client deal with the issues they are facing.

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Practice of Professional Counseling
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Counseling is not an advice service it is a professional and organized time set aside for emotions to be explored. It should always have a contract set out that has clear boundaries to both practitioner and client. Counseling can be for a short or long period but will hopefully have an effective change on ones wellbeing. Every practitioner will have their own philosophical approach to counseling. By being detached from the client the counselor is able to be more thoughtful in dealing with the issue and challenges.

This is a good example for not counseling a loved one or friend.

My personal philosophical approach to counseling is for a client to come to counseling and be existing in it they have already made the choice for themselves they want change for themselves and their own wellbeing. I therefore believe by working with a qualified practitioner the client can identify their own answers to their issues. However the client needs to feel they are important as are their values. Therefore a lot of work on self would be required. The impact of this approach, which is more a person centered approach, may not be UsefUl for a linen facing addiction issues.

I understand that for a person with addiction they may benefit more from a Cognitive Behavior approach as this looks more at changing the way of thinking and their behaviors. All though it cannot remove the problem it is aimed to help deal with in a more positive way for the client. 2. Understand the need to work within an ethical framework. For support and guidance and to keep both practitioner and client safe it is important an ethical framework is referred to. The framework is also there for the practitioners to work diversely with their clients and the different settings or organizations they may be working in.

As a trainee practitioner I also feel working alongside a framework keeps the relationship between practitioner and client professional as do the boundaries set in the contract. The BACK is a governing body for counseling and psychotherapists and its main elements are: Values Principles Personal moral qualities (BACK ethical framework for good practice in counseling and psychotherapy handout. Available 23/10/14) The values of the BACK are commitment’s a practitioner makes in order to work diversely.

The principles are similar however hey are also assistance for the practitioner who may be facing challenging circumstances and may need to find alternative ways of approaching a situation. If the principles and values are adhered to there is no right or wrong answer to the client and each professional practitioner may have found a different resolution. Another governing body would be the APACE (British Association for Early Childhood Education). They also work alongside an ethical framework which is there to protect children and their families, as well as offering positive early childhood experiences. (Online: www. Early-education. Org. K Accessed: 23/10/14) Similar to the BACK they commit to their principles like the BACK do their values. Both are similar in the fact they work towards the rights of an individual and are focused on ones wellbeing and personal development. The two agencies differ in their ethical frameworks and potential conflicts between the two could arise. For example in regards to the safeguarding of a child. A child who is attending family counseling could disclose during a session that they have a scared feeling to certain things you as the practitioner are aware of. However the practitioner knows the child is at no harm.

Whereas the nursery teacher may not know and following their ethical framework and safeguarding procedure make a report to the relevant bodies for a cause for concern. Contracting of confidentiality at the beginning of sessions can reduce conflicts between practitioner and clients. Especially when the practitioner’s contract and confidentiality may alter due to working within an organization setting and a policy is to be adhered to. Completing a contract and outlining all limitations is good practice from the BACK ethical framework.

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