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Evaluating an in service

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            In service training for teachers in identifying and handling students with special needs is necessary to enhance classroom learning. Teachers can be offered with this form of training to be able to deal with the special students in a classroom situation.

            This in service training is necessary as it is not easy for a teacher who has not studied special education to deal with such students. The training is however faced by a number of challenges because first the teacher has no prior knowledge of handling special students.

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Evaluating an in service
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If the teacher is given this opportunity it might be hectic and only successful if it is a voluntary exercise.

            Motivation can be necessary to teachers in the in service. In service training is a difficult exercise that may require extra efforts. In service training requires practical experiences in the job field before embarking to the training. (Colin, 1998 pp. 78-104)

            Whereas this training may be difficult, repeated training may be required for them to understand.

This kind of in service training is therefore time-consuming. Teachers planning to go for in service training in special education can benefit from this program by increasing their ability to teach in a school which has children with learning difficulties. This training can also give the teachers a chance to enhance their professionalism in teaching. Although it may be difficult, the teacher can overcome the challenges by visiting a special school in his line of study. Special education is wide and a teacher may not be able to learn much about the special students.

            To avoid the teacher in the training to feel devastated, minimum supervision can motivate them to have the need to train on this case. The teacher may also feel like detracting from the training if there is no inner passion for the training and he or she is already in service.


Colin, M. (1998). Evaluating In service training for teachers. New York: New York Press, pp. 45-123.

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