Evaluation of Causes and Solutions to Air Pollution

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1.0 Introduction

Air pollution is defined as the dirty or contaminated atmospheric environment when harmful gases, dust atoms, exhausts or olfactory property are of course or intentionally being introduced into the ambient (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . All these contaminations are doubtless harmful to human, animate beings and workss for normal growing, development and sustenance. Thingss that are capable to foul the air are called pollutants. There are normally two types of pollutants known as primary and secondary pollutants (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . Primary pollutants are premier gases that are discharged from the original beginnings into the environmental air whereas secondary pollutants are resulted from the commixture of pollutants through a chemical reaction (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . Secondary pollutants normally form even more unsafe toxicity. Air pollutants can be either natural or due to human activities ( Rao, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to Rao ( 1989 ) , illustrations of natural events that contributed to the air pollution include forest fires, wind eroding pollen dispersion, volcanic eruptions, natural radiation and vaporization of organic compounds. There are plentifulness of human activities that contribute to air pollution.

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2.0 Causes of air pollution

2.0.1 Industrial and fabrication activities. Human activity such as industrial operations will take to serious air pollution due to emanations of byproducts of external burning and internal burning ( Rao, 1989 ) . Harmonizing to Rao ( 1989 ) , they are dust, fume, S oxides and those reactions in gasoline and Diesel engines. In the industrial sector, it is really obvious to see long tubings known as chimneys erected high into the air with tonss of fume and exhausts coming out from it (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . Those dismissed gases are chiefly carbon monoxide, organic compounds and any others harmful chemical gases resulted from power workss and heavy machines (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) .

2.0.2 Burning of fossil fuels. Besides of industrial procedures, emanations of air pollutants from firing fossil fuels besides lead to air pollution (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . The usage of transit like autos, coachs, trains, heavy responsibility short pantss, transportation vass and aeroplanes burns a batch of fossil fuels in order to work and map (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . Although the exhausts from vehicles’ fumes contain unsafe gases such as C monoxide, hydrocarbons, N oxides and other all right particulates, people still need to trust on the vehicles to transport people, goods and services (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) .

2.0.3 Household and agrarian chemicals.Furthermore, the family and farming chemicals such as harvest dusting, fuming places, family cleansing merchandises or painting supplies, chemical fertilisers and pesticides will breathe harmful chemicals into the air and therefore foul the air (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . In many instances, the usage of chemicals at place or offices with small airing may do hard take a breathing job to the people inside and they finally fall badly after take a breath them for some times (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) .

3.0 Common air pollutants

Figure 1 Six common air pollutants. ( Adapted fromEschooltoday)

There are six common air pollutants known as standards pollutants proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) . These pollutants can impact heath, harm the environment and damage the common belongings ( EPA, 2013 ) .

Carbon monoxide ( CO )

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and toxic gas made up from combination of C and O ( Maryland, n.d. ) . Combustion of C such as coal, oil or gasolene, the usage of incinerators and industrial beginnings will take to production of C monoxide (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) .

Ground-level ozone ( O3)

Ozone is a colorless, odorless and toxic gas formed when N oxides and volatile organic compounds react in the presence of intense sunshine ( Maryland, n.d. ) . Harmonizing to Maryland ( n.d. ) , the emanation of industrial activities, gasolene bluess, pigments bluess, motor vehicle discharges are some of the beginnings of N oxides and volatile organic compounds.

Lead ( Pb )

Lead is a metal compounds are derived from natural agencies and certain industrial merchandises (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . Motor vehicles and industrial activities are major beginnings of lead production ( Maryland, n.d. ) .

Sulfur dioxide ( SO2)

Sulfur dioxide comes from the natural volcanic eruptions every bit good as industrial activities particularly those high-sulfur coals. It can be transformed into other merchandises such as sulphates and sulphuric acid mist ( Maryland, n.d. ) .

Particulate affair ( PM )

Particulate affair is mixture of little atoms of highly little solid atoms and liquid stuff formed through chemical reactions, fuel burning, industrial activities and other possibilities ( EPA, 2013 ) . It composed of acids, organic chemicals, dirt, and dust atoms (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) .

Nitrogen dioxide ( NO2)

Nitrogen dioxide is formed from the combination of nitrogen oxide and O due to fuel and wood burning every bit good as the industrial activities (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) .

4.0 Menaces of air pollution

4.0.1 Acid rain formation. Acid rain is formed peculiarly when S or N oxides combines with the H2O droplets contained in the clouds ( Ehow, n.d. ) . The H2O droplets become acidic due to formation of abundant sulfuric or azotic acids ( U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2010 ) . Acid rain consequences in edifice or memorial eroding, dirt acidification, skin malignant neoplastic disease and serious wellness upsets ( Ehow, n.d. ) . Acid rain destroys and contaminates agricultural land, and besides changes the chemical science of the lakes and watercourses harming the aquatic life. Somehow, the deposited N in the H2O organic structures will finally do eutrophication or algae bloom (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) .

4.0.2 Respiratory upsets. The emanation of harmful gases such as C monoxides frequently consequences in assorted impaired respiratory system and take a breathing troubles. Respiratory upsets that are normally related to the external respiration of inordinate C monoxide include bronchitis, asthma since C monoxide is an inhibitor by suppressing the haemoglobin O consumption ( Ehow, n.d. ) . Chronic clogging pneumonic disease ( COPD ) , pneumonoconiosis and asbestosis are besides illustrations of serious respiratory upset ( Wexner Medical Center, n.d. ) .

4.0.3 Ozone bed depletion. The ozone bed that covers the Earth is really much responsible to filtrate the risky radiation such as UV rays from direct exposure to Earth ( Agarwal, 2005 ) . However, the formation of free groups and toxicant gas ozone can impact people’s wellness. Depletion of ozone bed causes skin annoyance, and roseolas, even the formation of tumour cells ( skin malignant neoplastic disease ) in some instances due to direct exposure to unfiltered Ultraviolet visible radiation ( Ehow, n.d. ) .

4.0.4 Global heating.The release of gases such as methane and C dioxide are considered as the premier factors in doing planetary heating. Therefore, these two gases together are known as the nursery gases. These nursery gases cause an addition of environmental temperature ( EPA, 2013 ) . Global heating affects the ecological balance and human wellness ( Ehow, n.d. ) . Global warming frequently relates to several serious wellness jobs such as addition of malaria, lyme, cholera, dandy fever and pestilence patient counts ( Ehow, n.d. ) . Besides that, the increased temperature besides lead to the thaw of glaciers and snowcapped mountains take to an addition in the sea and river H2O degrees and therefore exposing the increasing hazard of inundations ( Ehow, n.d. ) .

5.0 Solution to air pollution

5.0.1 Government degree bar. Harmonizing toEschooltoday( 2010 ) , authoritiess throughout the universe have started practising green energy to forestall air pollution. Wind energy, solar energy, and other renewable energy are besides easy being adopted to diminish dependence on the combustion of fossil fuels (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . Government intercession in commanding air pollution can besides be seen whereby companies are enforced to be more responsible with their fabrication activities and merchandises (Eschooltoday, 2010 ) . For case, the industries of intercrossed autos are one of the attacks by the company to cut down emanation of harmful gases from their merchandises. Air quality monitoring web by private company Alam Sekitar Sdn Bhd besides works with the authorities to supply the pollution informations ( Asian Development Bank, 2006 ) . In add-on, the Environmental Quality Act ( EQA ) developed by the federal authorities in the Third Malaysia Plan is enforced by the DoE ( Jabatan Alam Sekitar ) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment to command the air quality ( Asian Development Bank, 2006 ) .

5.0.2 Enforcement by the jurisprudence. Harsher enforcement by the jurisprudence should be applied to cover with the defiler. The defiler should be fined to counterbalance in footings of pecuniary steps ; put in the gaol, or both.

5.0.3 Individual degree bar. Persons play an of import function in commanding air pollution since the chief causes to air pollution is frequently related to human activities. Peoples are encouraged to utilize public conveyance in order to cut down the figure of autos on roads and therefore less exhausts ( Ehow, n.d. ) . Besides that, car-pooling construct is besides another good attack to be adopted by colleagues who want to go to same finish (Autoevolution, 2014 ) .

5.0.4 Reduce, reuse and recycle. The 3R constructs help to minimise the trust on mass production of new things since fabricating industries create much more pollution than it can be vanished or controlled (Eschooltoday, 2010) . Recycle and re-use of shopping bags, vesture, and plastic stuffs are really important since plastic stuffs can non be degraded of course or non-biodegradable.

6.0 Mentions

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