Air Pollution in HK

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Air pollution in Hong Kong is increasing. Discuss a problem and a solution. Nowadays, air pollution is serious in many countries of the world and it is especially threatening Hong Kong. One of the problems caused by air pollution is that it causes lots of health problems. Then I will suggest a solution for this. Air pollution brings lots of health problems to the citizens in Hong Kong. Pollutants released by cars and power station are the major source of air pollution and cause many elderly and children suffering in respiratory diseases.

As everyone knows the number of people in Hong Kong suffering from allergic rhinitis and asthma has increased continuously among the past 20 years. It’s because those people, especially elderly and children constantly breathe in the air pollutants and cause their respiratory system being weakened. For elderly, plenty of them because of those diseases they choose to stay at home and this cause they feel lonely and depressed. As the medicine for healing those diseases is quite expensive, most of the poor elderly patients don’t buy for it until they get really sick.

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As a result those serious patients need to send to the hospital and the resources for other patients are reduced. For children, lots of parents nowadays do not permit them to play on the street anymore to avoid them suffering from those diseases. Children don’t have the chance to meet friends on the street and just always play for computer games and watch TV at home. This causes them having poor interpersonal skill and friendship.

Moreover children infected by those diseases are really weak on bodies and hard to have normal development like other children. The most effective way to resolve the problem is to reduce the amount of pollutants released by cars and power stations in Hong Kong. Government shares great responsibility on this issue because it has the power of strengthening the restriction of relevant laws. For examples, the government can increase the tax on cars or petrol which can immediately increase the price of those items therefore the demand will definitely decrease.

Also the government can set up laws to force the heavy vehicle to use more environmental-friendly petrol instead of fuel which releases large amount of pollutants. For power stations, government can concern to develop nuclear power which although have a certain risk of safety, it provides a large amount of energy and does not harm to the environment. Apart from this the government can also support more resources for the development of green technologies including solar energy, wind energy, etc.

Certainly these can only provide relatively quite small amount of energy comparing to nuclear power. Those technologies are absolutely needed for the long-term development of Hong Kong. To conclude I think that the development of green energy will be quite complicated as the land space in Hong Kong is limit and it must take certain time to be success. Relatively the modification of laws will be easier and shorter in time. Therefore I hope the legislative council can restrict the laws as soon as possible.

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