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Everyday Life Problems

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Every day brings something new. Sometimes what life brings is happiness on other occasions it is not. But life is never the same. And things change. But life is always somehow little bit complicated. Not only because life is not predictable: we do not know today what is going to happen in a year’s time or what is going to happen next year. But also because life has got its positive and its negative sides. Positive sides are that life is beautiful.

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Everyday Life Problems
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It is full of surprises and it is unusual. But on the other hand life can be quite difficult. Just think of everyday problems. For the young ones it is usually school, friendships and sometimes broken hearts. They have to worry about their homework, their friendships, people they like and they do not. People that like them or not. The way they look, the way they feel. For the older generations there are other problems to think about.

For example parents often thin abut the future.

About their jobs, the money worries and the future they and their family are facing. Others worry about money and if they are going to have jobs , and if they will be able to provide for their families. All these problems are like one being mess circling around the daily lives of the young and the old. There are few of those who do not have everyday problems in their lives. And there are few of those who do not feel them. But these problems are not as big as the ones that are experienced by some people.

Like problems of bad health, problems that do not happen every day: like war and poverty. Like disasters, earthquakes and floods or big accidents. These are extraordinary problems and they make the everyday life problems look like just everyday life. Something worrying but not big and not serious enough to keep us awake and worried all the time. So everyday problems are like life itself, just there ot be lived and taken as they come. We should not be afraid of them and we should sometimes just think of them as normal events.

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