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The Pakistani electrical media has been found to portray unethical advertisements that violate the country’s cultural and religious values. In the Baseline healthy white lotion ad, the use of fair skin tone for success is promoted, which undermines the importance of talent and skills. Similarly, the Boone ad falsely claims to offer the cheapest call rates in the world, which is deceitful to the consumers. Additionally, the Fair and Lovely ad promotes a cream that promises to provide a fairer complexion than one’s own in just four weeks, which is misleading and violates advertising ethics. Advertisers must not make promises that they cannot fulfill to maintain ethical practices.

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Examples of unethical advertisement on Pakistanis electrical media. Baseline healthy white lotion: In the add a news reporter faces problem in bringing news because she is not fair and has even skin tone. When she uses Baseline lotion her skin becomes fair and gets even skin tone. When she goes in the public every man give her attention and after looking at her skin tone men give her interviews and she gets success. Unethical issue: This ads portrays that skin tone and the fair color is the reason of women success.

It’s in fact insulting the women that it is not talent that makes a woman successful but her physical beauty. It’s very harmful for our cultural, religious values and society. Boone: In the add it is claimed that we offer the cheapest call rate of this whole world. ‘dungy ski Saab SE sati tarter call kern jar aha hay he band’ Unethical Issues in this ad. The unethical thing is that they are delivering the false information to the customer. They are not giving consumers the worlds cheapest calling rate in actual.

They don’t have any prove that their call rates are on the top of the hippest calling rates Of this world. It is an unethical advertisement practice. Fair and lovely: In the ad a girl is tanned uses fair n lovely cream twice a day and gets a very fair complexion after 4 weeks. Unethical issues in this ad: It violates the Pakistanis advertisement ethics. According to their claim this cream gives you unmatched and fairer complexion than your own complexion in just 4 weeks. But it doesn’t work in the same way as they show in the advertisement. Milliner should not make the promises can’t be fulfilled.

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