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There are a few questions that most people do not sit down and truly think fully about. The United States mission the first time was to find and detain Osama bin Laden after he ordered the 9/11 attack. During the war many soldiers’ lives were lost, severely injured and/or changed drastically. Our soldiers that were injured or gave the ultimate sacrifice did it to keep our country safe and help the Iraqi government get control of their country. We did finally find and kill Osama Bin Laden but to what cost. A lot of families will never be the same due to this war, hey lost brother, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

The United States completed their mission and helped with establishing a new government structure; therefore the war should be over and let the Iraqi government try to fend for themselves. The U. S. Has gone into even more debt due to this war. One big question people are asking is “does America even have enough resources and money to go back to war? The truth is America probably does not have enough resources to fuel a war and we will go farther into debt. In reality, the U. S. Has not recovered fully yet from the first Iraq War. So economically, the United States is far from ready to get into another war.

The benefits of going to war are actually not that great. The US is still trying to show other countries that we are still a super power and should be feared is not exactly going great for us right now. The United States should let Iraq deal with its country’ people and problems. We have enough problems here on our own shores and should be focusing our attention to them instead of focusing all our attention to foreign affairs. Not to mention the U. S. Has already been told to keep our hands out of Iraq or we will have other countries coming after us.

The United States needs to focus on protecting the American people and its borders and wash its hands of other countries problems for a while. At least until the U. S. As a country recovers from the first war both economically and physically.

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