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  AbstractBeing a presidential candidate entails a clear grasp of relevant issues and sincere effort to address or resolve such concerns. This paper aims to present the issues of global warming and the Iraq War which were discussed by Barack Obama and John McCain. In doing so, the positions of the said candidates will be analyzed and the one with better position will be supported.

Hence, agreeing with Obama as the candidate who can better respond to the said issues is the ultimate objective of this paper.                  Obama on Iraq War and Global WarmingIn barely two weeks the American people will go to the polling centers to decide the fate of two gentlemen who want to become the next President of a great nation such as the United States. Among the major issues that may tilt the balance in favor of the eventual winner are the concerns on global warming or climate change and the extended invasion of or the war in Iraq. At the onset, I take the side of Democratic Party standard bearer Barack Obama on both issues.

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This is primarily because it is my assessment that he speaks with honesty and sincerity in addition to having the best grasp of the heart and minds of Americans.Of the many concerns connected to the upcoming U.S. presidential election, global warming and Iraq war, as central issues, have taken a significant spots in the lives of many Americans.

This is due to the essential relevance and alarming implications of such matters which definitely call for concrete actions coming from the next leader of the land.Obama on Global Warming John McCain and Barack Obama are both members of the 108th and the present 109th Congress of the United States. On the growing concern of a fast deteriorating world environment, both men talked on the subject matter during the campaign but it is Obama who extensively discussed it in special gatherings and speaking engagements. McCain though made a pitch believed aimed at satisfying environmentalists in New Hampshire early on in the campaign.

Yemma quoted McCain as saying then “I will make this planet clean” (Yemma, 2008). His records in the Senate, however, unfortunately showed he exerted little effort in working for the environment. Hence, the said McCain’s statement is likely to be perceived as nil due to his failure to put his words into action. In contrast, Obama has been more consistent in his effort to raise public consciousness on the need to act on the problem of rapid climate change.

As member of the 108th Congress and as member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, he co-authored the Global Warming and Reduction Act or the Senate Bill No. 309 (“Environment,” 2008.). In helping push the passage of the law, Obama noted that with it he hopes that a sustainable environmental improvement program can be advanced alongside with economic growth.

He believes that the time has come for the United States to take an aggressive action to reduce the so called greenhouse gases. The law mandates the reduction of gas emissions by 80 percent decades from now (“Environment,” 2008.). Although some radical rights groups believe that John McCain was sincere in his promise that he will clean up the planet, larger thinkers believe McCain is conservative more than anything else.

This leads to suspicions that his pronouncements were merely lip service designed to satisfy a certain segment of the American nation. Both McCain and Obama may still need a higher level of consciousness on the extent of the environmental problem that threatens the very survival of planet Earth but it is the latter who shows better appreciation on this particular concern not only of the American people but all the peoples of the world. I concur with Obama’s position and decision about global warming because he is one of the people undertaking the lead on the need to create or produce fuels which require less harmful source such as carbon. With his stand, Americans are motivated and set that now is the right period for American to make a collective dedication and goal to lessen human’s reliance on foreign oil.

In doing so, it is approximated that more than 32 million vehicles’ worth of pollution will be eliminated from the air.Obama on U.S. Invasion of Iraq Sen.

John McCain is, of course, a strong defender of the decision of President George W. Bush to invade Iraq more than four years ago. It was premised on a supposed classified information that Iraq, under the leadership then of strongman Saddam Hussein, was escalating his activities of manufacturing nuclear arms. Six years after the swift attack on Iraq, the American contingent, however, still has to find the nuclear arsenal of the executed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Hundreds of American soldiers have returned home in flag-draped coffins and several hundreds more practically disabled by wounds of the war with Iraq and still no nuclear arms were found. Despite this humiliating decision to invade Iraq, McCain decided to stand by the side of his Republican party-mate Bush. He explains that the withdrawal of the American soldiers will be done but not immediately. On the other hand, Sen.

Barack Obama has from the beginning or as early as some three years ago already batted for the gradual withdrawal of American soldiers in Iraq pointing out that the Iraqi people should be allowed to take ownership of their nation. Obama stresses that the invasion of Iraq was without a clear rationale and without strong international support. It was not based on principle but on politics, he noted then. As the years go by the Illinois senator appears right on his position taken some years back.

 He said that if elected President he will bring a responsible end to the conflict with Iraq. He said that the altered lives of thousands of soldiers, as well as their families, because of the erroneous decision to invade Iraq should now come to an end. He nevertheless noted that the withdrawal will not be drastic or carried out overnight but rather it will be done judiciously to protect the interest of everyone. McCain, on the other hand, failed to present the Americans a clearer idea of how he will end the war with Iraq.

Instead, he defended the decision to invade Iraq. Obama opposed McCain’s war position by stating that while the increase of around 30, 000 American soldiers in Iraq may somehow enhance security, invading the country through war will definitely not answer the lasting political struggle between two conflicting sectors in the area (“Barack Obama on War & Peace,” 2008).Aside from the said stand, Obama strengthen his position against the war in Iraq when he said that U.S.

will not conquer or stop the operation of terrorist groups worldwide by occupying and making war with Iraq. He also maintained that the decision to send American soldiers into “harm’s way” will only be out of necessity and definitely with a concrete duty and dedication for government’s provision of the things the troops need (“Barack Obama on War & Peace,” 2008).I further agree with Obama on his position about Iraq War as Steinhauser (2008) reported that Obama regarded the war on Iraq as a “dangerous distraction.” The presidential candidate was cited as saying that the country should instead put more importance about the Afghanistan conflict.

The new technique of taking the war against Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan and not in Iraq will be one of Obama’s priorities on his first day at the Oval Office if elected as the next U.S. President (Steinhauser, 2008).The above-mentioned war position and strategy are likely to be more agreeable than that of McCain.

This is simply because Obama’s is perceived to be of more integrity and courage to fight for what he stands for. Compared with McCain, the Illinois Senator has more conviction, ways to find resources to support such position and most importantly appears to be more credible than his opponent.The issues of global warming and invasion or having war with Iraq are two notable issues which the future U.S.

President should closely consider. This is because from their respective positions, the American people will be guided on their decisions on who to support in the coming election. The positions of the two men, on these two issues, and lately the collapse of business in America, have allowed Obama a respectable lead in the on-going presidential race. It is, therefore, worthy to note or consider that such lead by Obama may be a concrete ground which will catapult him to be the next person occupying the Oval Office and eventually leading the Americans in their future.

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