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Factionist Becomes Chiefminister

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    IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III : : : Introduction A History Seeped in Political Crime Nine months of Feudal Rule Assassination of Paritala Ravindra, MLA Chapter V : Representations made by TDP Government – Police Nexus Conclusion Chapter IV : Chapter VI : Chapter VII : 1 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Chapter-I INTRODUCTION its A ndhra Pradesh is known to be a peaceful State. And the State has gained international recognition for rogressive policies and reputation in terms of its multi-dimensional development in various sectors, with I. T. taking a fore front during the past decade. Since May 14, 2004, when the YSR Government came into being, the people of Andhra Pradesh, have lost all dignity of living in a civilized and democratic society, even as the gangsters of YSR roam freely across various districts, terrorizing TDP party activists and leaders, picking them at will, threatening opposition cadre nd their families, looting and destroying their properties, intimidating, forcing them to flee their homes and ancestral villages in large numbers and indulging in land grabbing in prime areas and forcing the settlements of land disputes by extorting huge amounts of money. The rule brings back, from the first day of YSR’s chief ministership, the images of the reigns of some of the most oppressive tyrants and dictators from the past. The moment YSR assumed office, he has started resorting to political murders for which he is colluding and enlisting the co-operation of notorious criminals.

    Thus destroying democratic fabric of life. 2 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? The chilling picture is complete when one considers the active support, and actual help provided by the pliable Police, who in their inclination to please their political bosses, and under pressure in some instances, are fully cooperating with the Congress factionalists, under instructions of their Political Bosses, to terrorize the Telugu Desam supporters through the power of the Gun and frequent harassment by foisting false cases against them.

    In this scenario, the rule of the Gun, fully sponsored, planned, willed and executed by the newly formed Government of Andhra Pradesh, under the henchmanship of a feudal, revengeful and factional leader. This bloodthirsty factional violence and rule of gun as a way of life, came to an early climax in the broad daylight murder of a Telugu Desam Legislator, the sitting MLA of the Assembly. YSR would not stop even at his own party leaders if his supremacy is questioned.

    His track record of loyalties within the party was often dotted with insane activities like having chappals thrown on his own party’s leader and Prime Minister of the country, P V Narasimha Rao, and the-then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy, in his native district Kadapa. He organized massive massacre of innocent public by bringing down the entire old city of Hyderabad with riots unmatched in the state’s history to bring down Marri Channa Reddy, Congress Chief Minister from power. This unprecedented incident was repeatedly mentioned with agony by late Dr.

    M. Channa Reddy. 3 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Chapter-II A HISTORY SEEPED IN POLITICAL CRIME THE NUMBER ONE FAMILY: IN CRIME AND BRUTALITY The name of YSR evokes fear and chill, his father, Raja Reddy is still a name that causes dread, and his son, Jaganmohan Reddy is growing into becoming a perfect inheritor of the legacy of the numero uno factionalist family in the State of Andhra Pradesh. In the history of the most dangerous criminal politicians, Y S Rajashekhara Reddy’s story is not limited to just Pulivendula or Kadapa.

    He has not only grown into an unchallenged leader in Pulivendula, but is also the uncrowned king of the Factionalist Rule in Rayalaseema. Nobody would have any objection had he achieved present political status by doing service to people in a democratic way. But, YSR achieved it by exploiting the faction culture in Kadapa district and spending money made from illegal mining of barytes and muscle power. Rajashekhara Reddy was personally involved in rigging and other electoral malpractices. He encouraged anti-social elements like rowdies, killers, dacoits, gamblers, land-grabbers, bootleggers etc. to spread influence and to eliminate political rivals. Wherever there was a bush fire in the politics, he did not hesitate to fuel it into all consuming flame for personal gains. Even if an opportunity existed to extinguish the fire, he never ever hesitated to it for personal political gain. Apart from ruthless exercise of muscle power, YSR also brought money 4 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? power into politics on a scale hitherto unknown and unheard of. Political observers say Kadapa district politics had witnessed a sea of change after 1978 by pumping ill – gotten money earned from barytes mines into politics.

    It led to degradation of politics in the district. In fact, mining of barytes has been going on in Mangampet mines of Kodur mandal since 1925. But, initially, there was not much market for barytes. Their demand went up only after it was discovered in 1970s that barytes could be extensively used in petroleum refineries and consequently, their rate went up steeply. The YSR family became millionaires by entering barytes-mining business. The father-son duo began wielding money power and tried to dominate district politics after 1978. YSR family nurtured factions and resorted to violence to assert their might.

    They spread this culture to villages by encouraging and abetting factional feuds and laid a path for their growth in politics. There is an inseparable relation between money and factional violence, both raising their ugly heads in Pulivendula in a big way. This is clearly evident from the political history of YSR. As a matter of fact, YSR family was not well off in the initial days. In 1950s, Y S Raja Reddy was ostracized from Balapanuru, shifted to Pulivendula and took up small-time contracts. He was blacklisted for beating engineering officials. Later, he developed political rivalry with Dr.

    D N Reddy, who was a popular leader with some values and was wielding a lot of influence in Pulivendula taluk till then. (See the Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) made a commentary, in its issue dated June 12, 2004 Annexure No. I) In order to counter Dr. D. N. Reddy’s political influence, the Communist party leaders supported Raja Reddy, who had already earned notoriety as a rowdy (Rowdy Sheet No. 381 of 1966). The D N Reddy family, who were traditional political leaders could not withstand the violent activities of Raja Reddy. In the 1960s, Raja Reddy’s name struck terror among the local people.

    The locals still recall an incident of daylight murder committed by Raja Reddy in 1964. In those days, people were afraid of Erukala tribe of 5 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Pulivendula. In that particular incident, Raja Reddy and his henchmen torched a tribal Oosanna by pouring kerosene in broad daylight. Since then, nobody could dare challenge Raja Reddy’s Might. (See the Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC), Kadapa, brought out a publication entitled ‘Kadapazillalo Palegalla Rajyam’, which contains various atrocities committed by YSR and his father. (See Annexure No.

    II) After this incident, Venkata Narsaiah, who belonged to Weavers’ family appointed Raja Reddy as Supervisor in his barytes business to control the labourers and prevent trade related clashes of his company. Later, he took him as a minor partner. Being a minor partner, Raja Reddy wanted to take over the whole business of Venkata Narasaiah by paying a small amount. During this dispute, with a view to take over the entire business, he eliminated Venkata Narasaiah in Kadapa Town. A criminal case No. 144/75 was filed in Kadapa town P. S. in the name of Raja Reddy and George Reddy.

    During this time YSR was General Secretary, Youth Congress. People say that he masterminded the murder. Later they were arrested under MISA. With a view to release his father and brother from MISA, YSR joined Congress ® headed by Vengal Rao and later contested on Congress ® Ticket and was elected as M. L. A in 1978. As a retaliation, Venkata Narsaiah’s relatives opened fire at YSR in the State Secretariat itself, but he managed to escape the attempt upon his life with injuries taking shelter behind the Secretariat Superintendent, who received the shots and succumbed to injuries.

    In 1982, the State government nationalised the mining of barytes and acquired all patta lands of Mangampet and handed over to the AP Mineral Development Corporation. Using the political clout YSR could take about 2 acres of land on sub-lease. Besides taking of mining in the sub-leased area he also started illicit mining in APMDC area as well and went further to dig up Geological Monument, which was declared as protected area by archeological department. By the time the government swung into action and stopped this illegal mining, the YSR’s barytes company had already dug up the archeological 6

    IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? monument. According to the official estimates (K V Natarajan Commission), (Refer to Annexure No. III (a) for Natarajan Commission Recommendations and III (b) Report of the House Committee on illegal mining at Mangampet, Kadapa District) around 1. 50 lakh tonnes of barytes ore, each ton costing Rs 600, had been illegally excavated. As YSR set his eyes on the land of one Mr. Vivekanandam, who had 1. 8 acres and grabbed that land using his political influence and got the sub-lease on his company’s name.

    Aggrieved by this, Vivekanandam moved to the High Court and got stay order but he earned the wrath of YSR subsequently. In revenge, Rajashekhara Reddy’s men waylaid and assaulted Rajagopal, uncle of Vivekanandam at a hotel near Abids in Hyderabad. Though Vivekanandam could get back his piece of land finally, YSR’s company had already dug up entire barytes ore available in the land worth Rs 5 crore (Cr. No. 54/92). Locals say that several murders were organized by YSR and Raja Reddy to establish their political and business empire, crushing the voice of the people for suppression of the cases.

    YSR never allowed his political rivals to grow. In order to crush rivals, he encouraged criminals. Not just rivals, even his followers admit that YSR would never tolerate political opponents and mercilessly crush them in a calculated manner. A fine example of this is the case of Vishnu Kanchi Reddy of Karnapapaiah Palle of Lingala mandal in Pulivendula taluk. Once a powerful leader and agriculturist and owner of several buses, he grew as a strong political opponent to YSR. Seventeen years ago, YSR encouraged some of the villagers against him.

    They killed Vishnu Kanchi Reddy’s brother Raghurami Reddy, who was a single window society president. Subsequently, 5 people were killed in a span of one year in that village. Now the village finally came under the dominance of YSR. On June 30, 1989, T. D. P. followers observed the Bharat bandh call given by opposition parties in Pulivendula. As the bandh was successful, Raja Reddy became furious and within one week, he got active participants ‘ Sivarami Reddy and Narayana’ brutally murdered. 7 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER?

    Partha Sarathy Reddy M. A. BL, once an ardent supporter of YSR opposed him for not being given him ZPTC ticket. This naturally irked YSR and conspired to eliminate Parthasarathy Reddy physically and an attempt was made on his life (Cr. No. 62/96 u/s 307 IPC Pulivendula P. S. on 1. 2. 1996). YSR is having the knack of committing criminal activities and capable of escaping from the jaws of the law. In one incident, P. Krishna Reddy, a strong Mandal level leader of TDP, Pedda Kudala village, Lingala Mandal was murdered on 1. 12. 96 in Pulivendula town.

    To escape from the murder case, he created an alibi by himself being involved in an assault case in Hyderabad (Cr. No. 326/87 u/s 324 Abids P. S. ). In Pulivendula constituency, the YSR family did not allow free campaign polling and in the villages. During one of the elections, at Vempally village, YSR’s brother, Vivekananda Reddy dragged the TDP agents from the polling booths. People revolted against the high handedness of Vivekananda Reddy. He asked his bodyguard to open fire in which one 52-year-old Neelam Subbanna died. In spite of this incident, YSR went into the polling booth forcefully.

    A local Circle Inspector tried to prevent saying that it was against rules but YSR pushed him aside and entered the polling booth and rigged the booth. Presiding officer also lodged a complaint with police against YSR (Cr. No. 12/ 95 u/s 45/384 IPC 506 at Vempally P. S. on 3. 5. 1995). This is a common phenomenon adopted by the YSR family in every election. Since 1982, YSR took up the programme of bringing so-called compromise among factionists in villages. Compromise does not mean any attempt to restore democratic atmosphere in villages but a move to establish an uneasy calm in villages under YSR’s authority.

    It intended not to ensure that people lead a normal and fearless life but this was done only to see that there was no competition to his monopoly. Both groups work for YSR’s victory in elections. Whatever be the poll outcome in other parts of the State, they work to ensure that YSR wins elections, because they simply follow whatever is dictated by local factional leaders. If a group deviates from this compromise formula, YSR will acquire all their properties. It would be part of the agreement and warring factions would even submit blank stamp papers duly 8 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? ffixing their signatures. YRS and his family would schematically maintain two groups in a village by two persons of the family and in case of dispute, they never try to settle but allow the two groups to settle the score and finally ending in tragic deaths of innocents. To cite an example, Inagalur village of Tondur mandal in Pulivendula taluk hit the headlines for peculiar reasons. There were two groups in the village, one belonging to Erikala Reddy owes allegiance to YSR and the other group of Kullayi Reddy owes allegiance to Raja Reddy. This peculiar system which was never heard before was continued till 1990.

    In 1990, in a small feud, those two groups clashed, three of Kullayi Reddy’s men ‘Rammohan Reddy, Rajashekhara and Ramakrishna Reddy‘ died on the spot due to the bomb attack by Erikala Reddy group. Prime witness in the case, Prasad Reddy, was stabbed to death by the accused on December 9, 1995. The case ended in acquittal. In retaliation, Kullayi Reddy’s group attacked the rival faction and burnt Obul Reddy alive, along with his bullock cart, besides setting fire to 21 houses and damaging properties worth Rs. 20 lakh. This case ended in conviction. YSR adopted different tactics in other taluks, encouraging factional leaders.

    Thus, Devagudi Shankar Reddy was encouraged against P. Siva Reddy in Jammalamadugu; Varadarajulu Reddy against Ramana Reddy in Proddatur and Nagi Reddy and Narayan Reddy against S Palakonda Rayudu in Rayachoti. Devagudi Shankar Reddy’s sons murdered P. Siva Reddy, the then MLA in broad daylight in the heart of Hyderabad City near Satya Sai Nigamagamam. In Kodur, Raja Reddy himself entered the scene, taking on Chengal Rayudu by creating terror. During this period, as many as eight people were killed in both the sides. There was large-scale destruction of orange orchards and mango trees in Koduru and Rajampet areas.

    In 1985, the rivals of Chengalrayulu brutally murdered his brother Subrahmanyam, Sarpanch of Settigunta village. In retaliation, Chengalrayulu’s men hacked Ramachandra Naidu to death, who was a mango merchant. 9 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? These attacks and counter attacks claimed eight lives. To strengthen his hold in the area, YSR extended support to Chengalrayulu. In this way, Pulivendula leaders began involving themselves in faction politics of Koduru. Chengalrayulu did not anticipate that this would one day turn a noose around his neck. In 1987, he got elected as Koduru mandal president on Congress ticket.

    After 1992, differences cropped up between Chengalrayulu and YSR family. Since Koduru is a reserved constituency, Chengalrayulu had no chance of becoming an MLA from his native constituency. Therefore, he desperately tried for Rajampet ticket. But YSR got the ticket for his close follower. The resulting dissatisfaction led to clashes between Chengalrayulu and YSR family. Added to this, there were some property disputes, too. Raja Reddy, who had till then confined himself to barytes mining business at Mangampet, began his own faction against Chengalrayulu.

    This was led by Ramakrishna Reddy, who used to run a 100-member strong private army for YSR family at Pulivendula to commit riots and kill rivals. The same private army started violence against Chengalrayulu in Koduru. Chengalrayulu, who had lost his elder brother Subrahmanyam in faction feuds, now lost his younger brother Madhavaiah and 17 people belonging to his group. Raja Reddy and YSR, who had initially entered Koduru politics in support of Chengalrayulu, by now had established their supremacy in this area also. They purchased hundreds of acres of mango gardens and established gangs in every village.

    Raja Reddy’s men killed Muralimohan Reddy, Managing Director of Triveni Steels at Venkata Rajampet of Pullampet mandal, only because the YSR family thought he was posing a threat to the political monopoly of the local mandal president Brahmananda Reddy, a close follower of YSR. YSR, in whatever the position he is, faction and feudal behaviour never leaves him and he acted showing scant respect to the law of the land and 10 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? established traditions to be strictly adhered to by the elected public representatives.

    Some incidents mentioned below would prove the brutal and crude character of YSR :i) He beat the attendant at A. P. Bhavan, New Delhi while he was an M. P. ii) He called on a convict in murder case (Gouru Venkata Reddy) in Kurnool Sub-Jail on 17th September, 2002 while he was the leader of Opposition, which is equivalent to a Cabinet Minister. iii) He poured ink in the ballot box in APCO elections while he was the Deputy Leader of Opposition party. iv) He damaged, with a group of his henchmen, the CM’s office in the Assembly while he was an opposition leader.

    One can understand the real record of YSR and his father, Raja Reddy particularly with regard to the faction and feudal character by looking at the following criminal cases booked against them. LIST OF CASES IN WHICH Late Y. S. RAJA REDDY AND DR. Y. S. RAJASEKHAR REDDY FIGURED AS ACCUSED. 1) Cr. No. 144/75 u/s 147, 148, 307. 302 R/w 149 IPC of Cuddapah 1 Tn. P. S. : On 15. 07. 1975 near Kotireddy’s house, in which Y. S. Raja Reddy, Y. S. George Reddy and 5 others killed M. Venkatanarasaiah. In the same case, they were booked under MISA. 2) Cr. No. 2/89 u/w 447, IPC OF Obulavaripalle P.

    S. : On 6. 1. 89, Y. S. Raja Reddy criminally trespassed into Rehmatullah’s (complainant) mine for digging barites forcefully. 3) A Case was booked against Y. S. Raja Reddy under Cr. No. 67/91 u/ s 147, 341, 427 R/w 149 IPC Sec. 7 (1) Crl. Law Amendment Act and Sec. 126 Indian Rly. Act of Obulavaripalle P. S. 4) A case was booked against Y. S. Raja Reddy under Cr. No. 18/92 u/ s 448, 427, 341 IPC of Obulavaripalle P. S. on 8. 4. 1992. 11 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? 5) Cr. No. 54/92 u/s 147, 148, 447, 427, 379 R/w 149 IPC of Obdulavaripalle P. S.

    On 27. 10. 1992, the accused armed with deadly weapons criminally trespassed into Mines of complainant and dug barytes. 6) Cr. No. 97/92 u/s 448, 506 IPC of Koduru P. S. On 11. 10. 1992, the accused Y. S. Raja Reddy and some others criminally attacked Koduru P. S. 7) Cr. No. 34/89 u/s 147, 148, 302 R/w 149 IPS Sec. 25(1) (b)(a) 27 Arms Act of Peddamudem P. S. : On 22. 11. 1989 at about 9. 45 a. m. at Chinnamudium Village, Y. S. Raja Reddy and 6 others (Cong. ) attacked L. Venkatarami Reddy, when he was returning from Polling booth after casting the vote. L.

    Venkatarami Reddy received bullet injury on his stomach and died on the spot. 8) Cr. No. 18/90 u/s 147, 436 IPC of Pulivendula P. S. : A case was booked against Y. S. Raja Reddy. 9) Cr. No. 90/91 u/s 427 IPC R/w 156(3) Cr. P. C. of Pulivendula P. S. : On 10. 11. 1991, Y. S. Raja Reddy damaged the TDP party banners and terrorized the T. D. P. workers. 10) Cr. No. 38/95 u/s 3 & 5 of E. S. Act Koduru P. S. : On 8. 3. 1995, at Koduru, Bombs were exploded which were illicitly kept by Y. S. Raja Reddy. 11) Cr. No. 57/96 u/s 147, 148, 341,188 R/w 149 IPC Sec 7(1) Crl. Law Amendment Act, Koduru P.

    S. : On 4. 5. 1996 in Koduru town, Y. S. Raja Reddy and 300 followers assaulted the S. P. , Cuddapah. 12) Cr. No. 48/98 u/s 147, 353, 325 (b) R/w 149 of Pulivendula P. S. On 17. 5. 1998, Y. S. Raja Reddy with 100 followers went to the Pulivendula P. S. , assaulted the C. I. 13) Rowdy Sheet No. 381 was opened against Y. S. Raja Reddy in 1966 and closed in 1981. During the year 1996, the Rowdy Sheet was reopened against him. 12 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? 14) Muddanur P. S. Cr. No. 71/89 u/s 448, 427, 436 IPC R/w, 34 IPC. : On 22. 11. 1989 in Penikalapadu (v), Dr. Y. S.

    Rajashekhara Reddy and some other Cong. (I) workers, poured petrol in ballot boxes and set fire during Lok Sabha elections in polling booths 178 and 179. 15) Muddanur P. S. Cr. No. 80/89 u/s 326, 307, 324 IPC R/w 25(1)(b)(a) and 27 Arms Act. : On 20. 5. 1989 in Penikalapadu (v), Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and some others opened fire on Katamaiah, Ex. Vice Chairman, DCC Bank) and others of TDP in which Mr. Kondaiah, brother-in-law of Katamaiah was injured. 16) Cuddapah II town P. S. Cr. No. 38/96 u/s 126(e) of RP Act and 188, 290 IPC. Police registered a case against Dr. Y. S.

    Rajashekhara Reddy and 9 others for conducting election meeting (Lok Sabha) on 24. 4. 1996 beyond permitted time and thereby violating Election Code. 17) Cuddapah II town P. S. Cr. No. 14/98 u/s 447, 427, 426 IPC and 3(2) PDP Act, Sec. 4 of A. P. Prevention of disfiguration of open places and dis-figuration of obscene and objectionable posters Act of 1997. Police registered a case against Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and his followers for pasting posters etc. , on 9. 2. 1998 during Lok Sabha Elections for violation of Election rules. 18) Chennur P. S. Cr. No. 33/96 u/s 171(p) and 188 IPC. Police registered a case against Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and 13 other Congress (I) workers for violation of Election rules and prohibitory orders during Lok Sabha Elections on 20. 4. 1998. 19) Vallur P. S. Cr. No. 29/97 u/s 143, 147, 506 IPC and 7(1) Criminal Law Amendment Act. : On 25. 5. 1997, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and 40 others attacked Vallur P. S. , abused police and created nuisance. 20) Badvel P. S. Cr. No. 37/96 u/s 127 RP Act and 171 IPC : Police registered a case against Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and his followers for pasting wall posters and stickers etc. , on Jeep No.

    AP4-8665 and thereby violating Election Conduct Rules on 4. 4. 1996 during Lok Sabha elections. 13 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? 21) Cuddapah Taluk P. S. Cr. No. 118/88 u/s 147, 448, 506,477 R/w 149 IPC : On 26. 9. 1989, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and others entered into the polling station at Ravindranagar, Cuddapah town during Co-operative elections and poured water into the ballot boxes. 22) Cuddapah I Town P. S. Cr. No. 412/86 u/s 448, 380 and 427 IPC : On 23. 10. 1986, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and others attacked the office of Dy. Director, Agriculture in Cuddapah town. 3) Cuddapah I town P. S. Cr. No. 100/87 u/s 447, 427 and 506 IPC R/w 7(1) Crl. Law Amendment Act : On 30. 3. 1987, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and others attacked Municipal Chairman while he was in a meeting. 24) Cuddapah I Town P. S. Cr. No. 90/96 u/s 186 290 IPC : On 24. 4. 1996, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and 25 other Cong (I) workers violated Election rules. 25) Cuddapah I Town P. S. Cr. No. 101/96u/s 127 (A) RP Act : On 4. 5. 1996, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy violated Election rules. 26) Cuddapah I Town P. S. Cr. No. 16/98 u/s 126, 427, 447 and 3(2) PDPP Act. 27) Cuddapah I Town P. S. Cr. No. 7/98 u/s 126, 427, 447 and 3(2) PDPP Act. 28) Cuddapah I Town P. S. Cr. No. 18/98 u/s 126, 427, 447 and 3(2) PDPP Act : On 9. 2. 1998, Dr. Y S. Rajashekhara Reddy and 5 other followers of Cong. (I) violated election rules. 29) Vempalle P. S. Cr. No. 12/95 u/s 451, 384, 506 IPC : On 3. 5. 1995, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy trespassed into booth No. 16 in Vempalle town during Mandal Elections and rigged votes intimidating Election officer. 30) Vempalle P. S. Cr. No. 14/95 u/s 353, 384 14 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? 31) Vempalle P. S. Cr. No. 16/95 u/s 451, 506 IPC (both cases clubbed) : On 3. . 1995, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy, Cong(I) entered into polling both in Vempalle town and rigged during MPP elections. 32) Cr. No. 62/96 u/s 147, 148, 324, 332, 307 IPC R/w IPC of Pulivendula P. S. : On 1. 2. 1996 at Pulivendula Town, Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and others attacked P. Parthasarathi Reddy, Advocate, Pulivendula Bar Assn. , and attempted to commit murder. 33) Chinnachowk P. S. Cr. No. 48/96 u/s 188 and 290 IPC : On 24. 4. 1996, Police registered a case against Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and other for violating prohibitory orders during Lok Sabha elections. 34) Chinnachowk P.

    S. Cr. No. 30/98 u/s. 427, 323, 506, 379 IPC : On 16. 2. 1998, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy and others attacked T. D. P candidate and beat him. 35) Abids P. S. , Hyderabad city Cr. No. 326/87 u/s 324, 307 IPC R/w 34 IPC and 27(1)I. A. Act : Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy attacked a retired Army Officer and his son in an inebriated condition to create alibi in a murder case of Mr. P. Krishna Reddy – Peddakudala village, Lingala Mandal. In such a faction fight, Raja Reddy was killed, and YSR announced that he would never resort to revenge or take up political killings or faction politics again.

    During the Padayatra which he has undertaken prior to the last general elections, he said he was a changed person. Yet, immediately after coming to power, he proved to be the Dr. Jekyll during the campaign and Mr. Hyde after being sworn in to power. Today, it is the greatest ignominy for the Congress, and the State at large, that a gangster of dirty, violent politics is sitting in the highest seat of power behind facade of a reformer and is continuing to rule the State in the same way as he ran illegal mining, faction murders and poll rigging.

    The factionalist has become the king, but with the big danger that the whole of Andhra Pradesh, in the 21st century would go back, to the same 15 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? fate as Kadapa faction days of 1970s and 80s. If Raja Reddy and YSR jointly reigned in rayalaseema by guns bombs in those days, YSR and Jaganmohan Reddy due are doing much more notoriously today in the entire State of Andhra Pradesh. ” Would there be any peace in the state during their regime”? 16 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Chapter-III NINE MONTHS FEUDAL RULE

    D uring the election campaign, he candidly confessed at one point, when his candidature for possible Congress Chief Ministership was being discussed, “I am a changed person. Violence no longer has any place in my life. ” YSR went on, in front of the local and national media, as how he believed in the Biblical wisdom of mercy and forgiveness, and as how revenge and violence no longer meant anything to him. This proved to be a dubious promise later, except uitlised temporarily to improve his leadership prospects at the time of election.

    The important crux of YSR’s election statement was not his confession of supposed reformation into a good man, but his candid and direct confession of his past guilt of tainted criminal track record. A person with such family background, inspite of many an election promises to assert his credibility as a leader, the incidents of commission and omissions took place immediately after he took oath of the office of Chief Minister goes to prove his criminal and factional track record. The first political murder in the state was recorded within 100 hours of his becoming the Chief Minister.

    In less than another 48 hours, two more murders took place. TDP men were being hacked to death, bombs were easily made available and back in politics, just like onions in kirana shops, and Guns were singing the tunes of death. It is not surprising, under the helm 17 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? of the man who always lived by, and fundamentally understood only the politics of factional violence and murders. These murders went unabated in various districts, the worst being in Anantapur because the local Minister, Sri. J. C. Diwakar Reddy is a factionist himself and at present a right hand man of YSR.

    With the 3 murders including Paritala Ravi took place on January 24, 2005 the toll of political murders in the state rose to 44. The total list of Attacks and murders on Telugudesam Cadre by Congress Workers since 14-05-2004, after assuming power by Congress Party is given Annexure IV. These murders, attacks, arson, loss of property, the fake cases filed against TDP workers and the incidents of the people abandoning the villages numbering 141 spread over 15 districts with the major occurences being in Ananthapur district followed by Mahaboobnagar, Kadapa, Kurnool, Krishna and others.

    The details of the districtwise attacks and murders on TDP cadre by the Congress workers is given Annexure V. The Murder of Paritala Ravindra a strong TDP Legislator from Anantapur district is the best example of nefarious game of YSR in eliminating his political rivals. Inspite of Paritala Ravindra’s appeal to various Constitutional authorities the President of India, Vice President of India, Prime Minister of India, Union Home Minister, National Human Rights Commission and Governor of Andhra Pradesh for providing more security, since he is apprehending threat to his life.

    The Govt. led by YSR has not consented. Mr. Paritala Ravindra had to approach the Court of Law and got an order in his favour. Even then the government has not provided effective security as ordered by the High Court and thus he was made vulnerable. Later, he was murdered on 24-12005. Thus, the government has facilitated the killer’s job easy. The role of the State in harnessing the police machinery for the safety and security of common citizens, and to protect their most Fundamental Rights – Right to Life, Liberty and Freedom – has been buried by the YSR government.

    The police, and some of its most corrupt officials, have been chosen to work for the personal whims of Congress leaders and YSR. YSR has converted the police force into a brutal oppressor reminiscent of the rule of the Rajakars prior to the Freedom. Today, senior police officials interfere with the political conduct of the State, make political statements, and work at the behest of the vested interests of the ruling bosses and their feudal families. The important law enforcing agency has been converted into an 18 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? nstrument of torture and murder to subserve their political interest. It is an established fact that YSR rose to hights financially and politically with a known factionist and criminal activities both self acquired and inherited. In the process, he developed contacts with like-minded persons all through the state, who were nurtured as loyalists to him in politics. Once he assumed the highest office of the state, he richly rewarded his loyalists with questionable integrity to hold the highest positions in the cabinet and the government.

    Jakkampudi Rammohan Rao, Minister for R & B; Botsa Satyanarayana Rao, Minister for Industries; J. C. Diwakar Reddy, Minister for Panchayati Raj; Dr. K. Vijaya Rama Rao, Minister for Civil Supplies are well known for their involvement in various scandals such as land grabbing, private settlement, unauthorised plying of buses etc. Similarly, some of the Chairpersons of the Corporations and Urban Development Authorities like Vaddepalli Narsing Rao, Srisailam Goud, Wilson, Makan Singh Raj Thakur, Karunakar Reddy, Malladi Vishnu and several others are also known for their rape and indulgence in several nefarious activities.

    YSR’s political track record potrays that he is a staunch believer in the concept of “Violence is not only being respected but adorned”. This belief reflects clearly in all his acts and deeds even as head of the state. Another stunning incidents is that, even before the formation of his cabinet he has granted perol to a life convict, confirmed even by Supreme Court, Sri Gouru Venkata Reddy of Kurnool district. 19 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Chapter-IV 44 ASSASINATION VICTIMSPARITALA RAVINDRA, MLA epresenting Penukonda constituency in the broad-day-light on the afternoon of January 24, 2005, at the TDP District Headquarters office at Anantapur. As part of its hidden; and not-so-hidden; agenda of decimating TDP leaders and activists, and to use murder as a tool to achieve political oneupmanship, Congress began a Statewide killing campaign. And by concentrating on some of the districts, where the family of YSR has a virtual stranglehold. YSR signaled not only for the revival of the factional politics of Ralayaseema but was also changing the rules of such wars by actively sponsoring it with active participation of the State.

    The security cover was scaled down at the first instance by the State government drastically, but restored at the direction of the Court. The security persons posted to him were either inactive, or aged or about to retire, or even those who had suspected credentials and questionable integrity. Even those posted were changed frequently for the reasons best known to the police and the government. ineffective. 20 T he spree of elimination of political leaders climaxed withe the brutal assasination of Paritala Ravindra, MLA All such misdeeds then by olice senior officials were deliberate and to make him insecure and IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? There is no doubt that the murder of Paritala Ravindra, Telugu Desam MLA, representing Penukonda Constituency, was not only premeditated and calculated, but also sponsored, endorsed, supported and executed by the State government, with the active role of the Chief Minister, his son, certain ministers, several Congress leaders with long history of criminal background and also with the clear connivance of certain senior police officials, executed through hired professional killers.

    In the FIR filed by Sri. Kondaiah, father-in-law of Sri. Paritala Ravindra, names of Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy, Smt. Gangula Bhanumathi, Konda Reddy, J. C. Diwakar Reddy and a senior police offcial figured as conspirators in killing of Paritala Ravindra. Inspite of the fact that case has been entrusted to the CBI, the local police, with overactiveness, instead of investigating on proper lines, are trying to destroy the documentary evidences (dairy, cell phone, etc. ) apparently to save the persons whose names are mentioned in FIR as accused.

    They have just not bothering to interrogate the conspirators even. When an analysis is conducted, with greater attention to details, and some very obvious facts and proven concerns, aired publicly, repeatedly, and at the highest levels, one can imagine the level at which such an heinous crime, brazenly done at a public place, on a public representative, in broad daylight was organised. The murder could not be prevented on the spot, despite the presence of several gunmen at the place of offence.

    The murderous attack, planned meticulously and executed with precision at the District Headquarters in the presence of many TDP workers and leaders clearly points a finger at the powers that be; who acted in collusion with the perpetrators and executors of the actual crime. It is established that service-bullets are used in the operation. How the government will explain for this incident? 21 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? SEQUENCE OF EVENTS OF MURDER OF PARITALA RAVINDRA In the letter dated 16-7-2004 to the Chief Minister, Sri Paritala Ravindra brought out the information of threat to his life.

    He has represented to all police officials several times as to the source of threat i. e. Maddelacheruvu Suryanarayana Reddy, who is undergoing sentence in Cherlapalli Jail. His wife Bhanumathi contested as a Congress candidate in recent elections against Paritala Ravindra. Jagan Mohan Reddy S/o YSR has actively canvassed during the elections and maintained close contacts with Suri alias Suryanarayana Reddy and Smt. Bhanumathi. Sri. Ravindra informed that they are planning to kill him at any time.

    Suri was using cell phones to contact the killers, his wife Bhanumathi, Jaganmohan Reddy and also I. G. P. It was also informed that the Cherlapalli Jail authorities made all facilities to Suri to use cell phones freely. t In a representation made by TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu on July 28, 2004, it was demanded that adequate security be provided to Paritala Ravindra. A telephonic conversation between R P Meena (IGP, Ralayaseema Zone) and a Congress MLA, finds a top-level police official ‘promissing’ that “Paritala would be no more by January 15… or in any case by January 26, 2005”.

    Frequent cell phone calls between Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and G Suryanarayana Reddy (who is in jail) indict the duo of planning to eliminate of Paritala Ravindra before he (Suri) comes out of jail. R P Meena, IGP, was in frequent telephonic conversation with Y S Jaganmohan Reddy. The verification of these calls is necessary for investigation of this case. The government has made no attempt to do this so far. Jagan Mohan Reddy has also confirmed such telephonic talks between himself and I. G. P. in his T. V. interviews. When TDP President raised the issue of adequate protection to Paritala Ravindra, in the presence of Honourable Speaker K R t t t t 22 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Suresh Reddy and other leaders, YSR callously remarked, “He (Paritala) will have to pay for his sins”. t A defamation case was filed by Jaganmohan Reddy at Pulivendula court against Paritala Ravindra with the design of providing an opportunity to enable his elimination, whenever he goes for hearing in court at Pulivendala. When Paritala went to Pulivendula with his supporters by road, he was stopped and the vehicles were searched by the police to make him vulnerable for attack.

    In protest, Paritala staged a dharna. Despite this, police did not provide adequate protection on this journey to Pulivendula, a stronghold of YSR and their native place. In a recent by-election for the Somendepalli ZPTC, (consequent to the murder of TDP man Aswadhanarayana by Congress supporters), when Paritala went for selection of TDP candidate, he was stopped and searched by the police, but allowed with minimum personal security persons and vehicles and there by giving a clear signal to his opponents of his vulnerability.

    In an interview to a TV channel that shook the conscience of the people of the State, Paritala candidly said that YSR was plotting to kill him, especially after becoming CM. On October 24, 2004, Paritala openly disclosed that Y S Jaganmohan Reddy has created an organisation named ‘Jana Samarakshana Samithi’ to eliminate him. With the shrill increase in the number of political murders, TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu wrote to YSR, requesting him to post a good and impartial IGP for the Rayalaseema zone.

    In stark irony, YSR posted R P Meena, his henchman, who had earlier worked as ASP of Pulivendula, by promoting him as the IGP, duly dropping serious charges pending against him without an enquiry. Politically motivated “foisted searches” were conducted in the houses of Paritala simultaneously at Venkatapur village, 23 t t t t t t IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Anantapur and Hyderabad. In this ‘search’, police alleged, that they found bloodstained clothes at his house in Anantapur.

    When these clothes were sent to a forensic laboratory for examination, experts reported they were only stains of rust. But Meena gave wide-publicity, even before the report was received, and in utter bias, told the media that those clothes relate to a “murder”, allegedly committed by Paritala. t A person, by name Uma Maheshwar Reddy, was arrested in a hotel at Hyderabad and forced a statement to the police was published to the effect that cartridges and weapon found with him were procured on request of Paritala.

    This is, yet, another false accusation aimed at implicating Paritala. Paritala Ravindra, MLA and State Secretary of TDP, has been an important leader of the Party. Considering him a hindrance to their political prospects in the district, the Congress made several attempts to kill him earlier. After the YSR government came to power, his security of 5+5 was scaled down to 1+1. On denial of his request to upgrade and restoration of adequate security by the government, the High Court was approached and got a direction to the government to restore the security of 5+5.

    In an interview to the electronic media, Sri. P. Ravindra expressed that Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy was plotting to kill him before and after becoming the Chief Minister. He has also brought clearly the threat he faces from Jagan, Bhanumathi, Suri and Diwakar Reddy. The difficulties faced by him for protection at every step and the deliberate mischief and partisan attitude of the Government shows the intention of government and police to make him utterly helpless and vulnerable for attack.

    It is evident and obvious that Y S Rajashekhara Reddy, Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, Congress Minister J C Diwakar Reddy, G Suryanarayana Reddy, his wife G Bhanumati, R P Meena (IGP), and other pliable police officers conspired and executed the nefarious murder. 24 t t t t IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Chapter-V REPRESENTATIONS MADE BY TDP State, the incidents were represented to the Government and the Constitutional Authorities from time to time to take appropriate action, to save life and properties of people and protect the democracy.

    The spree of political killings went unabated which stood at 41 by 24th January, 2005. This despite of fervent appeals made on various occasions by the TDP to various constitutional authorities, the Honourable President of India, Vice-President of India, Prime Minister of India, Union Home Minister, Governor of Andhra Pradesh and the National Human Rights Commission, and the constant airing of the issue by the Media and the concern of common people – the YSR Government never took such appeals into serious consideration.

    The issue was brought to the fore in the inaugural session of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly held from June 25 to July 28, 2004, and subsequently in the Parliament, but all such anxious mentions fell on the deliberately deaf 25 W hen a series of political murders of TDP leaders and cadre are perpetrated unabatedly in the IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? and blind sensitivities of the inert YSR Government.

    In a further attempt to secure the safety and security of his cadre, the TDP represented to the Chief Minister himself, but in vain. Dismissing all complaints with a typical feudal swagger and air of insolence, YSR would give no assurance of either protecting TDP leaders and activists, and by neither condemning the killings, nor giving a strong signal or message or resolve to check the killings, or a change of approach by the government, YSR must have kept the covert message to his goons in tact – “keep the bloody-show going”.

    Seeking intervention directly, the TDP President even wrote, even, to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, through the Office of the Honourable Speaker of the AP Assembly listing the gory politically master minded crimes, in which opponents were being systematically eliminated. But, had no impact on the YSR mindset, his style of functioning and mode of governance.

    When there seemed to be no end to the diabolical plan to eliminate political opponents, the TDP raised the matter several times on the Floor of the Legislative Assembly, making it clear that the government headed by Y S Rajashekhara Reddy was a party to the planned violence, and prayed for protection of democratically elected leaders and respect for Constitutional process by the government.

    The media also focused the attention of the people to the gravity of the situation, but it fell on deaf ears of the YSR government sensibilities. More specifically, the late Paritala Ravindra, sensing a grave threat to his life and realizing a systematic conspiracy being hatched to kill him, made several representations seeking protection. He wrote a letter to the Chief 26 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Minister, elaborating the imminent threat to life faced by him.

    The insensitivity and indifference of the Government forced him to press the issue with the media, and openly stated in several TV interviews that Chief Minister YSR, his son YS Jaganmohan Reddy, Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy (alias ‘Suri’, the mastermind convict in a previous attempt to bomb him, which resulted in the death of several innocent people, including journalists), Bala Narasimha Reddy (former DSP of Anantapur), and most particularly, Meena, IG of Police, Rayalaseema zone, were colluding to kill him.

    Paritala demanded effective protection to his life, from virtually all fora and means available to him. All the attempts made by TDP to sensitize the government of its role in providing protection to legislators and political rivals, have failed. Despite the several requests, petitions, and pleas, the murder of Paritala Ravindra, demonstrate the conviction and determination with which YSR and his men flout all decorum, and are out to destroy all democratic institutions in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

    As part of its mission to play the role of a responsible Opposition in the State, and alarmed at the increasing numbers of political crimes being committed, the Telugu Desam set up several fact finding committees to look into various incidents of murder, and loot of property. In several instances, even as the Fact Finding Committee was investigating in one area, murders were happening elsewhere with impunity. In a shocking incident, when the fact-finding team reached Anantapur, the police asked them to go back, fearing a bomb attack on the committee members themselves. For a complete list of Fact Finding Committees relating to political crimes, refer to Annexure VI) 27 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? The petitions made to various Constitutional authorities from time to time are listed below :S. No. DATE 1 01. 07. 2004 PETITION DETAILS To Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singhji, at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad 2 14. 07. 2004 To His Excellency, President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalamji, at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad 3 08. 09. 2004 To His Excellency, the then Governor of A. P. , Sri. Surjit Singh Barnalaji at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad 21. 09. 2004 To Hon’ble Vice President of India, Sri. Bhairon Singh Shekhawatji in New Delhi 5 21. 09. 2004 To Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Sri. Shivraj Patilji in New Delhi 6 24. 09. 2004 To National Human Rights Commission Office at NHRC Office in New Delhi 7 25. 01. 2005 To His Excellency, the Governor of A. P. , Sri. Sushil Kumar Shindeji at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad 28 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Chapter-VI GOVERNMENTPOLICE NEXUS D r. Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy appointed Sri. Swaranjit Sen as D. G. P. of Andhra Pradesh to succeed Sri. Sukumara.

    It is a known fact that Swaranjit Sen’s wife is involved in a famous criminal case which is still pending, “the famous Child – Adoption racket which turned out to be a child – trading case. ” In gratitude to the Chief Minister for appointing him as D. G. P. , inspite of his wife being involved in the above said case, he was indifferent in Sri. Paritala Ravindra’s murder case, in which the local senior police the Chief Minister. On the other hand, officers under his direction were diluting the case to serve the vested interests of he was unleashing rein of terror against TDP workers and public as directed by the Congress bosses.

    When the news of the murder of Sri. P. Ravindra, being flashed by the electronic media, there was a sudden burst of spontaneous reaction by the rank and file of TDP resulting certain sporadic instances in which some public property was damaged. Taking this as an excuse, though this incident occurred on 24. 01. 2005 between 3 p. m. and 5 p. m. , while no cases were filed on 24. 01. 2005, but 29 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? later under the instructions of D. G. P. through a teleconference held on 26. 01. 2005 with all District SPs, and at the directions of local Congress leaders. any false cases were foisted and registered against TDP rank and file. Certain State level TDP leaders were also named by D. G. P. himself to be booked. Cases were registered against more than 3000 TDP workers, un precendentedly, reminding the black days of emergency. Knowing fully well that the case is handed over to CBI, Sri. Swaranjit Sen has been repeatedly going to media and discussing the details of the case, with a malafide intention of diverting the attention of the C. B. I. ordered by the Government of India. Sri. R. P. Meena, I. G. f Police, Rayalaseema zone, on whom many a charge has been levelled by the deceased Sri. P. Ravindra and the leaders of TDP has been given a clean chit by D. G. P. It is unfortunate that inspite of the Chief Minister’s announcement after the Cabinet Meeting which decided to handover the case to the C. B. I. that Sri. R. P. Meena whose name is figured in the FIR, was given a clean chit by DGP before any type of enquiry has been conducted and facts brought out. Despite the fact that Sri. Meena figures in the FIR of the Paritala murder case, he is still continued as I. G. f Police, Rayalaseema zone with a command of total police force in all the four districts of Anantapur, Kadapa, Kurnool and Chittoor. This gives room for several apprehensions about the sincerity of the Government in its intention to bring the culprits to book as the incident took place in Anantapur. The hastiness and the intensions of S. P. , Anantapur in conducting a Press Conference on 30. 01. 2005 cannot be understood as he briefs the media of acheiving the breakthrough of case and identifying the accused while he himself states that the C. B. I. is going to take over the case and start investigation from 31. 1. 2005. This hastiness confirms the malafide intention of the S. P. , the other senior police officers and the government to 30 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? divert the case to save the main conspirators. If his Press Conference is noted, he does his best to condone the involvement of Sri. Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy, S/o Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy, Sri. J. C. Diwakar Reddy, Panchayat Raj Minister, Sri. R. P. Meena, I. G. of Police, Ralayaseema Zone. The top brass of Rayalaseema police were very well aware of District TDP meeting at Anantapur on 24. 01. 005 and State leaders alongwith District Top leaders, local MLAs of whom, Sri. Paritala is one, would attend the meeting. Inspite of the fact, that the police are well aware of the threat to Sri. Ravindra’s life and other political leaders from Naxalites, no precautionary measures were initiated by the local police to cordon the District Party Headquarters from unwanted elements amounting to clear dereliction of duty which cannot be construed in any other way other than connivance with the killers and conspirators, who are none other than Jaganmohan Reddy’s henchmen. 1 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? Chapter-VII CONCLUSION intensively in Anantapur District, unmindful of several representations, visits of fact protests, finding demonstrations, I t is unfortunate that this sordid saga of political killings goes unabated in several districts of Andhra Pradesh, more committees by Telugu Desam Party and media revelations from time to time. These outcries are not heeded and the government maintaining this eerie silence is unbecoming of in a democratic society. The apathy shown by Government of Andhra Pradesh with Dr. Y. S.

    Rajasekhar Reddy as Chief Minister is not in tune with the sovereign functions to be discharged by the head of the State as enshrined in the Constitution to maintain law and order and protect the lives, liberty and properties of its people. In a short span of 9 months rule, the Congress-led government in the State is squarely responsible for the record number of 44 brazen murders of TDP functionaries. More surprisingly, the total ineptitude of the State Police in handling and controlling the ever-increasing instances of violence clearly establish a nexus of Congress leaders with hardcore criminals, which is 32

    IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? responsible for the unending perpetration of the crimes and pre-empting attempts to favour the guilt. The conduct and behaviour of the YSR family over three generations is a shameful violation of the following Panchmadi Resolutions of AICC and nothing short of the blatant betrayal of the mandated polity. t No Congress leader or member to possess or own property beyond the ceiling limits of the laws as applicable. t Every Congress member, while safeguarding human values, especially respect for women, shall eschew violence and observe peace and tranquility and propagate universal fraternity. Any Congress member, who seeks the party ticket or a position in the party, shall furnish the details of pending or convicted criminal cases against him. t Every Congress member shall refrain from any relationship with criminals or crime, and shall prevent criminals assuming any position of importance. It is on record in the history of Andhra Pradesh that the TDP Government in the past one decade brought all-round prosperity, making it a highly acclaimed State and favoured destination nationally and internationally.

    But, the YSR Government since the day one it took over the reigns of the State have totally reversed the healthy traditions and established norms and started pursueing their single-point agenda of liquidation of political opponents with an insatiable quest for all-time power through “the weapons of faction, violence and crime at the cost of peace, prosperity and tranquility in the State and welfare of the people”. 33 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? LIST OF ENCLOSURES v v

    Annexure – I : EPW Commentary June 12, 2004 Annexure – II : Cuddapah Zillalo Palegalla Rajyam v Annexure – III : a) Natarajan Commission report b) Report of the of House Andhra Committee Pradesh Assembly v Annexure – IV : Attacks and murders Cadre on by Telugudesam Congress workers. v Annexure – V: Districtwise attacks and Murders on TDP cadre by Congress Workers. v Annexure – VI: Fact Finding Committee visits to distributed areas 34 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? ANNEXURE – I EPW Commentary June 12, 2004

    Pulivendula was dominated in the early years after independence by Devireddy Nagi Reddy (known as D N Reddy), a somewhat haughty landlord, mill owner, some time zilla parishad chairman, and some time MP. YSR’s father Raja Reddy was willing to take on D N Reddy. Thereafter Raja Reddy’s legacy continues in the form of his powerful son. Raja Reddy established his credentials as a man to fear by an incident that people still talk of, nearly 50 years later. JThe town of Pulivendula has a sizable colony of Erukalas, a scheduled tribe, some of whom were known for their unruly ways.

    They were despised but feared by the higher castes, though it is rumoured that D N Reddy was not above using their crimes for his ends. One day one of them, Oosanna, tried to steal the ornaments worn by a woman of the reddy caste in the bazaar. When the woman struggled, that man cleverly exclaimed that she was his wife and was being disobedient. By the time people realised he was telling a lie, he had slipped away. Later in the day, Raja Reddy reportedly caught hold of Oosanna, dragged him to a public place, poured kerosene on him and burnt him alive.

    This incident made Raja Reddy a feared manHand people became willing to gather behind him in his conflicts with established leaders. By and by he established immense dominance in the area. But he lacked money of the kind that would sustain his further rise in politics. This problem was resolved by a combination of chance and brutality just about the time that YSR entered politics. Cuddapah has deposits of the mineral barytes, which was once upon a time not a highly priced mineral. One of the mining leases was held by Venkatasubbaiah of the balija caste.

    Raja Reddy joined him as a junior partner/supervisor (it is not clear which), reportedly because Venkatasubbaiah believed he would be useful in controlling the workmen. Round about the mid-1970s, however, it was discovered that barytes has use in petroleum refining, and its price shot up. Raja Reddy wanted Venkatasubbaiah to hand over the mining lease to him and go. A prominent leader and writer, brokered a deal whereby Venkatasubbaiah would take Rs 11 lakh and leave the mining lease to Raja Reddy. Venkatasubbaiah refused, and was killed. The mining lease, passed into YSR’s hands.

    Elections in Rayalaseema have meant open violence on polling day to scare away voters and leave the field open to bogus voting, taking away the ballot box to stuff it with ballot papers stamped elsewhere, preventing voters of the rival candidate from entering the polling station, forcing voters to show the stamped ballot paper to the local factionist’s man before putting it in the box, and other acts of like nature. The violence in election process from time to time was mainly due to YSR and his family. 35 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? ANNEXURE – II Y. S. R.

    A DIVISIVE FORCE ALL THROUGH Source : Cuddapah Zillalo Palegalla Rajyam by APCLC Cuddapah Unit Yedugiri Sandinti Rajasekharr Reddy alias Dr. Y. S. R. is a charlatan and greatest obscurantist force who believes in the colonial “Divide and Rule Policy”. He is anti-poor and scuttles the growth of disadvantaged groups and depressed classes by encouraging and extolling the havenots to take to arms. A successful advocate of barbaric and Jungle law “Eye for an Eye and tooth for a tooth” and wants the gullible Rayalaseema people to remain “Raw”. As you go through the next few paragraphs, one would realise the these colours of Dr. Y. S. R. ho encouragees and harbours groups in every village and thereby divides it. Dr. Y. S. R. has started vitiating the atmosphere in Pulivendula by pumping in the funds earned by Barytes and successfully promoted faction powers. He personally perpetrated organised and mal-practices violence, and gave refuged to rowdy-sheeters, professional killers, decoits, gamblers and bootleggers apart from indulge in hole. Although the Barytes mining was started since 1925 in Mangampet Barytes mines of Kodur mandal, the price and importance of barytes hot up only during 1970’s when it was discovered that barytes is helpful in purifying petroleum.

    They say that Yeduguri Sandinti Raja Reddy, further of Dr. Y. S. R. joined as a partner in Barytes business with Venkatanarasaiah in 1964 (first joined as supervisor and subsequently become partner). To eliminate, the owner (Venkata Narasaiah) it is alleged, Dr. Y. S. R. got him murdered in 1975, to have a hold on the business. Y. S. Family did not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Raja Reddy eked out his livelihood by farming and took up small-time contracts after he migrated to Pulivendula from Balapanur in 1970. Raja Reddy unreleased a resign of terror in 60’s.

    To reign supremacy over his political rivals, the locals quote an example wherein he engineered a murder in broad daylight. The Erukala Community in Pulivendula left a mark of terror in the hearts of people. In 1963, Raja Reddy orchestrated a plan and got Voosanna, (an erukala) roasted alive, on the pretext that he misbehaved with a women belonging to ‘Reddy’ community. After the rates of barytes increased it was brought under the purview of mines department. All patta holders of those lands where mining is carried our 36 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? should seek permission and secure lease agreement from the government.

    Y. S. Raja Reddy heading (Vijayalaxmi Barytes) took ten acres of mines on lease, However the State Government Seized Mangampet patta lands in 1982 and has nationalised the mining by leasing it out to State Mineral Development Corporation. This Corporation later allotted the mines to the miners who were already involved in excavating. In 1989 polls, Y. S. R. led a mob and terrorised the voters. At Penikalapadu village under Jammalamdugu Constituency, a labour contractor ruled the roost, who happens to be the follower of Gundlakunta Siva Reddy. On the Polls, Y. S. R. men and Katamaiah’s followers claimed poured acid into ballot boxes.

    Following this, repoll was conducted the next day and to give a “helping hand”, Y. S. R. led an armed to teeth mob and collided with Katamaiah’s group and grievously injured his co-brother. Another incident of Y. S. R. where civilised society will have hang its head in sharer is during Mandal Elections inn 1985, an innocent Neelam Subbanna was killed in firing. At Venpally in Pulivendula Taluq Satish Kumar Reddy, a young conentdes for MPTC fought the election. His group had control over the village and confident of victory of Satish Kumar Reddy, Y. S. R. ’s men poured water into ballot box.

    And his convoy was also attacked and similarly his brother Vivekananda Reddy’s car. In the molee, Y. S. Vivekananda Reddy took out his revolver and fired shots into air, but as it did not work, his gunman fired killing Subbanna. Later Y. S. R. barged into the polling booths and scared letter from presiding officers that TDP mean resorted to rigginging after intimating the poll staff, while Y. S. R. ’s entry into a Polling Station was stopped by a Circle Inspector of Police, he was pushed as side. Dr. Y. S. R. adopts “Divide and Rule” policy in toto. From 1980 onwards he started setting differences among village factions.

    He never sorted out their problems. He encouraged the factions, while encourages animosity towards each other. He is understood to have in possession of blank and signed stamp papers, which will facilitate him to own the property of the trouble monrer or miscreant among the faction leaders. This is not to ensure peace and tranquility in the area but to continue the supremacy over people. Y. S. family has a private army comprising over 100 people. The assignments of this army is to spread fear and resort to unlawful activities. Raja Reddy’s men allegedly eliminated Murali Mohan Reddy, M. D. f Triveni Steels, Rajampet, as he was a hardnut to crack and —- a political rival to Brahmananda Reddy, a Y. S. R’s man. 37 IF A FACTIONIST BECOMES CHIEF MINISTER? ANNEXURE – III (a) ENQUIRY REPORT ON THE ALLEGATIONS OF ILLICIT MINING AND TRANSPORTATION OF BARYTES AT MANGAMPET VILLAGE, CUDDAPAH DISTRICT. SHRI. K. V. NATARAJAN, I. A. S. , COMMISSIONER OF LAND REVENUE AND SPECIAL CHIEF SECRETARY GOVT. OF ANDHRA PRADESH INDUSTRIES AND COMMERCE DEPARTMENT A. P. SECRETARIAT, HYDERABAD 1. 4. In this confidential letter dt. 27. 6. 90 cited, an allegation petition of Sri. R. Rajagopala Reddy, M. L. A. addressed to the Chief Minister (Annexure-V) refers to large scale illegal mining activity by Sri. Y. S. Raja Reddy & Company. 1. 5. The allegations inter alia in these documents are as follows :(i) Sri. Y. s. Raja Reddy, Prop. Vijayalaxmi Minerals Pvt. Ltd. , Cuddapah District has been operating the mining of barytes at Mangampet village near Koduru in Cuddapah district. His mine is situated adjacent to the mines owned by the A. P. Mineral Development Corporation. (ii) “It is reliably learnt that during the General Election (November, 1989) and before formation of the New Government, Sri. Y. S.

    Raja Reddy took advantage of the situation when the Revenue and Police were otherwise engaged and clandestinely carried out illegal mining of barytes and transported nearly 50,000 tonnes valued about Rs. 2 (two) crores to his own godowns. It is also l

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