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Fahrenheit Summary Essay

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Montage life was about going to work and returning home to a boring unquestioned life, His wife Mildred spent her days with her television that she referred to as “family. Claries told Montage about the past where people didn’t live in fear, and how people sat around outside speaking of old stories from books on the older generations. She tilled his head with hope and knowledge. Claries said the televisions which were referred to as “family” now, are really not Tamil at all.

All these stories excited Montage so he started feeling like he was missing out on this wonderful world of books and knowledge which was a crime in that world.

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As a fireman his job was to destroy these thoughts and dreams that people had about books but somehow Claries made him question why he was destroying all these wonderful stories of the world. Claries on day disappeared and Montage was confused and wondered if it was his fault for her disappearance.

He started hiding books in his home and he went to find a man he remembered as a teacher from long ago. He once burned books of his, this man became his friend and started helping Montage understand books. Montage started not wanting to go to work and his boss Beauty knew What as going, once years ago he had the questions about his job.

So he tried to talk to Montage about it and encouraged him to forget about books and focus on his job. Montage wasn’t listening, in fact Montage told his wife about the books hid in the house and she got real scared and demanded he get rid of them. That night Beauty sent the dog out looking for books and people hiding them. Montage was at the fire house when the alarm went off and it led them to Montage House. Beauty made Montage burn his own house down and Montage wife left him there alone to destroy their home while she drove away.

Beauty handed Montage the flame throwing, Montage burned his house and turned and killed Beauty as well. He went running away hiding from the law, and found a group of men in hiding as well, All these men where teachers, lawyers etc. Who also didn’t believe in the way the law and government where mentoring the destruction to all books. Each one had a hook memorized and look forward to the future when they could teach again about the history of our world. They welcomed the ex-trireme into their group and helped him remember his favorite book 50 he too could teach the new generations of the history.

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