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Fast and the Furious

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  • Pages 4
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    I believe “The Fast and The Furious” movie series has impacted our society to a great extent in our present day. This movie is a perfect example of a low culture film and is made for the common person to watch and enjoy. After the first movie of this series came out, slowly but surely people began modifying their cars and tried turning them into speed machines just like the cars in the movie. It became more common than ever to see small Japanese cars like Honda Civics’ hooked up with an enormous oversized muffler screaming down the road.

    Just recently, I went to go see the 4th of the Fast and the Furious series in the movie theatres the night that it came out. After the movie, there was a big circle of about 25 cars in the parking lot either blasting their systems or showing off their tuned up cars by doing donuts. I was sort of amazed to see that this was going on because that meant it probably wasn’t just happening it Staten Island, but places all over the country this was going on. The Fast and the Furious series sparked a big interest in teenagers wanting to tune up their cars and have the fastest car out there on the road.

    This movie is basically in a way an advertisement showing all the new technologies and modifications you can possibly do to your car. What made the series as popular as it is today is the fact that up until 2001 when the first one came out, there was never a movie of this sort made before with all these flashy cars and street races. Some people blame the movie for the increase of street racing that began to occur soon afterwards along with a sudden increase of sales for small high-powered motorcycles.

    The Fast and the Furious has many scenes throughout the movie where you don’t believe what you’re seeing because it’s a little too unrealistic and absurd. As an example in the most recent one that came out, there’s a scene where an oil tanker is roller down a hill and Vin Diesel is his car waiting for the right moment to drive under it to avoid it and he does. Another example is when in 2 Fast 2 Furious; Paul Walker drives his car off a ramp over the water and crashes it directly into the yacht he was trying to catch.

    It must have been a crazy coincidence that there happened to be a ramp there and the odds of catching a moving boat is a little outrageous. These scenes were basically in the movie strictly for the people’s entertainment. Another reason why The Fast and the Furious is as great low culture film and attracts people is the fact that there really are no good guy characters in this movie. Paul Walker is probably the closest thing to the good guy in this movie, but in actuality he’s a corrupt detective, prone to petty violence, and has a big love for street racing.

    Even the cops in all of the Fast and the Furious movies are looked down on by the people watching. This is because the movie makes the cops look like pigs from the way they treat Paul Walker. For example, when they captured him in 2 Fast 2 Furious and wanted to use him as a driver to clear his record. They put a tracking device on the vehicle they gave him and thought he was escaping because he was going really fast so the cops showed up and they exchanged gun fire with each other at the car impound lot.

    In conclusion, The Fast and The Furious has influenced the people and attracted large audiences in many ways making it a great popular culture film. A car to some people nowadays expresses who they are and more people than ever are out tuning up their cars and putting designs on it to show that. It’s not about American muscle cars anymore like it used to be, because import cars have officially taken over now thanks to this movie.

    It used to be all about who has the biggest engine, but now it greatly expanded from just that. From my own experience when I was down in Florida this past summer I attended a street racing event and some people showed up to race, others competed to who’s system sounded better and louder, and some competed with the design of the exterior and interior of the car. There was basically something out there for everybody to compete in. I elieve movies like “Fast and the Furious” are frowned upon by the older age group because

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