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Fate Research Paper Webster defines fate

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  • Pages 2
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    Fate Essay, Research Paper

    Webster defines destiny as a? a power thought to command all events and impossible to defy? ? a individuals destiny. ? This would connote that destiny has an over overpowering power over the head. This thing called destiny is able to command a individual and that individual has no ability to alter it.

    Its been proved clip and clip once more that the human head can over come any obstruction. An plus to the head is a individuals will. With the combination of a individual’s head and their will to make up one’s mind at that place ain fate this thing called destiny can be over come.

    Some people say that a individual’s destiny is pre destined. That nil they do in life is by accident and everything that you do has been decided by a higher power. If that were so than why would this being of higher intelligence waste his clip on some that he planned out. He already knows how it traveling to turnout so why even blow centuries of clip watching this deadening drama. I don? T know about you but I person tells me the stoping to the film so why waste clip waiting for what you already know is traveling to go on.

    Another popular sentiment is that a individuals will is stronger than

    that of any barrier put in his manner. That this thing called destiny is merely an obstruction that can be over passed merely by the implement of a individual’s head. This strain of people believes that nil can command all events and that the head can defy all enticements if decently trained.

    I myself have different theory. That yes there is a higher power that puts destiny into drama. He sits at that place and watches how his cine will play out. Unlike others I ask myself a inquiry wouldn? t a being of higher power want a small play a small interruption from the norm. I believe that he gave us a thing called free will. The ability to set into play our ain set of events. If I was a manager and I didn? Ts have to worry about clip or money, I would wish to see how my film turned out if I wrote the beginning and allow the histrions decide the stoping. Keeping in head that I have the reserved power to alter anything that went on in my drama. I don? t inquiry that destiny exists but I believe that it is possible for us to make up one’s mind our ain destiny. The Godhead started something and he has a program for the coating, he leaves the center up to us. In my sentiment this plans non called destiny it called Gods will.

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