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FDA Regulations on food



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    FDA Regulations on Fast Food
    Foodborne illness is a major cause of personal distress, disease, death, and economic burden. Every year, millions of Americans become sick and many die from foodborne illness, and as a result, the public has become increasingly aware of, and concerned about, the safety of the food they eat. (“FDA Retail Food Safety Initiative ” 1-8) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are responsible for developing public health regulations. One of its duties is to protect the nation’s food supply. The FDA has set strict regulations that fast food restaurants must follow. These regulations include the cleanliness of the restaurant and kitchen, the appearance of employees, how equipment should be used, and how certain types of meat and food should be stored within the facility. Although having regulations on fast food restaurants seem almost common sense many people oppose the government regulating what they eat.

    The FDA have been studying over 800 retail food establishments for 10 years trying to see what more can be done to assess the control the foodborne illness risk factors. These four actions include making the presence of certified food protection managers’ common practice, Strengthen active managerial control at retail and ensure better compliance, Encourage widespread, uniform, and complete adoption of the FDA Food Code, and create an enhanced local regulatory environment for retail food operations. These actions will be carried out by the FDA over the next several years. Many people and consumers favor FDA regulations on fast food because it provides food safety in both major franchise stores and small fast food establishments. Food safety is very important and necessary, it reassures and gives consumers the want to continue to eat out and purchase fast food.

    In spite of the reasons people favor The FDA’s regulations on fast food, there are several points that do not favor. Many consumers and customers of
    fast food restaurants argue that the government should not regulate the food they eat because they should be able to eat as they please because it’s their freedom. Consumers feel that they can say either yes or no to the food they want to eat; it’s up to them to eat unhealthy foods. Since obesity is already a problem regulating food wouldn’t make it any better it’ll only make things worse because there are more places a person can go for fatty snacks, a person should simply work off the calories they gain. Consumers also argue that the government has only one job and that’s to uphold our preference. Many consumers feel strongly that the government should regulate the cleanliness and upholding of a business but the line should be drawn there, the government shouldn’t tell you how much of something to eat. We all know that fast food isn’t healthy; it’s our choice to eat or not eat it. Although both sides present reasonable points on the FDA regulating fast food, there are some things that should be considered.

    In the overall assessment of the FDA regulations on fast food the following should be considered, because fast food is cheap and quick it has become addictive in our society. We all know that fast food isn’t as healthy as it seems but we continue to buy and eat it not only because we can but because the FDA along with the help of other state, local, and tribal agencies have worked and continue to work hard to ensure food safety. I personally agree that the FDA should regulate fast food restaurants; customers should know and be aware of the many calories put into their bodies, the restaurants personal hygiene, inadequate cooking, improper holding of food (time and temperature), and contaminated food surfaces and equipment should be looked at regularly to ensure food safety. Regulating fast food restaurants only helps the consumers because not only will they continue to purchase fast food, but they can and will do it more frequently because of the regulations put on restaurants. These regulations will also help the business and employees make money and keep a job.

    In conclusion to the valuation of The FDA Regulations on fast food, its job is to protect the nation’s food supply. For many years food borne illnesses caused by salmonella and E coil have harmed and even killed many Americans, but the FDA with the help of state, local, and tribal agencies continue to
    work, making improvements on various ways to ensure food safety through the cleanliness of the restaurant and kitchen, the appearance of employees, how equipment should be used, and how certain types of meat and food should be stored within the facility. Many people such as myself agree and favor the regulations the FDA has on fast food restaurants for the protection of ourselves and the guarantee of food safety. Many others on the other hand disagree with the regulations the FDA has on fast food restaurants because they feel they should have the freedom to do as they please, it’s their choice to eat unhealthy fast food or not, and the government’s job isn’t to regulate food but to uphold citizens preference. The FDA Regulations on fast food restaurants and other facilities with food is a necessary entity to insure food safety, and eliminate the many Americans being harmed yearly from food borne illnesses.

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