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Fear of Technology and Computers

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Fear of Technology and Computers


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Fear of Technology and Computers
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            Today’s society is characterized by the widespread use of computers and digital technology. The rapid advancement in the field of technology has made life a lot easier. The fast technological development is attributed to the inventions and innovations of many useful tools and gadgets.

The improvements and invention of the various tools and gadgets served beneficial purposes in the various fields of the society. It enables these fields to reach their goals in modernizing and emancipating the standards within their roles and services.

The improvements in our technology are evident and enjoyed by man everyday. The communication process is a whole lot easier and many lives were saved with the use of technology. These technological advancements are considered as a major benefit for the succeeding generations that will further invent and innovate today’s products of technology.

However, a dilemma being faced by the contemporary society is still high with regard to the development of technological advancements nowadays.

There are some people who have acquired fear on using these technologies. Their phobia is focused on the innovations of the products of technology. This kind of fear has long been a human concern and it is important that we understand the phobia that some people are experiencing.

Fear of Technology and Computers

            The widespread use of various technologies, especially the computers is evident in today’s society. It is easy to think that since we are exposed to these technologies, we are comfortable in using these different products of technology. There are still some people that are hesitant to explore the various mechanisms of useful technologies such as the computer. Some people believe that significant changes within the interface of a highly technical machine may alter humans’ work routines, and as such, can cause fear and hesitation among the people (Goldsmith, Morgan & Ogg, 2004).

            The Dell Computer Corporation quoted that “the fear of technology may be the phobia of the 1990s”. The United States is one of the countries leading the technical innovation; thus, it is surprising to find that 55 percent of the American population is still resistant or afraid of taking advantage on the existing technology (“USA Today,” 1993).

            The young adults who are more technically literate than adults know how the technical devices transform and vary. And as such, adults are more anxious in using computers and are nervous in operating the computer on their own. But both groups agree on the importance of the computers and on how people will benefit from it (“USA Today,” 1993).

            Fear on technology may be caused by anxiety, confusion and frustration. Many relevant studies have discussed the role of computers in instilling anxiety and technophobia. Most of the researchers agree that technophobia is both a physical and mental response to technology. People may sweat out and feel light-headed when subjected to a technological situation. People may also experience anxiety and being out of control reinforcing the fear of technology (Sarkodie-Mensah, 2002).

Since the early days, fear of technology is one of the major human concerns. Fear of technology is also known as technophobia which has resulted from the competition of the products of technology. In some cases, technophobia is also seen as a cultural construct. It is believed that the fear originated from the higher capacity and intelligence of the modern computers that sometimes exceeds the capacity of the human mind. It is also speculated that the fear on computers is believed to be rooted from cultural and historical backgrounds (Karwowski, 2006).

            Computer technology is considered as a challenge in the world. The inception of new technology disrupts the routine and comfort of a person in the present situation. It creates anxiety and later develops into fear due to the unknown effects of the particular technology on the life and work of an individual (Sarkodie-Mensah, 2002).

            Fear of technology is more often associated with librarians who are believed to be experiencing this kind of fear. Fear of technology is directly related to the anxiety of the librarians. Most people experiencing technophobia are women, elderly and international students. Some studies find out that technology is more masculine than feminine and men often feel more comfortable with these technological advancements. There is a minimal difference of technophobia between the two genders. One of the biggest differences in technology that is related to computers is the prevalence of computer games, which is more popular among men than women (Sarkodie-Mensah, 2002).

            Another group of people that is experiencing technophobia is the aged students who had experienced long education gaps. People who were out of school for quite a long time may feel apprehended with technology. The major difference with age is how they initially deal with technology. Adolescents prefer to explore the computer on their own, while adults prefer proper training on how to use a computer. International students also experience technological anxiety, especially library anxiety. Some of the challenges in technology that most international students face are language and communication barriers and the difficulty of adjusting to various library systems (Sarkodie-Mensah, 2002).

How to Overcome It

            Technology bears a distinct importance in the society. It becomes the determinant of the level of the modernism. Technology entails the progression in life (“Do you Suffer from Fear of Technology?” 2008). Computers have been beneficial to the contemporary society along with the internet which makes research and information gathering easier (Bradley, 2007). As such, it is surprising to find people who are still afraid or still lack in knowledge in utilizing computers and its useful features. Fear of technology means you deny the progression or advancement in life and career (“Do you Suffer from Fear of Technology?”, 2008).

            Technophobia occurs due to the sudden change in the environment. You may feel comfortable in the present professional environment you are in and you tend to avoid changes and alterations because you are afraid of the technological challenges and its effects on your career. The fear of technology or technophobia hinders effective interpersonal relationships with friends and relatives and deteriorates the professional quality of a person. The fear that the person is experiencing may lead to panic attacks, restlessness and irritation (“Do you Suffer from Fear of Technology?” 2008).

            In order to overcome the fear of technology, people must know that a computer is just a tool and just like any other tool, it must be used safely and appropriately (Bradley, 2007). There are a lot of ways to learn and master the computer. It may exceed the capacity and capability of the human mind. But a computer will not work without a person operating it.

            Technophobes should realize that the computers are beneficial machines in today’s society. Stored information in the computer could easily be accessed. Through the use of computers, people can navigate through the internet and can easily access pertinent information in our researches. Some people have difficulty understanding the jargons and terminologies that are related with computers such as hardware, software, ROM and RAM (Bradley, 2007).

            Thus, in order to overcome the fear of technology, it is best to learn the particular technology such as the computer by purchasing self-help books or computer-related books or attending training classes to learn how to utilize the technology correctly. Technological innovations are very important tools for a country to progress. And as such, the people should be willing to use these innovations in order to gain great benefits from these.


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