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Feminism and its perceptions

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Feminism and its perceptions Feminism does not bite, it is a movement created for a reason. According to Chorea Anomaly Walsh (1917), author of Feminism,” The first principle of full feminism is the simple equality of men and women. And it is an erroneous principle. For here nature steps in and forbids its achievement. Feminists still continue to fight for the rightful position of women in the world, a position of equality, dignity and mutual respect with the opposite sex. I agree that women should fight for equal rights and privileges s men, taking in consideration that today there are still countries were women do not have the same social political and professional rights as men, they Just don’t have a voice and live in the shadow.

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Feminism and its perceptions
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During a school trip to Tunisia, a country part of the African continent, I saw on a daily bases and was thought about the discrimination women were exposed to, women never walked around without the presence of another man, they never opened there mouth to say a word without the consent of their father, husband or male relative, men had to approve of their Job and would control the amount of hours they worked.

In this country the fight for equal rights amongst men and women is a working process were the many feminist’s plays a major role.

As stated by Anna Quintile (2003), “People say it’s inappropriate, offensive, that it puts people off. But it seems to me it’s the best way to begin, when it’s simultaneously devalued and invaluable. Feminist. Feminist,feminist, feminist. “. Although the Feminist ideology still makes sense to me, I have to agree that its perception can definitely be seen as negative, as if it doesn’t make sense now or days to declare any type of women rights, because supposedly the feminist movement has already achieved its goal of “equality of men and women”. Also it is very common to hear a women say, “l am not feminist, but… , but it is a fact that we still have a lot to work on when it comes women having the same power and opportunities as men in society, women are not in an equal position with men, the battle of the sexes is still present. The perception of Feminism can indeed be negative when some people see the concept as admitting to weakness and inferiority of women in human society. It’s a fact that there are inevitable physical differences between men and women, we ay also have different ways of reacting to things, to deal with situations or ways of thinking.

Dave Barry (2003), author of A GAPS Helps a Guy Always Know Where His Couch Is , says ” For example, as a guy, I feel I need a new computer every time a new model comes out, which is every 15 minutes. This baffles my wife, who has had the same computer since the Civil War and refuses to get a new one because – get THIS for an excuse – the one she has works fine. “. I think now or days the passion for the latest technology is pretty much the same for both women and men.

We now see that he differences between genders are less than a century ago, we see men taking over jobs that would be stereotyped as a women’s Job and vice versa, we see men in pink, women riding motorcycles, men waxing there eyebrows and women getting tattoos. Women are no longer stereotyped as the person who stays at home, cooks and cleans and takes care of her husband and children, she aims to a career, to higher goals, to independence and success. We got to a point where women and men compete equally, there is no stronger sex regardless of any male or female stereotypes. At the end of the day we are all human beings under the same rights.

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