Financial Analysis of Coca-Cola Company

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The Coca-Cola Company is the largest distributor, manufacturer, and marketer for the non-alcoholic syrups and beverage concentrates in the world and builds its own trademark in the world (Coca-Cola Corporate Site, 2008). In measuring for the financial statement of the company which is Coca-Cola, it can be suitable to use the significant relationships and the identification of changes as well as the trends.

The widely used technique that are primarily and widely used are the dollar and the percentages changes, ratios which can also be express to the relationships to the financial statement of the other company, the trend percentage, and the components percentage. These are also been accompanied by the comparison of the past performance of the company and the standard of industry (Williams, et. al, 2008, p. 632).

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The ratios are commonly important for analyzing the financial statement due to the reason that it has the permission for the comparison of information in the financial statement to the other financial statement information.

For this case, the ratios of the Coca Cola Company can be compared to the benchmark of its ultimate competitor, the Pepsi Co. Inc. For the ratio of the current asset and the current liabilities of Coca-cola, it had been estimated that it has the ratio of 0. 91 or 91 percent higher the total current liabilities than the current asset for the year 2007 vs. 2006. On the other hand, for the year, 2005 vs. 2006 it has the ratio of 0. 94 or 94 percent higher the liabilities as compared to the current asset. The coca-cola company also has the earnings per share of 19 percent as compare to the $2. 16 for the yea 2006 and to the $2. 7 for the year 2007.

This had been caused by the increased of the worldwide sales and the rise for its earnings in the year 2007 for the company. On the analysis of the price to earnings ratio, the company has the actual (2007) PE Ratio of 19. 72 and for the previous year it was recorded to have of 19. The projected earning growth for the company is 2. 66 which mean that it is the above normal value. The dividend yield of the company is 2. 58% for the year 2007 and compared it to the previous year and even for the past ten years it has the healthy dividend growth rate (Coca-Cola Corporate Website, 2008).

As compared to the Pepsi Co. Inc. , it has 89. 80 percent in the current liabilities compared to the current assets. It has also the PE ratio of 16. 2 for the current year with the dividend yield of 2. 5 % (Google Finance, 2008). This figure also implies that the Coca-Cola is still profitable for having the operating margin of 25. 1% which is better as compared to the Pepsi which has only 18. 2% (Forbes, 2008). Trend Percentage The trend percentage is commonly the process for the changes in the items of financial statement starting from the base year and to the following year so that it can show the direction of the change (Williams, et. l, 2008, p. 634).

 The trend percentages for Coca Cola for the year 2005-2007 implies the modest growth for the sales in the past years and there are also accelerations that happening in the for the growth in the past two years with the base year of 2005.

For the net income, it also shows significant increase for its growth for its trend in the past two years. There is also a sharp increase for the year 2007 in the net income. In general, the trend for the percentages can give the picture for the growing yet profitable company.

Dollar and Percentage Changes

The dollar change is significant because it can measure the value of the one currency to the other. The percentage change is the value for the foreign currency. Having the positive changes in the percentage only indicates that the Coca-Cola Company only indicates that it is appreciated for the past two years. The increase in the percentages sales in 2007 for the dollar mount can also be explained by the inflation.

This also implies that Coca-cola has been successful for the past two consecutive years for having the increase n the operating income.

Component Percentages

The components percentages are the relative sizes of every that are included in the total.  Taking at the component percentages, it had been seen that the increase for the sold cost of goods which are primarily the 33. 89 and 36. 06 was part of the offset only to the partial decrease of expenses as part of the percentage of the net sales which can cause to the decrease of the net income for about 1. 8%.

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