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The intent of this study is to supply an environmental analysis of the Coca Cola Company. To make this, we shall make a SWOT analysis of the company, analyze the competition which the company faces through utilizing ‘Porter ‘s Generic Strategies ‘ , and find how it would be possible to better the strategic tantrum of Coca Cola.

First we analysed Coca Cola through the usage of a SWOT analysis, in which we used both a LONGPEST analysis and a ‘Porter ‘s Five Forces ‘ analysis as portion of the SWOT. We foremost analysed the strengths of Coca Cola, one strength being that of the extremely strong trade name image that Coca Cola has built up since it began in 1886, which means it is now highly good known worldwide, being sold in over 200 states. A farther strength of Coca Cola, is that the company can profit from its immense economic systems of graduated table as providers do n’t desire to lose the usage of such a large company so offer price reductions in order to keep their usage ( low dickering power of providers ) . Another strength of Coca-Cola is that there is small menace of new entrants because although in the soft drinks industry the barriers to entry are moderately low, it would be really difficult for a new entrant to equal Coca Cola due to the high experiences degrees needed and the high costs involved. There are nevertheless, failings of Coca Cola, one failing being that they have high advertisement disbursals as they continue to advance their well known trade name. A farther failing is that when sing Coca Cola globally, in North America, the PepsiCo Company is more popular, which is something Coca Cola will desire to better.

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There are legion chances available for Coca Cola to capitalize on. One chance available to Coca Cola is there is possible to derive market portion on PepsiCo in the North American soft drinks market. A farther chance for the company is the possible to go more environmentally friendly, after cut downing their C emanations by 5.5 % between the old ages 2007 and 2010. Another chance available is as their employees globally are merely 28 % female workers, there is the chance to increase this to hold more gender equality within the company. However, Coca Cola does confront menaces from other beginnings. For illustration, there is the menace of replacement merchandises from companies such as Pepsi and Dr Pepper. Another menace is that coca Cola is non portion of a healthy life style, as people are going more wellness witting, they could get down to exchange to healthier drinks. A farther menace is when in a recession like Europe has been confronting, people are more likely to be purchasing necessities instead than passing money on soft drinks.

The Coca-Cola Company: Footing of Competition

As of 2012, Coca-Cola was deserving $ 77.8 billion. It is presently the universe ‘s prima trade name harmonizing the one-year “ Brand Value Ranking ” from ‘Interbrand ‘ , and now, with ‘3,500 different drinks sold worldwide ‘ ( Interbrand, 2012 ) , Coca-Cola is taking the many emerging markets excessively. In order to be this successful, Coca-Cola must hold an extremely strong footing of competition, and that, it does:

For starting motors, Coca-Cola has achieved really high economic systems of graduated table since its beginning in 1886. High economic systems of graduated table allow concerns to bring forth more, at a much lower cost, because mean costs autumn when purchasing in majority. This so allows the concern to take down its monetary values, which will evidently incite an addition in demand and potentially, net incomes. Then, with more net incomes, concerns can increase the barriers to entry within a market and discourage other companies from entry.

Furthermore, within the Soft Drinks Industry, the bargaining power of purchasers is highly high due to low shift costs, and the general easiness at which consumers can exchange ; but due to them accumulating a big grade of client trueness over the old ages, Coca-Cola is an exclusion to the regulation as its clients have become progressively less monetary value medium. This is another benefit of holding a competitory advantage.

Coca-Cola ‘s competitory advantage comes chiefly from its invention and merchandise distinction techniques. Coca-Cola ‘spends approximately 20 % of its advertisement budget on keeping its distinction scheme ‘ – and with good ground. Through invention comes more trade name trueness, inelastic demand ( due to miss of replacement merchandises ) , and the potency of the desirable ‘Monopoly Power ‘ which many concerns aim towards. An illustration of Coca-Cola ‘s invention is its ‘Coke Zero ‘ trade name, which is a dieting merchandise aimed at immature work forces. This sort of merchandise had ne’er been touched upon earlier in the soft drinks market and was a resonant success – ‘its gross revenues have systematically increased as the overall market has shrunk ‘ ( The Star – 2010 ) .

By utilizing Porter ‘s “ Generic Competitive Strategies ” ( appendix ) we can find that Coca-Cola employs the ‘Overall Differentiation ‘ method of selling. Coca-Cola does n’t necessitate to concentrate on low monetary values due to its trade name trueness, and due to is tremendous size, it is able to market its merchandises at a more wide market. As stated earlier ( Coke Zero ) Coca-Cola uses distinction and invention to fuel its success.

Strategic Fit

As for the strategic tantrum, we looked at how Coca Cola manage resources such as the physical, technological and human resources, every bit good as rational capital. Having analysed these of Coca Cola, we have suggestions as to how the strategic tantrum for Coca Cola could be improved. Get downing with the physical resources, they presently have over 50 mills around the universe, with many of these being based in America. An betterment that could be suggested for this is that they could diversify to more states in order to profit from possible cheaper rewards, hence salvaging on costs. A manner in which Coca Cola could better their strategic tantrum linked to technological resources would be to take to advantage in the hereafter straight off of any progresss in engineering that could assist profit them in some manner, such as going more efficient, hence salvaging money. As for human resources, this is chiefly the labor employed. One suggestion for bettering the human resources would be to give all staff the best preparation available so they will be able to work to their upper limit, hence being more efficient members of the work force. Sing the rational capital, refering the trade name, this would be about impossible to better due to how popular the trade name is, and sing patents, Coca Cola uses many patents to protect themselves from rivals.

After analyzing the current soft drink market, we can determine that it is in a mature province, proposing that there is non much room for growing. As we can see from the bing merchandises, taking companies have exploited most thoughts in order to hike gross revenues, utilizing Coca-Cola as an illustration, they have created merchandises targeted at being healthier like Diet Coke and Coke Zero, every bit good as merchandises experimenting with spirit ; Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Coke with Lime and Coke with Lemon.

Consequences from the SWOT analysis indicate that there is a spread in the market for environmentally friendly merchandise. Coca-Cola could take advantage of this chance by presenting container sedimentation statute law, in order to assist the environment. Now-a-days, glass bottles have become disused ; Coca-Cola could convey them back, accordingly cut downing waste and bettering their C footmark. In add-on to this, there have been concerns over the sum of H2O being used in the production of Coca-Cola ‘s soft drinks. Depletion of the local land water-table airss serious issues for local husbandmans and their supports. In Plachimada, India, the Coca-Cola works used about 900,000 liters ; Indian environmental expertsA have stated that it takes seven to ten liters of H2O to bring forth a liter of Coke. Therefore to take full advantage of the chances, Coca-Cola should do their H2O use more effectual to bring forth their drinks.

Besides doing their merchandise more environmentally friendly, Coca-Cola could besides aim a new audience wholly. Healthier drinks are steadily on the addition in the United Kingdom. From 2008 to 2010, gross revenues of ‘healthy ‘ drinks increased 21 % , with value gross revenues lifting to over ?1billion. The success of these drinks along with the trade name trueness and position that Coca-Cola has means that they could perchance come in the kids ‘s soft drink industry. This industry is going more popular, “ Fruit juice, juice drinks, bottled H2O and milk are now chosen twice every bit frequently as in 1993 ” . Parents are progressively concerned about the well-being of their kids, and concentrate on purchasing healthy merchandises for them. To spread out their audience, a still, fruity drink without any sugar would be popular with kids and parents. Coca-Cola could put in this market, fabricating an upmarket kids ‘s drink which they could sell because of their position and which parents would purchase because of their involvement in their kids ‘s wellness, making this means they can vie with Tropicana which is owned by PepsiCo.

In decision, by analyzing Coca Cola through a SWOT analysis, looking at Porter ‘s competitory schemes and how Coca Cola could better its strategic tantrum, it has enabled us to come up with suggestions for a new merchandise and service for the Coca Company.


LoNGPEST of Coca Cola

We looked at the local, national and planetary issues that face coca Cola sing the Political, Economical, Social and Technological issues.





At a Coca Cola mill in Plachimada, Kerala, occupants from the small town are angry that Coke ‘s indiscriminate excavation of groundwater has dried up many Wellss.

Have to add the VAT charge set by the authorities on to their merchandises.

When Coca Cola export their goods outside of the UK, they must follow with export and international trade ordinances.

It must follow with the Ad Standards Authority and the Committee of Advertising Practice codification – for illustration, one portion of their codification is that ‘Advertisements must non materially misdirect or be like to make so ‘ .

Coca Cola have to make every bit much as they can in order to assist the environment – E.g. recycling, cut downing packaging and H2O direction.

In the UK, they have reduced their C footmark. In 2010, they produced 476,000 metric tons of CO2 emanations, a 5.5 % decrease from 2007.

Coca Cola has to follow with the lower limit pay ordinances within each state they operate in and maintain up to day of the month with any alterations to the lower limit pay within these states.





Coca Cola mills help to cut down local unemployment where their mills are based.

A rise in involvement rates would impact Coca Cola as people will be passing less and salvaging more, so they could alter to replace merchandises for coca Cola e.g. supermarket ain Cola.

A lessening in involvement rates could impact Coca Cola as it could intend they are more likely to put in the concern as borrowing money would be cheaper.

Unemployment in the UK was 2.51 million in 2012. As this figure is high, this leads to less consumer disbursement as families have lower disposable income.

If Inflation rates were to lift, this would intend Coca Cola would hold to increase their net incomes in order to keep their current net income degrees.

Besides as there is reasonably high unemployment, this is an chance for Coca Cola because as there is a greater supply of labor, there is possible for lower rewards as workers want to maintain their occupations.





‘The Real Business Challenge ‘ set up by Coca Cola in 2006, is a competition undertaking a concern undertaking for twelvemonth 10 pupils to assist them develop their concern accomplishments.

As more adult females are now in work, we can see this with an addition to 68 % of female workers in the Coca Cola company in the UK in 2010.

28 % of Coca Cola staff throughout the universe are female workers which shows that globally, there is n’t every bit many chances given to adult females in other states compared to the UK.

Part of the Coca Cola ‘Commitment 2020 ‘ programme, is to do a positive part to the local communities it operates in.

Ads have an consequence on the UK population such as with the Christmas advert every twelvemonth, how everyone knows it and enjoys it.

Coca Cola have a end with their ‘Active Healthy Living ‘ programme, to raise criterions of physical fittingness globally through encouragement and grassroots programmes.

With there being a turning consciousness of wellness in recent old ages, this could impact the gross revenues of Coca Cola as people are get downing to choose for healthier picks.





The latest engineering is more expensive so hence in the short term, the outgo on engineering could somewhat dent net incomes until the new engineering becomes effectual and starts to salvage Coca Cola money in the long term.

Promotions in engineering allow Coca Cola to utilize better machinery which makes them a more efficient company so lowers their costs.

Technology has allowed Coca Cola to make ‘Planetbottles ‘ which besides help the environment. This will appeal to people who are environmentally witting and could be more like choose this merchandise over rivals because of the environmental facet.

Porter ‘s five forces

Porter ‘s five forces consists of competitory competition, the menace of replacement merchandises, the menace of new entrants, the bargaining power of providers and the bargaining power of purchasers.

Competitive competition:

The chief rivals to The Coca Cola Company in the soft drinks industry are PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group. All three benefit from immense economic systems of graduated table, and are able to put a big sum of money into advertisement.

The soft drinks concern is an oligopolistic market, so the companies involved do n’t prosecute in monetary value wars as it would non profit them ( kinked demand curve ) . Alternatively, they have to be advanced – and this increases competition. They try to distinguish themselves from the competition, by for illustration making a USP ; ( Coke is advertised as the ‘original ‘ or ‘the existent thing ‘ and that its formula is perceived as secret ) . PepsiCo advertises chiefly to a younger coevals and attempts to increase trade name trueness by patronizing events and/or working with charities to make an emotional entreaty ( Coca Cola spouses with WWF and the Paralympics ) .

Menace of replacement merchandises:

Coca Cola is available about everyplace entirely, and is seen as the original, which makes clients more loyal.

PepsiCo, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and of class Coca Cola have really similar merchandises across the board e.g orange – Fanta – tango, lemon sprite – 7up, energy drinks etc. These merchandises are inexpensive, and the shift costs are really low, which means that the menace of permutation would be rather high, was it non for the superior convenience and handiness of Coca Cola ‘s merchandises.

However, in a unsighted gustatory sensation trial, people could n’t state the difference between Coca-Cola coke and Pepsi coke – this suggests that there could be a high hazard of permutation.

Menace of new entrants:

Entry barriers are low for the soft drink market, but to be every bit successful as Coca Cola or PepsiCo, the costs and experience degrees are really high. With respects to costs, due to the low costs of bring forthing soft drinks, entry barriers are comparatively low.

In order to be every bit large as one of the three chief rivals such as Coca Cola, a company would hold to put a considerable sum of money on R & A ; D and advertisement, so for this ground, the menace of new entry is low – to the bigger companies at least. New companies would besides miss the experience of bing companies, and could be capable to the menace of revenge, which could discourage entry of new houses in the hereafter. Brand trueness besides contributes to the low menace of new entry in the soft drinks industry. Coca Cola is non merely a drink, but a trade name, and similarly with PepsiCo, it has had a really important market portion for a long clip and loyal clients are non likely to trade trade names if they are satisfied with their current pick of drink.

Dickering power of providers

The chief ingredients for soft drink include carbonated H2O, phosphorous acid, sweetening, and caffeine. The providers are non concentrated or differentiated. No dickering power on monetary value as its basic ware and easy available to every manufacturer. Any provider would non desire to lose a immense client like Coca-Cola. Switch overing cost to the providers is really low ; industries can easy switch towards the other providers.

Dickering power of purchasers

The single purchaser has little to no force per unit area on Coca-Cola. The chief rival, Pepsi is priced about the same as Coca-Cola. Consumer could purchase those new and less popular drinks with lower monetary value but the spirit is different and the quality is non guaranteed.

Large retail merchants, like Wal-Mart, have dickering power because of the big order measure, but the bargaining power is lessened because of the terminal consumer trade name trueness. There are many sorts of energy drink and sodium carbonate merchandises in the market. Coca-cola does n’t truly hold a particular spirit. In a unsighted gustatory sensation trial, people could n’t state the difference between Coca-Cola coke and Pepsi coke. Peoples are acquiring concerns of negative effects of carbonated drinks. Increasing figure of consumers begin to imbibe fruit juice, lemonade and tea alternatively of sodium carbonate merchandises.

Porter ‘s generic schemes

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