First Concert Review Essay

Concert Review:

On Saturday, October 19 I attended the concert “Classics by Moon light”. The concert began at 7:00, shortly after the moon rise. As I took my seat in the front row, I noticed how professional all the musicians looked. All the performers were all ready lined up neatly in a row, waiting for impatiently for the concert to begin. As the performance began I was shocked to see that all the musicians were not older than my eleven year old sister.

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As they began to play the first few notes, I smiled. Even though the young performers looked very nervous, I could tell they were enjoying performing. They were all wearing black slacks, white long sleeve shirts, and a red vest. I looked around and noticed that the members of the Civic Orchestra were also seated, enjoying the younger performers play. They also looked very professional; the men wore a suit and tie, while the ladies wore a black dress. The event took place in the AWC Margaret Amphitheatre.

The Amphitheatre fit in perfectly with the theme of the event, the moon rise a few minutes before the performance started.

Most pieces played were very familiar, do to the fact that I saw the Civic Orchestra rehearse a couple of months ago. A certain piece caught my attention, it was part of the “James Bond Medley”. In the piece “James Bond Theme” the tempo is moderately bright. In the “James Bond Theme” the music dynamics starts pianissimo and gradually moves to mezzo forte.

The venue was perfect for the theme of the performance. The AWC Margaret Page Amphitheatre is a small outdoors amphitheater, it is located on the edge of a small hill. The space was surrounded and decorated with Christmas lights. As the evening moved on, and it stated to get dark, the moon light shined intensely. The pieces played fit perfectly, I could feel the music, while watching the stars above. I think that because the performance was outside, the pieces sounded very moving and emotional.

As I arrived at the concert I was shocked to see that many people. It was my first time attending an orchestral concert, and I didn’t know what to expect. I noticed that the audience was made up of a broad age rage. As I
took my seat, I noticed a pattern, mostly all the children were in the very front, laying on their blankets. People from seventeen to about twenty-seven were in the first few rows, and the older people were in the middle and last rows. All the children were very excited, and I saw that they were enjoying the music, especially when kids their age opened the show. I saw that everyone was very attentive during the whole performance, laughing when a young performer made a silly face, or on the verge of crying when a piece was very emotional.

It was my first time going to a live orchestral performance, and I really enjoyed it. Before enrolling in the music appreciation class, I didn’t really understand the depth of classical music. Going to this concert really opened my eyes and changed my perspective on classical music. The smooth sound of the violins flowing in the air, the vibration of the double bass, is a wonderful experience. My favorite piece was “For Your Eyes Only”, I really enjoy that piece because of its smooth texture, and the emotion I get along with it.

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