A Review of Bruno Mars’ Concert

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The artist known as Peter Hernandez is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and dancer who effortlessly straddles the line between being a respected musician and a charismatic entertainer. Think of Justin Bieber or Beyoncé seamlessly transitioning from performing at the Super Bowl halftime show to creating catchy R&B tunes for others, all while maintaining their status as engaging talk show guests. Mars demonstrates his versatility by incorporating various musical styles into his repertoire, including rock, funk, and a revitalized take on new jack swing. This seamless blend is also evident during his live performances. Although Mars could have easily filled his setlist with hits, he instead chooses to highlight lesser-known tracks from his albums, such as “Chunky” and “Versace on the Floor,” saving the big hits like “Uptown Funk” and “Locked Out of Heaven” for later in the show.

Despite his love for shiny baubles and the extravagant glittery trimmings of his current album and tour set, Bruno Mars’s live performances are anchored in skilled musicianship. Whether he’s belting out vocals from a platform adorned with Versace logos or questioning why fans are more focused on taking pictures than enjoying the music, Mars consistently delivers a dynamic and captivating musical experience.

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“Everyone has taken out their phones – will you share it on your Twitter timeline?” Additionally, let’s not forget about his backing band, who have the most challenging role in popular music. Not only must they play each trumpet and guitar note flawlessly, but they also need to dance in synchronization with the singer. It is reminiscent of James Brown’s JBs; although the footwear may differ, transitioning from shiny leather to white trainers, the remarkably coordinated ensemble playing remains unchanged. All of this contributes to Mars’s mission to entertain. While primarily focused on the music, sometimes it can be ruthless (during Runaway Baby, the lights dim for us to fully appreciate a bass solo).

The explicit songs Gorilla and The Lazy Song are not included, but the appropriate songs Just the Way You Are and Marry You are certainly included. He plays guitar on Marry You, which is a rare occurrence as he usually dances throughout his performances. This demonstrates his dedication and work ethic. Additionally, unlike most pop singers who mime while they dance, he performs the formation dances without miming.

Mars is an old-school showman with steelier filaments. He may occasionally be mistaken for a member of the short-shelf-life generation, but mainly when performing ballads like When I Was Your Man, in which he showcases his X Factor-like melismatic vocal abilities. The rest of his performance is fueled by hard work, musical education, and a touch of inspiration.

The live performance featuring Bruno Mars is a grand and self-assured spectacle, brimming with lively lights that metamorphose into an enormous celebration. Mars and his band flawlessly embody these qualities with their captivating allure and charm. Nevertheless, the exhibition falls short of reaching every nook and cranny of the crowded venue. This could be attributed to Mars making his fans wait for 30 minutes past the designated time. Furthermore, much of the evening seems to adhere to a predetermined schedule, leaving little space for spontaneity. As a result, there are several instances where the audience appears unresponsive or slightly unsatisfied.

A skit takes place in which Mars scolds the audience for their lack of noise, resulting in a decrease in the music and even eliciting a few boos. Instead of acknowledging the negative reaction and ending the skit prematurely, Mars persists with the joke for the expected duration.

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