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Flea Market Objective

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  • Pages 2
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    The mission of our club decided to have this flea market is to collect fund for the coming farewell gathering planning by The Centre of Foundation Studies. . The major product we going to sell is the accessories of the IT gadget such as phone’s cover, phone’s skin, laptop’s skin, USB flash drive, hard disk and etc.. The reason of our club plan to sell IT gadget and services during the flea market is we conduct a survey that a lot of student willing to spend on this field. Students need some of the accessories to complete the assignment such as USB flash drive.

    Others than that, we also provide services such as installing Microsoft office or anti-virus program, formatting computer, decoration for phone and others. After the survey, we found a lot of students need this kind of services. They need many kind of services to complete their assignment such as Microsoft word and upgrade their laptop for better performance in assignment. Example like Microsoft Office 2010 are much more better than edition of 2007/2003 especially in Microsoft Power Point.

    Microsoft power point 2010 have more kind of transitions, animation, design and so on, this will help student during their presentation to make their slide show more interesting and attractive The objective of our club is to help UTAR students for all kind of this services in cheap and affortable price that they hardly to find at the shop outside. Our club members found that the number of old member are almost 70% more than the new members, this lead our club to a problem that lack of new members.

    So, the second objective of our club decided to sell IT gadget is because our club is an IT Club and we can have many chance to promote our club during flea market and try to attract new members. Our club was facing the problem of lack of new members because some of the old members are graduating soon. There are one major mission and two objective our club had decided as following gain profit to collect fund for the coming farewell gathering. Next, attract new members and help student for some kind of services for their laptop and phone.

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