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Subjective and Objective Truth

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Can Absolute and Subjective Truth Exist Simultaneously?Generally among thinking people there is a consensus regarding the idea that there are at least two forms of Truth. One of these types of Truth is often referred to as subjective or relative truth. This is the type of truth that people generally have more experience with. It is the type of truth that a person creates and subscribes to, based upon personal experience and relative perspective within the experience. A good example of this type of truth can be found when pondering the illusions produced by slight of hand magicians.

Here is a scenario: A magician produces a coin from his pocket and holds up for all of the children to see. After the children confirm that it is a real coin and that it is actually in his hand, the magician waves his free hand in front of the hand holding the coin and apparently the coin disappears. To the child whom is not aware that this is merely a trick, it seems that the coin has vanished.

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Subjective and Objective Truth
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That is, in accordance with their perspective the truth is that the coin has vanished. This can be called the childs subjective truth. There is also another type of truth which people generally confer exists and as I previously said this is absolute truth. To explain this I will also use the magician example. The uninformed child believes that the coin has ceased to exist, when in actuality it has simply been palmed or hidden from view. The coin still exists and in fact is still being held in the hand. This is the absolute truth. The truth which relies upon events and is independent from perspective and experience. These are the two types of truth generally spoken of when people deliberate the nature of events or experience. But, I believe that there is another type of truth, and that truth I will call corroborative truth.

Corroborative truth is what springs into being when a subjective truth is perfectly aligned with the absolute truth. This is because of many things. Foremost it is because Causal mechanisms are of multi levels. That is, there are different levels of causal interaction from incessantly smaller to infinitely larger. All so-called larger events are reliant upon the passage of a whole slew of smaller events. How does this organization of our universe effect the existence of a third type of truth? It is because people can believe a subjective truth and absolute truth simultaneously under conditions of limited scope, when variables, which exist within the limited scope in question, are understood. It can be absolutely true that specific interactions take place at a certain causal level, and a person can believe this, based on perspective, to be subjectively true. But it is still absolutely true that other interactions, which arent described or taken into account, are taking place so therefore this is not the entire or absolute truth. So the Absolute truth exists as the entire state of all events in the universe, subjective truth exists as a persons interpretation of these events, and corroborative truth exists as a level of absolute truth in agreement with a subjective truth within the subjective scope of events in question. So all truths can simultaneously exist with absolute and entire truth serving as a framework within which a being may believe a subjective truth, which is the real truth for that level of interaction.


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